Chapter 157 : Early People’s Nine Languages (2)

The shopkeeper returned to his senses and immediately looked at Li Qiye, then he said: “If Young Noble wants it, then this chest will be given to Young Noble.”

“Shopkeeper, no matter how much money he spends, I will use Enlightened Being Refined Jades to buy this item.” Seeing the sudden change in the shopkeeper’s attitude, Leng Chengfeng’s expression sank, and he coldly spoke.

The shopkeeper shook his head and said: “Dear customer, this is embarrassing, but we are no longer selling this chest. My small shop will give you an item, instead, to show goodwill.”

“You…” Leng Chengfeng’s expression immediately changed. He was at a loss for words after hearing the shopkeeper’s answer.

The shopkeeper then continued with a deeper tone: “Dear customer, at this moment, our little shop is closed. Please leave, please forgive us for the bad hosting.”

“You–!” Leng Chengfeng was absolutely livid and glared, but the shopkeeper was very calm and seemed to not feel the wrath of Leng Chengfeng.

Finally, Leng Chengfeng took a deep breath and brushed his clothes then left. Even though Leng Chengfeng was aggressive, he understood the basic truth that there were dragons mixing with serpents in Ancient Sky City. To be a merchant at the Ancient Intent Fasting, their status might be frightening. Otherwise, it would had long been robbed!

“What is so good about having money!” As Leng Chengfeng was leaving, Nan Huairen exclaimed: “Compared to our biggest brother, your money isn’t even worth a fart!”

Leng Chenfeng was shaking in anger from Nan Huairen’s words. His face became pale and ugly, yet he still eventually left.

“You brat, such poisonous words.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled. His scolding was more like a compliment.

“Heh, Oldest Brother, I am just not used to his newly rich attitude. Nothing good about having dirty money.” Nan Huairen smiled and said.

At this moment, the shopkeeper quickly packed the item himself and gave it to Li Qiye, and he said: “This lowly person had eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai, and I didn’t know how great your knowledge was. Please be happy and accept this small gift.”

The shopkeeper being so polite, along with his respectful tone, surprised not only the group of Nan Huairen, but also the group of Li Shuangyan. Li Qiye’s one phrase had completely changed the shopkeeper’s attitude — this was really unbelievable.

“Shopkeeper, each of my oldest brother’s phrases is worth tens of millions.” The group of Qu Daoli didn’t say much, but Nan Huairen — as a hound — licked his tongue and couldn’t help but say: “Hey, Shopkeeper, I will also say ‘my descendant’s yellow bell, one cry will shake the heavens.’ Will Shopkeeper give me an item as well?”

Li Qiye slapped his neck and smilingly scolded: “Little Brat, what do you know about my descendant’s yellow bell, one cry will shake the heavens? This is a secret of the ancient Early People.”

“Heh, Oldest Brother knows, I don’t know.” Nan Huairen cheekily said.

But he immediately shut up after Li Qiye glared at him. He certainly knew what could be said and what couldn’t.

“Will Master come inside the hall? This lowly one wants to learn from Master.” The shopkeeper very respectfully inquired.

“It is fine.” Li Qiye nodded his head and brought Li Shuangyan’s group into the inner hall of the Ancient Intent Fasting. The shopkeeper told the workers to close the shop; there will be no more business today.

After sitting down in the inner hall, the shopkeeper was very welcoming and quickly gave Li Shuangyan’s group a treasure jewel, and he said: “This is the highest ranked jade seal of the Ancient Intent Fasting. If you all do business here, everything is only seventy percent!”

The shopkeeper’s enthusiasm surprised everyone. One had to know that the Ancient Intent Fasting was a high-end shop; everything was worth millions of refined jades. Seventy percent of the price was very frightening.

At this moment, they realized that Li Qiye’s words were worth ten thousand gold! Truly a mouth made of gold and words made from jade.

“My little shop has some puzzling matters and need advice from Master.” The shopkeeper sat down and rubbed his hands together while seriously speaking to Li Qiye.

“If Shopkeeper wants the Early People’s nine languages, then just go ahead and say it. In my opinion, Shopkeeper is someone who can be in charge.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The shopkeeper was in distraught. “Early People’s nine languages” — these words were too shocking to him. Other people didn’t know, but his clan knew how valuable these things were!

“Wise Master–” The shopkeeper quickly bowed his head and said: “I don’t know the title of Master?”

“I, ah.” Li Qiye smiled and replied: “The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciple, Li Qiye. Is Shopkeeper the grand administrator of the Gu Clan’s first branch or not?”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.” The shopkeeper was moved, and he quickly replied: “This lowly one was assisted by fellow clan members and barely qualified to be the clan master.”

“This makes me a bit surprised.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “The clan master of the Gu Clan personally attending the shop — truly not an easy matter.”

As for the group of Nan Huairen, they glanced at each other. Li Qiye speaking with the shopkeeper was perplexing to them. What about the Gu Clan? What about the grand administrator? They essentially couldn’t understand.

