Chapter 158 : Early People’s Nine Languages (2)

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom with two generations of Immortal Emperors was already a colossus in their eyes. One sect, three Emperors — the Eternal River School, what the hell kind of terrifying existence was this!

“The Nine Words are vast, there are many things that greatly exceed your imagination.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Even though our Mortal Emperor World gave birth to many Immortal Emperors that were unlikely to be weaker than other worlds, but there are still many taboo existences that cannot be provoked. If, one day, you all can leave the Mortal Emperor World to go to other places, you will see them eventually.”

Qu Daoli’s group looked at each other after hearing these words. Before this, it was difficult for them to even want to leave the Grand Middle Territory. It was extremely immense and was millions and millions of miles wide. From the Grand Middle Territory to the Eastern Hundred Cities or the vast North Sea, this was not an easy matter. Opening a dao gateway required countless refined jades.

“Legends has it that after the Black Dragon King fought against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and tore apart the Heaven’s Will, the dao’s boundary had collapsed and the world’s wall was sealed. The Nine Worlds are no longer connected anymore.” Qu Daoli softly said at this time.

“Right ah, the Nine Worlds had not been connected for around thirty thousand years now.” Niu Fen took a long sigh and said: The fight that year between the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was too overbearing, even the Heaven’s Will was shattered. I regret not being born that year to witness the great battle between the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.”

“Is the Black Dragon King that amazing?” As a female disciple, Xu Pei’s eyes widened and timidly asked: “Don’t people say that Immortal Emperors are invincible? The Black Dragon King was truly able to fight against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong?”

When it came to the “Black Dragon King”, even the previous generation people like Niu Fen were shocked as well, and the old men stared at each other.

“The Black Dragon King — one could say that this is a taboo existence.” In the end, Niu Fen opened his mouth and said: “The legend that is most widely known is that he is the only one who lived for three generations without having to halt his blood force, three generations of covering the heavens. Rumour has it that even the two Immortal Emperors before Immortal Emperor Ta Kong had to respect the Black Dragon King by seven parts. There was even a rumor than when the Black Dragon King set out on a journey, even Immortal Emperors wouldn’t want to meet him and had to give way in the face of superior strength.”

“This, this, so powerful? Could it be that he was the same as an Immortal Emperor?” Hearing Niu Fen’s words, the younger generation and Qu Daoli were moved.

“Since the Black Dragon King was already so strong, why didn’t he shoulder the Heaven’s Will to rule over the universe and become an Immortal Emperor?” Luo Fenghua curiously asked.

Niu Fen shook his head and said: “I’m afraid no one knows the reason. This had always been a mystery. Even the disciples of the Black Dragon King were not certain about the reason.”

“The battle between Black Dragon King and Immortal Ta Kong, who won?” Nan Huairen excitedly asked. One frightened the heavens for three generations, one was an invincible Immortal Emperor. The two fought and tore down the Heaven’s Will, how terrifying was this battle?

“I don’t know.” Niu Fen wryly smiled and added: “Even now, no one knows the outcome of this battle. The Black Dragon King disappeared while Immortal Emperor Ta Kong never appeared again and his Emperor’s aura faded away! The Heaven’s Will was also gone.”

Luo Fenghua’s group was amazed after listening to this. To be able to fight against an Immortal Emperor, this was an unbelievable figure. Tearing apart the Heaven’s Will, causing the Nine Worlds to no longer be connected and torturing the cultivators of the world for thirty thousand years during the Difficult Dao Era. How frightening was this battle?

As the group of Luo Fenghua was talking about the Black Dragon King, Li Qiye didn’t say anything. He sat there in a daze and was lost in silence.

As his sword maid, Li Shuangyan noticed his difference. When everyone stopped talking, she gently asked: “What is the matter?”

Li Qiye regained his spirit and smiled. He shook his head and said: “Nothing, such a fantastic legend, causing others to yearn for.” Having said that, his heart couldn’t help but gently sigh in lamentation. He naturally knew the reason why Little Blackie took action!

“Such a peerless confrontation, it is a shame to not be born in that era to witness the heavenly fight with my own eyes.” Qu Daoli emotionally said.

The group of Luo Fenghua was also silent for a long time.

An unknown amount of time later, Shopkeeper Gu came back. He bowed towards Li Qiye and formally said: “Supreme Master, after being examined by the elders of the clan, these are definitely genuine words. The Gu Clan’s elders have agreed with Master’s condition. Master, give us the Early People’s nine languages and we will trade for it with the three papers.”

“The Gu Clan’s business is quite straightforward.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly and added: “I will give you the Early People’s nine languages now. If there are some unclear parts, then you can come find me at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect at any time!”

Finished speaking, Li Qiye began to write with his brush. The group of Li Shuangyan knew that this was important and stood to the side. They didn’t dare to observe next to him.

After writing the Early People’s nine languages, he immediately sealed it and gave it to Shopkeeper Gu. Shopkeeper Gu, at this point, had already well prepared the three papers for Li Qiye. They were stored carefully in a treasure box, and he respectfully handed it to Li Qiye.

