Chapter 159 : Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground (1)

“Of course, otherwise, how could I use the Early People’s nine languages to trade for it? Just an Emperor’s Possession wasn’t enough to trade for the Early People’s nine languages.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Chen Baojiao movingly added: “But, Shopkeeper Gu used the item bestowed to them by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng to trade for it, could this be fake?”

Li Qiye shook his head and answered: “No, this matter is not false. This is really the item bestowed by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, but it is not an Emperor’s Possession. Instead, it is an Immortal Writ.”

“What is an Immortal Writ?” Li Shuangyan continued to question. The three yellow papers in front of her sight, she couldn’t see how they were more precious than Emperor’s Possessions.

Li Qiye held the three pieces of papers in his hand and gently tried to figure it out, then he finally said: “The moment the Immortal Writ comes into being, both gods and devils will have to retreat. The Immortal Writ came from the high heaven.”

Hearing this, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao glanced at each other. No wonder why these three pieces of paper were even more precious than Emperor’s Possessions. Immortal Writ — this name was so majestic sounding.

“The reality is that the descendants of the Gu Clan misunderstood the intent of their ancestors.” Li Qiye smiled and went on: “Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng truly owed a debt to the Gu Clan, so he bestowed the nine Immortal Writs to them. During that era, the Gu Clan ancestors had used six of them. One could say that the moment the Immortal Writ came into being, nothing was impossible. Their future generation viewed these papers as proud objects. They thought that because Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng gave it to them, that Jiao Heng would be able to satisfy all of their wishes during his era. Unfortunately, the Gu Clan ancestors died too early and didn’t make the Immortal Writ’s matter clear. Otherwise, these last three pieces of papers would have been used already.”

When he was the Dark Crow, he had seen the Immortal Writs once during the ancient era. Unfortunately, he was in a rush back then and Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng took them instead. Thus, he didn’t obtain the nine sheets.

Happily smiling, Li Qiye put away the Immortal Writs. These three yellow pieces of papers in other people’s eyes were not worth money, but Li Qiye knew that these three Immortal Writs will be lifesavers.

Staying in the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s courtyard, these disciples here under the Demon King’s command used the highest style of hospitality to treat Li Qiye’s group.

The next day during their stay, Li Shuangyan received news from her master. She found Li Qiye and spoke: “The elders from the War God Temple won’t arrive so early. They sent news that they will only come right before the Underworld Boat’s appearance.”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Those old men of the War God Temple have been trying to keep up appearances recently, showing a self-important maneuver. Truly rotten and smelly old men.”

Li Shuangyan could only smile and not comment about such things. The Nine Saint Demon Gate couldn’t do anything about such a thing. Even if it was only an action to show superiority by the War God Temple, in the end, the Nine Saint Demon Gate still had to rely on the War God Temple in the future.

“Come, we will go first. Those old men say that they will come later.” Li Qiye called for the group of Nan Huairen and smilingly said: “We already remained idle and had enough fun. Instead of basking in the sun here, it is better to go to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to rob some treasures.”

“Rob some treasures in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground!” Hearing this, the group became excited. Greedy Brat Nan Huairen’s mouth was watering and cheerfully exclaimed: “Hey, hey Oldest Brother, I still need a suitable weapon here.”

The group of Qu Daoli didn’t dare to ask Li Qiye for treasures unlike the brat, Nan Huairen, but they were still excited hearing about going into the burial ground for treasures. Even if they couldn’t get anything, it would still be a great learning experience.

“Even if we find treasures, the first one wouldn’t be yours!” Li Qiye angrily slapped his head and said.

“No problem, no problem, I can wait, all the way to the last turn.” Nan Huairen didn’t mind and cheekily said while stalking Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. He wasn’t going to mistreat his followers.

“Only with our group?” The silent Tu Buyu was worried, and he said: “The Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground is an ominous place.”

“We are only going to find treasures, not to fight. Our group is more than enough.” Li Qiye laughed and order Li Shuangyan to take out a chest.

Li Shuangyan was carrying the chest given by Shopkeeper Gu. Inside was an old set of clothing, an unopened box, and a small copper mallet along with a small gong.

After cleansing himself and burning incenses, Li Qiye put on the old clothing and wore the unopened box on his back with the mallet in one hand and the gong in the other.

Seeing Li Qiye suddenly dress in this manner, even Li Shuangyan had her mouth wide opened, let alone the group of Nan Huairen.