“The Gu Clan’s laws, I am very well aware of.” Li Qiye comfortably continued: “I also know the Gu Clan’s Yellow Bell. Clan Master, the Gu Clan is an ancient shop, and I’m also aware of the Gu Clan’s reputation and business.”

“The Early People’s nine languages… Master, please name a price.” Shopkeeper Gu was truly a businessman. He didn’t waste time so he immediately asked.

“I don’t want too much, how about this.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Just your three sheets of paper, what does Shopkeeper think about this?”

“This—” The shopkeeper changed his expression. The truth was that not only the shopkeeper, but the group of Nan Huairen was also alarmed. One had to know that the three ancient pieces of paper were Emperor’s Possessions.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Shopkeeper, to the Gu Clan, I have given a fair price. Otherwise, I would have already taken the three papers and the rock. Shopkeeper should know the importance of the thing that your Gu Clan requires.”

“I don’t dare to hide it from Master.” Shopkeeper pondered for a moment, then he finally said: “We need some guarantees. Because this matter is too important, just words aren’t enough.”

Li Qiye stared at the shopkeeper, then he laughed and said: “Right, your Gu Clan has been in the business for tens of millions of years, and your reputation is gold-plated. I can still trust the Gu Clan’s honor. Take out a brush and paper; I will write a sentence for you all, then you can go back and discuss. I have quite a lot of trust in your Gu Clan.”

“My gratitude to Master for trusting the Gu Clan!” The shopkeeper paid his respect and left, then he brought a brush and paper to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye held the brush and thought for a moment before dancing with his brush in one go. He then gave it to the shopkeeper and said: “Go, don’t let me wait for too long, my patience is limited.”

The shopkeeper ordered the workers to take care of Li Qiye’s group, then he quickly left without a trace of neglect!

After Shopkeeper Gu left, Li Shuangyan’s group was full of questions and looked at Li Qiye. Even now, Nan Huairen didn’t dare to ask.

“What is the Early People’s nine languages?” Finally, it was Chen Baojiao who opened her mouth. She couldn’t contain her curiosity.

Li Qiye looked at her and shook his head: “This isn’t something that you all should know. This is a matter relating to an ancient era!”

Hearing Li Qiye’s answer, Chen Baojiao stopped her inquiry. If Li Qiye wanted to say it, then she didn’t need to ask as he would have told her.

“The Yellow Bell is the key?” The normally quiet Tu Buyu asked. He normally was very reserved and attentive, and he was a lot more trustworthy than Nan Huairen.

“Good eyes.” Li Qiye praised Tu Buyu.

“The three papers are Emperor’s Possessions, is the Yellow Bell an Immortal Emperor’s True Treasure? Or is it something even more valuable than an Immortal Emperor’s True Treasure?” Nan Huairen said: “Such an important thing displayed outside, are they not afraid of being robbed?”

As the shopkeeper said, the three yellow papers were Emperor’s Possessions. To use the three papers to exchange for the “Early People’s nine languages”, and that the nine languages had something to do with the Yellow Bell, this meant that this item was even more valuable than Emperor’s Possessions. It could even be more important than an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure or True Treasure.

“Rob?” Li Qiye bursted out in laughter and shook his head: “The Yellow Bell placed right there — not many people are capable of taking it. Besides, not too many people dare to rob from the Gu Clan.”

“What is the origin of the Gu Clan?” Qu Daoli couldn’t help but ask. To be able to open such a store with so many treasures, it definitely had to have a heaven-frightening origin.

“An extremely ancient existence. And the whatever ancient Nantian Clan… Compared to them, they are way too far apart.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “Not coming into being doesn’t mean that they are not powerful! In the Nine Worlds, there are some existences beyond your imagination. In this world, the strongest existences are not Immortal Emperor’s lineages!”

“There are stronger existences than Immortal Emperor’s lineages?” Luo Fenghua emotionally asked. As a young disciple, in his eyes, Immortal Emperor’s lineages were supreme and could even be considered as monstrous behemoths.

“Stronger than Immortal Emperor’s lineages, and even stronger than the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom… They do exist, and there are ones stronger than the Eternal River School as well. However…” At this point, Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed, and he didn’t say anything else.

“The Eternal River School is very powerful? Legends has it that the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had two generations of Immortal Emperors.” The quiet Xu Pei softly asked.

“The Eternal River School is even more terrifying than the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.” Li Qiye didn’t say anything, nor did Li Shuangyan, but the quiet Tu Buyu sighed and said: “The Eternal River School is one sect, three Emperors. It is located in the Eastern Hundred Cities. It can be considered a true behemoth, and no one could shake it!”

“One, one, one sect, three Emperors–” The honest Zhang Yu was shocked and began to stutter. In reality, everyone else was also astonished.

“One sect, three Emperors!” Since they never left the Grand Middle Territory before, the group of Luo Fenghua had to take a deep breath.