Chapter 170 : Ancient Street (2)

Each step, Li Qiye held his breath with extreme caution. He was refining a batch of mysterious dan cauldrons; even a minor effort would ruin his entire cauldron of medicinal dan.

Of course, he was refining mysterious dan. Only, he had the dan recipe, and this cauldron of mysterious dan was a preparation to enter the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

The Alchemy God’s Grand Canon had more written down than just the Dao of Dan, it also had a large amount of precious dan recipes. Outside of the countless dan recipes created by the Dark Crow and the Alchemy God, there were also some ancient dan recipes. They were so old that they were impossible to be tracked back through time, and some dan recipes were even from the Legendary Era!

In order to obtain these peerlessly supreme dan recipes, he — along with the Alchemy God that year — traveled throughout the nine heavens and ten earths and expended countless amounts of effort!

Li Qiye took ten whole days in order to refine this cauldron. Li Shuangyan did not know what medicines he was refining, but she still uncomplainingly kept guard for Li Qiye all the way until his dan was successfully formed.

“Good, the first step is finally done.” Li Qiye withdrew his dan and smilingly said to Li Shuangyan: “Now, I have to calculate which Earth Immortal to begin with in order to trick them!”

Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but to glare at him. She was always as cold as ice so her little girl’s expression truly had a different flavor. In reality, she did not personally agree with him taking such a risk. To fool an Earth Immortal? One could only imagine how dangerous this would be!

“You can calculate everything with your fingers. Rather than fooling Earth Immortals, why not go for a walk at the Ancient Street? Maybe you will be able to pick up something good!” Li Shuangyan said.

“The Ancient Street opened?” Hearing this, Li Qiye felt surprised and asked.

“It has been open for several days now. The group of Nan Huairen all slipped out one day, and even Older Brother Tu went once. However, they came back home empty-handed.” Li Shuangyan said.

“Come, we will go check out the Ancient Street. Call Chen Baojiao as well to see if we can pick up some treasures for you two.” Hearing this news, Li Qiye was excited and told Li Shuangyan.

Chen Baojiao was practicing harshly and was happy to hear the news. Recently, she was only focusing on cultivation. Now was the chance for her to go outside and get some fresh air!

“Buying treasures at the Ancient Street… Do we have enough money?” Chen Baojiao had an idea, but she still couldn’t help but to ask first.

Although Chen Baojiao had some savings, but to buy one treasure, it could be a price as high as the sky! This wasn’t something that she could afford. In reality, Chen Baojiao also knew that Li Qiye was a young master, but he didn’t have much money. To be more frank, this brat was poor with empty hands; it was not even comparable to her savings.

“You can be at ease. Even if I, this Young Noble, doesn’t have any money, your Big Sister Shuangyan has a lot of money. To take a step back and speak, even if Shuangyan doesn’t have enough money, with the Nine Saint Demon Gate paying for us, what are you afraid of?” Li Qiye calmly said.

Li Qiye’s words were actually the truth. Li Shuangyan was the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. She had a monstrous amount of Refined Jade. Compared to a young master like him, Li Shuangyan was a genuine wealthy woman.

Li Qiye speaking like this left Li Shuangyan angrily glaring at him, and she said: “Spending a woman’s money, how can you say so!”

Li Qiye was unperturbed and slowly replied: “Why can’t I say so? As my maid, even you are mine, let alone your wealth.”

“You…” Li Shuangyan’s cheeks flushed red and became hot while angrily glaring at Li Qiye!

Meanwhile, Chen Baojiao was pursing up her lovable lips. With her elegant and charming eyes along with an alluring style, it was enough for others to become crazy and lose their souls.

In the end, the master and servant group of Li Qiye left for the Ancient Street, and the old servant of Chen Baojiao, Shi Gandang, also appeared out of nowhere and followed them in a silent and transparent manner for protection.

The Ancient Street was located inside Ancient Sky City. Rather than an ancient street, it was more appropriate to call it an ancient pavilion. This was an ancient pavilion with hallways surrounded by water along with scattered stone mountains and lakes with very wide areas.

The Ancient Street had always existed, and no one knew when it was created, or by whom. In short, from the impressions of everyone since the ancient past, the Ancient Street was always there.

And, the Ancient Street at certain intervals would automatically open for some time. This attracted the big characters from the sects to come here to trade. One could say that the ones able to buy treasures at the Ancient Street all had great origins. If they were part of a heaven-defying generation, then they were the tyrants of one direction.

Of course, only the ones with pockets full of money and treasures would dare to come to the Ancient Street to buy items. Otherwise, even if they entered the Ancient Street, they could only watch the treasures while sighing in lamentation.

Even though there were many crooks and little merchants in Ancient Sky City, neither of these types of people were willing to come to a place like the Ancient Street.

They were very clear that everyone who came to the Ancient Street were either from a grand sect or a ruler of one direction. These types of people had eyes as bright as the torches, and the bargain items of the crooks would not enter the eyes of these people. Fooling these types of characters were seeking their own deaths.