“I hope there will be more chances in the future to work with Master.” After solemnly putting away the Early People’s nine languages, Shopkeeper Gu said.

Li Qiye leisurely spoke with a smile: “Yes, there will be many times in the future where I will deal business with your Gu Clan.” With that, Li Qiye didn’t linger for long and went along with the group of Li Shuangyan.

At the time of leaving, Luo Fenghua kept on looking at the Roaming Dragon floating on top of his head. He truly liked this Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure. Unfortunately, he did not have the ability to afford it.

At this moment, Shopkeeper Gu reached out with one hand and caught the Roaming Dragon. He handed it to the reluctant-to-leave Luo Fenghua and said: “If Little Friend likes it, then I will give it to you.”

Luo Fenghua couldn’t believe his ears and was shocked. He couldn’t help but to rub his eyes as he looked at the Roaming Dragon before him.

“Hurry up and thank Shopkeeper Gu for his generosity!” Li Qiye nodded his head and said with a smile.

Luo Fenghua regained his spirits and carefully put the Roaming Dragon away. Then, he excitedly thanked the shopkeeper and bowed to Li Qiye and said: “Thank you, Oldest Brother.”

Luo Fenghua was a young and talented disciple, and he was also a smart person. He knew that Shopkeeper Gu giving such a precious item to him was to show his feelings towards Oldest Brother. Otherwise, with his status, the shopkeeper wouldn’t care about a little cultivator like himself.

Seeing this scene, Nan Huairen started to drool and couldn’t help but to be thick-skinned as he smilingly asked: “Senior Gu, heh, you can’t be impartial like this ah…”

Nan Huairen hadn’t finished his words before Li Qiye had already slapped his neck again and smilingly scolded: “Little Brat, don’t be greedy. Today, Shopkeeper Gu has already bled a lot. If you are so thick-skinned like this, I won’t bring you next time.”

Nan Huairen wryly smiled a few times and didn’t dare to open his mouth again. He knew better than anyone to not question Li Qiye.

“We should go to the courtyard, Master has already informed the disciples.” After leaving the Ancient Intent Fasting, Li Shuangyan noticed that it was getting late, so she told Li Qiye.

“Right, first we need a place to stay.” Li Qiye nodded and took them to the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s courtyard.

Even though the Nine Saint Demon Gate couldn’t compare to Immortal Emperor’s lineages, it was established during the era of Immortal Emperor Min Ren and had stood strong all the way till now. Its foundation was deep and was rich with treasures. In an expensive place like Ancient Sky City, the Nine Saint Demon Gate still had some business.

The property of the Nine Saint Demon Gate at Ancient Sky City was a small courtyard. On the exterior, it was very small, but after entering, one would find a different heavenly grotto. With gardens around, one could see the pavilion as common as the trees in a forest. It could be describe as simply beautiful.

Without a doubt, this small courtyard had been refined into a heavenly grotto that was able to contain thousands of people.

Earlier, the Demon King had already ordered them so after the group of Li Qiye entered, the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples immediately arranged daily living quarters for them.

Seeing such a beautiful heavenly grotto inside Ancient Sky City left the group of Nan Huairen with envy. At this moment, they understood the gap between the Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“This place is worth a lot, ah.” Nan Huairen’s eyes almost fell down to the floor. This brat, after following Li Qiye, had become more greedy.

“Legends has it that our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect also had a large property inside Ancient Sky City.” The quiet Tu Buyu added after sighing: “Unfortunately, after our decline, we couldn’t afford it and had to sell it in the end.”

Tu Buyu’s words caused the group of brats to become dejected. Their decline was an undeniable fact.

“Even though we don’t have any property right now, one of these days, we will buy back the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s property.” Nan Huairen was motivated.

A lively person like Luo Fenghua also sharply nodded and said: “That’s right, one day we will rise.”

Even though Qu Daoli didn’t say anything, he also clenched his fists tightly.

Seeing the unity of the small brats, Li Qiye smiled in silence.

After everyone was settled, as the handmaidens, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao had to stay next to Li Qiye’s side.

Entering his room, Li Qiye took out the treasure box and took out the three papers. He meticulously looked at them. Finally, he said with feelings: “Immortal Writ, a fully justified reputation, only the fortunate could obtain them.”

“Aren’t these Emperor’s papers?” After hearing Li Qiye’s words, Chen Baojiao who was not as calm as Li Shuangyan asked.

“Emperor’s papers?” Li Qiye looked at her and laughed, then he shook his head: “These are of course not Emperor’s papers. Otherwise, how could they be traded for the Early People’s nine languages? The Gu Clan’s name is gold-plated with matchless credence. This time, it can’t be considered me taking advantage of them. If I wanted to scheme against them, then I’m afraid that they would have also handed the rock over as well to be able to trade for the Early People’s nine languages.”

“You mean, these three sheets of yellow papers are even more valuable than Emperor’s Possessions? The Ancient Intent Fasting does not know the value of these papers?” Li Shuangyan was surprised.