Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1605

Yu Zongying stood up with an uncontainable excitement. Not even in his dreams did he think he would get to see the sacred teacher again.

He was very young back then, but he still remembered the sacred teacher taking him out to watch to sunset on a whale at sea. One had to remember, the sacred teacher was a supreme existence, the ruler of the nine worlds. To a large extent, it was only because of his parents’ contribution that he was able to earn the teacher’s favor.

After so many years, the ruler of the nine worlds had visited their clan again. This was the greatest of honor!

Yu Ancestor and the others were wide-eyed. Forefather Yu had a great position in the clan. This was a Nine Worlds’ Godking kneeling before Fiercest today! It was all too shocking!

“Fools, frogs under the well that can’t see Mt. Tai,” The matriarch scolded.

“Forget it, it’s not their fault.” Li Qiye sat on the master chair and gently shook his head.

He would have done something to the others but because of the matriarch, he couldn’t get angry at all. Otherwise, how could someone like Yu Zhan prance around in front of him for so long?

In a short time, the group didn’t dare to breathe loudly. They didn’t know Fiercest’s identity but their forefather was so respectful. Even an idiot would realize that his background was incredible.

Meanwhile, Yu Zhan didn’t even dare to look up while kneeling.

The matriarch was disappointed while staring at her descendants lowering their head. The Yu Clan had fewer capable people as time went on. There was a clear deterioration.

Zongying could take care of the clan as long as he was around but once he became older, only Ancestor Yu could do anything. The decline was near if such a large clan relied on one or two people for administration.

She found the situation quite difficult. It wasn’t a lack of resource but a lack of disciples with potential. Of course, this wasn’t only in talents.

This prompted her to yell at them: “A bunch of stagnated fools. A lifetime of fortune is wasted on all of you!”

Ancestor Yu and the others didn’t dare to say anything back.

“Your Excellency, do you see any hope for them?” She asked Li Qiye.

In her mind, in terms of grooming and recognizing talents, no one could compare to him. He had trained too many peerless characters across the ages.

The group shuddered after hearing her address and became even more afraid of Fiercest’s background.

“I’m old now so I don’t want to waste their time.” He gently shook his head.

She gently sighed after hearing this and knew that her worthless descendants couldn’t get into his sight. Otherwise, if any of them were to gain his favor and tutelage, they would have a bright future.

“Everyone, come greet His Excellency.” She coldly ordered. This was her attempt to create a safety net for them.

They didn’t dare to show any slight and quickly went forward to kneel. Li Qiye only nodded without speaking.

Zongying standing to the side also realized that Li Qiye didn’t like any of the children here.

The matriarch looked at them and scowled again: “All of you have so many resources but look at yourselves, some half-ass cultivation, not even as strong as a vagrant cultivator. Too used to playing around, have you forgotten that you’re a cultivator? Maybe you think of yourself as a regular noble son and daughter!?”

The kids didn’t dare to utter a single word back.

She continued on: “Little Dan, you have been working hard these years but you lack foresight and are too doting on them. The lack of discipline has turned them into these young masters!”

Ancestor Yu has been in charge of the clan. An old person like Forefather Yu rarely asked about daily businesses. The ancestor bowed his head and apologized: “Your grandson is incompetent and had ruined their development, please punish me.”

“You shall personally teach them now!” The matriarch uttered: “From today on, our clan shall close its doors. All children and disciples will adhere to strict discipline. Before reaching a certain cultivation, no more leaving the clan in order to avoid losing more face!”

She had no choice but to do this. The members lacked the right dao heart, not resources. They have lived too leisurely and everything came easy. Their high status in life left them complacent.

Because of this, they couldn’t resist external temptations and found it impossible to meditate in peace. Thus, the first thing she will do after coming out is to use an iron law to sharpen these disciples.

“I shall obey.” Ancestor Yu kneeled down again.

Next was Yu Zhan’s turn to be scolded. She said sternly: “You are young so it’s fine to be ignorant but you have no skill, only rely on the clan to show off. No more resources for thirty years, go immerse yourself in the marsh for one hundred years to wash away your vanity!”

The boy turned pale. This punishment was not easy for a young master like him but he didn’t dare to disobey. He prostrated and said: “I accept the punishment.”

She scowled again but was lamenting in her mind. All seniors loved their children but she had to be strict to change the current superficial culture in the clan.

“Your Excellency, how about picking one of them?” She asked Li Qiye once more.

She has dropped all of her pride in order to beseech him again even if he didn’t like any of them. She hoped that he would at least give some guidance to just one. That would be more than enough for the clan.

Even if it was a talentless person, they would have the chance to be exceptional under his tutelage. The clan had no successor at the moment. Zongying won’t live much longer and same with Ancestor Yu. Because of this, they required a youth that could handle the responsibility.

This was the reason why she let go of her pride to ask him and seize this rare opportunity.

Li Qiye sighed in response. He naturally wouldn’t care about this matter if it was someone else but since this was an old general asking, he had to give her some sensibilities.

In the end, he perused the crowd. His eyes ended on Yulian: “Her then.”

The kneeling girl was surprised to be chosen by Li Qiye. After all, their last interaction was one of hostility.

“Come over.” The matriarch smiled at his concession and waved at Yulian.

The dazed girl still came over and kneeled: “Yulian greets you, ancestor.”

“This will be a test for you, will you accept?” The matriarch spoke slowly: “You need determination and will in order to seize the chance at reforging your unstable dao heart.”

She stared at Yulian and continued: “This path will not be easy, ladened with difficulties even. You need to face pain and hard choices but if you can keep going with a firm dao heart, your future will be glorious.”

“I…” She was hesitant with a mix of hope and fear.

Ancestor Yu was anxious and confused at her hesitation. This was a once-in-lifetime opportunity. Even a Grand Godking like him couldn’t be this lucky yet Yulian was given this godsend chance.

“Child, what can’t you let go of?” As an Emperor Assailant, the matriarch has seen everything and understood.

“I…” The girl couldn’t speak.

“Because of Long Aotian?” Ancestor Yu realized right away and spoke softly.

“I don’t know.” She blushed and lowered her head.

In the past, their clan wanted for this to happen but this was no longer the case. Now, he wanted for Yulian to stay. After all, after her training, she would play a pivotal position in the clan.

“The Soaring Immortal kid is not suitable for you. Even if you marry him, nothing good will come of it.” The matriarch poured cold water over her.

“Ancestor…” Yulian cried out but didn’t know what to say.