Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1596

The crowd was astounded to see Li Qiye destroying Gu Zun’s shadow. Everyone gasped and stared at each other in amazement.

“Fiercest is just too ferocious. Who could actually match his fearlessness?” One spectator murmured.

Everyone knew that Heaven Suppression was the leader in the Grand Sea. Even though it didn’t have five emperors like Soaring Immortal, it was more influential in this particular region. But now, Li Qiye destroyed Gu Zun’s shadow without any hesitation. This was a prelude to war.

How many in this world would dare to challenge both Heaven Suppression and Soaring Immortal at the same time? Perhaps only an emperor.

The disciples here were furious. This was their territory yet Li Qiye dared to commit such a crime. It was humiliating for their sect, a direct challenge even!

But there was nothing they couldn’t do. Fiercest has been aggressive for a long time now with wanton regards for the consequence. So what if they were angry? Fiercest wouldn’t care for disciples of their level and could crush them with a single finger.

The monarch smiled wryly as well. It was all she could do.

Everyone stared at him at this moment without being able to utter a single word. There was no doubt that Fiercest has exceeded Long Aotian. The guy being able to reach the eleventh step was incredible enough, worthy of his name.

However, Fiercest has reached the twelfth floor. This meant that he was above Aotian. The guy might not be Fiercest’s match in the upcoming war for the Heaven’s Will.

Just when everyone thought he would stop on this final step, he raised his foot again.

“No way?” People’s eyes widened after seeing this.

“That’s not possible, the twelfth step is the highest suppression already.” One murmured.

Yulian felt the same way. She had heard her seniors said that no one besides Immortal Emperors could reach the top due to the dao shackles present. The twelve scales had an amazing origin. It was the ultimate treasure from a divine race and was brought here by Matriarch Yu. It wasn’t just a simple test but also a weapon that could protect Discover and their clan.

She almost shouted after seeing this with her mouth agape with incredulity. In her mind, climbing the eleventh step alone was already amazing, enough to surpass all the current geniuses.

But now, Li Qiye wasn’t even happy with the twelfth step and wanted to reach the top. This guy was a complete monster.

“Bang!” Li Qiye actually made it up there and another sonorous note struck. Though it wasn’t overly loud, it was a hammer striking everyone’s heart.

“Impossible!” The first to scream was Yu Yulian in astonishment. She couldn’t believe her own eyes and almost became a fish out of the water. She wanted to speak several times but the words were stuck in her throat due to the utter shock.

“This is too unreasonable!” The crowd was stunned speechless as well.

Gu Zun was an eonic genius who made it to the last step but now, Fiercest even went further. If Gu Zun was one of the ten greatest geniuses? Then who the hell was Li Qiye? An emperor?

Even the monarch in her disguise couldn’t stay calm. She wasn’t confident in his previous claim but he has indeed done it now. She became very afraid due to the significance behind this. She thought about Yu Zhengfeng. This was an existence capable of fighting against an emperor yet he was still respectful towards Li Qiye.

Such a being didn’t need to act so servile towards anyone, not even an emperor. After careful consideration, she was stricken with fear. Just what kind of terrorizing character was Li Qiye?

She felt a chill at this point and realized that anyone who opposes him in the future will have a bad end, including Soaring Immortal and her Heaven Suppression! This realization made her take a deep breath.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” More notes came from the scales in continuation like the sound of the world.

“Bang!” Prostrating noises came about. The young cultivators here all kneeled before this burst of sounds.

It wasn’t out of their own volition since they were completely helpless before the noises. Each note was a supreme order of the worldly grand dao. This was the will of the world so one had to prostrate.

Some gritted their teeth in order to resist but the most they struggled, the more powerful the notes. Because of this, some were bleeding heavily from their knees after being pushed down to the ground.

The stronger masters here could withstand several notes but the weak dropped down after just one or two.

After Lin Hao kneeled down, Yulian couldn’t handle it either so she still fell down after another note. She was powerless in resisting its might.

The last to kneel was the monarch. She was much stronger than the others but she eventually lost her footing and dropped down.

Lin Hao was completely unwilling. As a disciple from Soaring Immortal, he has never knelt down before anyone outside of his sect. He lifted his head and tried to get up but the slightest moment invoked a greater suppression. His knees started to bleed profusely.

“Rise.” Li Qiye said flatly above the notes: “I grant you absolution.” Having said that, he stared at the kneeling mass.

He didn’t intentionally suppress all of them. The twelve scales weren’t a simple test. It was once a supreme location for divine bestowment on top of being a defensive weapon. Its power could instantly take someone down. Yulian and the others simply couldn’t withstand its power.

Everyone finally heaved a sigh of relief since the power instantly disappeared. Nevertheless, they were still pale and confused.

Some glanced at Li Qiye once, not daring to steal a second glimpse. They have heard of his fame before but now, they have actually experienced it in person. Fear overwhelmed their mind and told them that it was best not to oppose Fiercest.

Yulian didn’t dare to speak either. Her sweetheart was perfect and peerless but Li Qiye’s achievement today has overshadowed him. This robbed her of her voice completely.

“Some, some trickeries must be going on!” Lin Hao shouted after calming down.