Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1659

“Rumble!” In a short time, five great powers have been destroyed in the Grand Sea, including an imperial lineage.

After each explosion, a black tornado would come down and end a great power.

All cultivators were frightened after each explosion. They didn’t know which lineage would be next. Some sects have started evacuating, hoping that they would be able to escape this disaster.

“Look, over there.” A strange visual phenomenon emerged after their destruction, garnering the attention of the entire Mortal Emperor World.

“Creak-” Heavy moving noises came from the sky as if something monstrous was moving.

It was a vast world wanting to descend to the Grand Sea. It had divine mountains and rivers large enough to accommodate dragons. There were towering pavilions, making it look like the world of deities. This particular world had its own heaven and earth, allowing it to gestate countless existences.

The most terrible thing was the rich energy permeating the whole place. It was full of power and gave off the presence of many Immortal Emperors.

In different areas were many different auras. One particular mountain had a sword energy capable of creating a new zone with a single slash. One citadel had thunder ringing from it while a different river was full of the power of lightning…

This world looked like a paradise for immortal with countless experts. It looked prime to crush everything in its path. It was being pulled by the five black tornadoes down to the Grand Sea.

This was the reason why everyone could hear this heavy dragging noise.

“What is that?” A junior murmured in a daze.

“Soaring Immortal!” Someone from the last generation said: “The entire sect is coming down to the Grand Sea, not just a disciple or a legion!”

“What’s the consequence of this?” The junior asked again.

“Best case is if it only takes over the Grand Sea. Worst case is the entire Mortal Emperor World.” This senior was a Godking yet he still became worried.

The coming of Soaring Immortal wasn’t a good thing. In the past, Long Aotian and some disciples alone were already enough to sweep through the sea monsters and demons in this zone.

But now, this sea wasn’t enough to satiate the entire sect’s appetite. It would definitely take over the Grand Sea and maybe even all of Mortal Emperor.

“Boom!” Another black tornado came down from the sky. One more ancestral ground of a great power was annihilated to the astonishment of no one. Miserable wails echoed as all the opposing disciples were torn to pieces.

It didn’t take long before everyone in this region and the entire world realized who the culprit was. Many lineages were scared out of their mind about being next!

“Boom!” After a short lull, a legion appeared before everyone before the sea region where Soaring Immortal was.

It almost had ten thousand men, some still maintaining their original demon and beast forms. Some of these sea monsters were extremely large. One crab was as large as an island and a single swing of its claws could cause create a sizable wave.

One could see right away that this legion was recently formed. It was disorderly and lacked proper training. Nevertheless, their blood energy still soared in the sky. Each individual expert was quite mighty.

The leader of this was the recently-famous Hai Lin with the golden dragon and Ding Yuanhou standing to his left and right.

“If we don’t unite now to oppose Soaring Immortal, all of us will be chased out of our home or killed!” Hai Lin’s voice echoed before the start of the war.

“Kill!” He showed no fear against Soaring Immortal and rushed forward. His legion rushed in before Soaring Immortal had completed its descent. Hai Lin wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and stop the entry process.

Several Godkings protected Hai Lin right next to him. The large sea monsters also rushed for the portal.

“Protect our home!” The soldiers followed Hai Lin’s lead. They were willing to sacrifice themselves to fight against Soaring Immortal!

With a deafening explosion, a legion marched down from Soaring Immortal to meet the attackers. The leader was an old general with a divine armor. His saber was flashing with a bloody light. His bloodthirst simply wouldn’t dissipate. It was obvious at first glance that this was an experienced and fierce general.

“You don’t know your own limit, simply courting death!” The old general cried and led his troops to fight against the other army.

He was domineering and unstoppable. Ordinary experts couldn’t stop a single slash. In the end, Hai Lin, the golden dragon, and Ding Yuanhou worked together to stop this old man.

The cries of war resounded through the region along with cries of anguish and sounds of broken bones…

Hai Lin’s effort gave many great powers hope. They began to pray for Hai Lin victory. Of course, people were aware that the chance was virtually zero. After all, a newly formed army couldn’t do anything to a powerful sect like Soaring Immortal.

Their prayers weren’t answered. Not long after the start of the war, Hai Lin’s legion continuously faltered for it was not a match for Soaring Immortal. Despite their unyielding will to fight, their army was recruited in a short time. The soldiers came from everywhere with varying abilities and had no prior training. 

“Ah!” As the battle was heading for the end, the opposing region was being massacred. Bodies fell from the sky with severed limbs. A rain of blood began to pour as well.

The lucky survivors tried to run away but Soaring Immortal’s legion hunted them down. Their cries of death were driving listeners to tears.

Very few managed to escape alive. Hai Lin was grievously injured and was escorted away by the golden dragon, Ding Yuanhou, and several large sea monsters.

Their defeat extinguished the hope of the great powers in the Grand Sea. Panic became widespread.

“Rumble!” The end of the war was the start of the destruction again. Another black tornado assaulted an ancient lineage.

The lineage didn’t try to resist at all. The ancestors and the young disciples ran for their lives from the ancestral ground.

The tornado drilled into the earth vein inside the ancestral ground. Though the escaping disciples didn’t try to resist, many of them were still sucked into the tornado and killed.

In the next several days, more tornadoes came down. Each one destroyed a great power and took their earth vein. There were also several resisting attempts but they were wiped out by the defending legion from Soaring Immortal.

A total of ten tornadoes have destroyed ten lineages, some of the imperial level.