Before the group of Li Qiye arrived, the Ancient Street was already very crowded and bustling with people that were busily entering and leaving. There were Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even Ancient Saints walking about, not to mention the descendants and disciples of the grand sects and countries.

Inside the Ancient Street, countless Saint Childs and Princesses, Princes and members of royalty were entering. These people were of a generation that threw money around like trash. They all wanted to buy their favorite treasures from the Ancient Street.

Meanwhile, there were also a few cultivators of the previous generation that went to the Ancient Street to dig out treasures. They wanted to buy precious and mysterious treasures at a low price. Of course, the ones who dared to come and dig treasures all had some skills.

Amongst the very bustling ancient streets, not to mention the older generations that came to dig treasures and show off their own, but many younger cultivators also came here to participate in the fun as well as to dig treasures along with other purposes…

It could be said that the Ancient Street was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and it was an area where young geniuses were congregating. Countless geniuses wanted to visit this street to make friends amongst the prowling wolves and hissing tigers while vying for special attention.

The Saint Childs and Princesses were even more unique with extravagant showings so that others would become amazed and fearful.

“This is Princess Xiu Se of the Refined Cloud Country, ah. She could be said to be the number one beauty of the Grand Middle Territory — supremely peerless.” At this moment, an imperial phoenix carriage arrived at the Ancient Street, so a cultivator said in astonishment.

One could see a phoenix imperial carriage pulled by a Heavenly Rainbow Swan. When its wings opened, they were large enough to cover the empty sky. The imperial phoenix carriage was made from godly ore. There was an exceptional beauty on top of the carriage. With her body encompassing all the beauty of the southern country like a lustering aqua pearl or the blooming Ling Mountain flowers, her stature was enveloped by the essence of the heaven and earth and encompassed the majestic beauty of the mountains and rivers.

There was another young man surrounded by three to five Royal Nobles. It was like all the stars cupping themselves around the moon. They were traveling with a treasure boat instead of walking. Their rolling presence captured cultivators’ attention and fingers: “Isn’t that the Saint Child from the Strange Mountain Sacred Ground? I heard that he became sworn brothers with Dao Child Sheng Tian.”

There were also geniuses of the younger generation walking alone as well. However, illustrious individuals would always be illustrious as dragons and phoenixes amongst men. No matter where they went, they would attract attention, like Saint Child Bao Zhu. When he stepped into the Ancient Street, many cultivators were alarmed.

Saint Child Bao Zhu’s body was like a godly mountain. Even as he was traveling alone, always low-key, his humility was not enough to hide the aura of his grand completion King Physique; he appeared to be a crane amongst a flock of chicken. Some female cultivators were in admiration because of this, and they lively exclaimed: “Even if Saint Child is keeping a low profile, he is still a giant amongst men; he’s watched over by everyone no matter where he goes!”

There were some others stepping into the Ancient Street, making others take a step back and retreat. There was a woman stepping into the Ancient Street, around the age of twenty and dressed in black, while carrying a black sword that was filled with murderous intent!

With an elegant and well-rounded body, this woman’s figure was peachly tall. Her black robe outlined the tempting and plump curves on her body as she walked solitarily forward in a strong and beautiful manner! However, her embracing the black sword while treading forward had the image of an unsheathed godly sword that was filled with murderous intent. This was not a cold murderous air, but a heartless murderous intent!

“Descendant of the Sword God’s Sacred Ground…” Seeing this woman, no matter who it was, they had to retreat with chilling hearts. No cultivators dared to get close let alone go to have a chat!

The younger generation was taking the lead by visiting the Ancient Street, but at the same time, there were great characters of the previous generations as well. With some existences greater than even Ancient Saints, it caused others to lose their colors after hearing their names!

The bustling Ancient Street had many cultivators here to trade, but there was a difference between this place and the small merchants on the streets of Ancient Sky City. Even though the Ancient Street was very busy, very few sellers were shouting and advertising their own merchandise. In the end, all of the items that could be sold here were all good stuff, and there was no need for the sellers to yell.

Although many young cultivators were selling treasures, there were more older cultivators in the Ancient Street taking out their treasures next to the street without saying anything; they were just sitting there. They sat cross-legged in their places. There were also some with a sign in front of them, mentioning what they wished to sell and buy!

Every seller was different. Some people wanted to trade items for items, and some wanted to trade with Refined Jades. There were also others trading medicinal pills in exchange for mysterious treasures…

Li Qiye stepped into the Ancient Street, and it started many waves. Li Qiye had an ordinary appearance and did not attract attention, but Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — by his side — were different. One was a supreme beauty with a cold-as-ice countenance while the other was a country toppling peerless temptress. With two beauties as companions, no matter where they went, it would always garner the eyes of others.

“Isn’t that Goddess Li with Princess Chen?” The two women walking together attracted a lot of astonishment.

Suddenly, countless gazes that were able to kill people were aimed and casted towards Li Qiye. An ordinary and common little brat yet had two supernatural beauties as friends… Plus, they were the heaven’s proud daughters renowned throughout the Grand Middle Territory. Such luck with beautiful women, how could other people not be jealous of it!