“You look like a merchant from a village like this.” Chen Baojiao, next to his side, commented on his appearance. She wanted to smile with her country toppling beauty, but she quickly covered her mouth and contained her laughter. Still, she carried a happy expression.

Hearing Chen Baojiao, the rest of them stared at Li Qiye and felt that he did really look like a merchant from a rural village. People who didn’t know the real situation would actually consider him to be a rural merchant, ah!

They wanted to laugh at Li Qiye’s style, but they didn’t dare to. Even people from the previous generation, like Shi Gandang, had to hold on to his laughter.

“Well, Brother, you, your style really does look like a rural merchant, ah.” Nan Huairen burst out in laughter.

“Transaction.” Li Qiye, carrying a serious expression, slowly said: “We will be going to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to trade with the dead this one time.”

“Trading with the dead?” Hearing these words, everyone got the creeps. Trading with the dead — this matter sounded so ridiculous.

“Oldest Brother, the dead can still do business?” The easily scared Xu Pei couldn’t help but turn pale.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “It depends on who the dead is, and who is doing the business. A smart person will be able to do business while the foolish will be able to find their death. Come, we’re going to the burial ground. Today, I will open your eyes to see what is called doing business with the dead!”

Hearing such a creepy and absurd matter, the brats were both afraid yet excited at the same time. They had never seen trading with the dead before — this ridiculous matter.

“Do business with the dead!” Even Niu Fen murmured.

Ancient Sky City was built very close to the burial ground. Even when the distance was so near and the burial ground had countless corpses and the dead, yet from the start of time, no one had ever seen or heard an Earth Corpse leaving the burial ground to enter Ancient Sky City! This was a matter that no one understood.

Standing outside of the burial ground, the group of Nan Huairen’s eyes and mouths were opened wide. From the beginning, they thought that this burial ground was a place where the white bones were as vast as the ocean. In their imaginations, the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground must have been a desolate barren land with corpse energy encompassing even the sky.

However, this burial ground in front of their eyes had green hills and clear water. Looking around, they saw rolling mountain ranges with some as big as a resting ox and some valleys that resembled a sleeping dragon. In this heaven and earth location, mist was everywhere, covering the pillaring trees that towered the sky and spring waterfalls high above.

Without seeing a few coffins, other people would have thought that this was an immortal scenery.

Even though the scenery ahead was filled with undulating mountain ranges and tall trees, along with waterfalls high above, one could see quite a few coffins up ahead. When powerful cultivators activated their heavenly gazes, they could see many unbelievable places. There was a coffin hanging on a cliff. Some coffins were made from copper, some made from stone, and some were even made from gold…

There was one placed on top of a solitary peak with a majestic aura. It was as if this coffin was lying on the high heaven.

There were also some coffins floating on top of a tranquil lake. Sometimes, there were poisonous serpents swimming by, creating a creepy image!

“This is the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground?” Qu Daoli couldn’t believe that this place was the burial ground feared by others. He originally thought that there would be mountains and rivers of bones and corpses.

“Don’t people say that there are Earth Corpses everywhere? How come we don’t see any Earth Corpses?” Luo Fenghua asked with surprise.

“Look at that group of cultivators over there.” At this moment, Shi Gandang pointed at a group of cultivators who just went inside the burial ground.

Li Qiye’s group looked over and there was a group of cultivators jumping into the rolling mountains. They seemed to have a purpose as they looked at the entrance to a valley. There might be a treasure inside, so they rushed straight in with one breath.

But the moment they rushed into the valley, suddenly, inside the thicket and the caves, many shadows appeared. They were all corpses with different clothing, coming from different places and sects. Countless corpses quickly rushed in to kill this group of cultivators.

“Kill–” The disciples of this sect were ready to fight so they roared and immediately began the battle.

The corpses did not speak nor roar. They silently fought the cultivators. It was so strange, countless corpses began to activate their life Treasures. Some had godly swords, others with yin flags, and some with ferocious spears… Each Life Treasure and True Treasure carried an evil aura and began to strike against the cultivators at this place.

The sound of the universal laws resonated. These corpses were not only able to use weapons, but they were also able to activate merit laws as well!

“Ah—” One cultivator was slain by a blade that contained revolving flames like the bellows of a fire dragon!

“This is the Scarlet Flame Gate’s Dragon Inflammation Blade Law!” Seeing this scene, Shi Gandang said with surprise: “This Earth Corpse must be an elder level character.”