Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1594

The crowd stared at Li Qiye and understood what Lin Hao was implying.

Li Qiye became amused and said: “Is that so? I would like to hear who is it that wants to be my enemy.”

“My Eldest Brother, Long Aotian!” Lin Hao proudly declared: “He shall be an Immortal Emperor, the real invincible being!” He became smug after saying this.

Regardless of their opinion about Long Aotian, most admitted that only Long Aotian was qualified to compete against Fiercest and no one else.

“Long Aotian? Never heard of him.” Li Qiye leisurely responded with a smirk.

The boys who had a crush on Yulian became happy after hearing this. Only Fiercest would be able to attack Long Aotian like this. The other cultivators also smiled wryly.

Anyone else would seem foolish and arrogant to make such a comment but it sounded so natural coming from Fiercest.

Lin Hao had no response in a short time. All he could do was glare awkwardly at Li Qiye.

“Brother Long is the first of the young generation to have a grand completion Immortal Physique. He fought against the world and killed five Godkings. Even a Nine Worlds’ Godking couldn’t stop his incredible arts.” Yulian defended Aotian. Her face blushed again while recalling his tales with rippling eyes. She was full of pride whenever she talked about him to the chagrin of her suitors.

This comment entertained Li Qiye. He said: “You like this Long Aotian?”

“None of your business!” She angrily glared at him while feeling slightly embarrassed due to her one-sided crush being blatantly revealed.

He smiled and shook his head: “Even if he likes you, nothing good will come of this. Soaring Immortal shouldn’t have come out with such fanfare and definitely shouldn’t have let its disciples compete for the Heaven’s Will, at least not in this generation.”

“If our Soaring Immortal wants to come into being, we shall do it! If we want to have the Heaven’s Will, our successor shall become Immortal Emperor!” Lin Hao angrily backed up his sect.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “It doesn’t matter if this is the idea of your elders or the successor, this is a futile attempt with only one result, death!”

“You, you are too confident! Brother Long has a grand completion physique with the arts of five emperors on top of supreme weapons. No one can stop him!” Yulian was unconvinced.

Love could make a person blind. In her mind, Long Aotian was unstoppable so she naturally became unhappy when Li Qiye put him down.

Li Qiye understood her thoughts and gently chuckled again: “How can a grand completion Immortal Physique boast in front of me?”

“You! At the very least, Brother Long has a grand completion physique, you still don’t have one!” She angrily retorted.

Li Qiye felt like destroying her fantasy and leisurely stated: “I have thirteen palaces.”

This sentence rendered her breathless. In her opinion, Long Aotian was number one in all aspects. No one could match him. However, he didn’t have thirteen palaces.

The other spectators gasped. This was an achievement worthy of arrogance.

“Brother Long know the arts of five emperors and have created a supreme dao in all of history!” She claimed again, unwilling to give in.

Li Qiye smirked again and said: “Thirteen palaces.”

“Brother Long has a triple saint talent and he's the Denary King!” No one could stop the perfect man in her heart!

“Thirteen palaces.” Li Qiye leisurely repeated.

“You…” She had no response and could only leer at him. Despite her crush’s perfect conditions, he couldn’t surpass Li Qiye in terms of palaces.

The monarch nearby didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Li Qiye was clearly teasing Yulian but she didn’t let up her undying love.

“My Young Noble’s thirteen palaces are enough to look down on the world.” She wanted to wake Yulian up: “As for grand completion physiques, there are no less than one hundred in history but there is only one person with thirteen palaces.”

The monarch aimed to wake Yulian up but the girl’s expression became even uglier. She took this as a deliberate attempt to humiliate her. Even a servant was doing so.

Li Qiye simply chuckled and didn’t say anything else.

“That’s about right.” Many youths found the monarch’s statement reasonable. The ones who like Yulian felt that she was too apt.

After careful consideration, many young geniuses felt that Long Aotian was indeed blessed by the heavens, a top contemporary genius, but his achievement wasn’t unheard of in history.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye. Thirteen palaces were one-and-only. It was a miracle created by him, more than enough to carve his name down history. This was an achievement comparable to being an emperor.

Yulian was at a loss, unable to come up with another argument to defend her sweetheart. However, she saw her love’s shadow on the eleventh step. Her eyes flashed with a new idea so she pointed at the twelve scales: “Li Qiye, you’re amazing indeed so you probably don’t mind climbing the scales. Brother Long easily left his shadow on the eleventh step so you can try to. If you can’t reach that spot, then you’re no match for him and definitely can’t compete for the throne. It shows his peerless talents, dao heart, and determination.”

She stared gloatingly at Li Qiye and believed that he wouldn’t be able to reach the eleventh step. After all, ever since the generation of Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, only Long Aotian has reached the eleventh step out of so many climbers.

“That’s right, it was a piece of cake for my Eldest Brother to reach the eleventh step.” Lin Hao loudly chimed in: “Try it if you dare. Show that you can compete with my brother.”

The two of them were under heavy pressure, especially Yulian. She refused to believe that Longtian was beneath Li Qiye.

After hearing this, Li Qiye shook his head and smile: “Love can make someone foolish. Only the twelve scales, not some insuperable test. There are plenty of people who can reach the eleventh step in this world, not just your sweetheart. It is just that they do not care for fame so they don’t bother.”

“Hmph, really now?” Lin Hao said aggressively: “They’re just afraid of losing faces. These geniuses that do not care for fame probably can’t even reach the eighth level. That’s why they don’t try at all in order to avoid losing some reputation.”

Lin Hao always had his Elder Brother’s back regardless of the situation. He was certain that Longtian would become emperor.

“Is that your excuse?” Yulian pushed on further after seeing Li Qiye’s disinterest on climbing: “We won’t force you if you don’t want to but do not go around and say that you’re the only one qualified to become emperor since you still have a long way to go before competing with Brother Long!”

She was particularly pleased with this victory. If he were to find out, perhaps he would look at her in a different light and like her even more.