Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1711

The ancestor’s expression turned cold with a mocking tone: “May I ask for your name? I’m sure I would have heard of an amazing character such as yourself before.” 

“South Emperor.” Gu Guo leisurely said: “You have no reason to be so haughty just because of your Lingwu Mountain. Only a pheasant, not qualified to boast before the Sacred Teacher. If your missing Skybearing Demon God were to come out, he might be able to fight against me. As for you? Too weak.”

“You!” The ancestor became livid.

Li Qiye didn’t care for these ancestors. He glanced at the sky and said: “All go back. The Void Gate is indeed one of the nine but it belongs to me now. Wait until I establish the rules for entry.”

With that, the initially quiet sky was invaded with more than ten shadows. They came with no fanfare at all but their unfathomable aura was still frightening enough. The shuddering crowd immediately knew that these were all Emperor Assailants.

“We shall listen to you, Your Excellency.” These were the few Emperor Assailants at the moment, real ones. Alas, they didn’t dare to show the slightest disrespect and bowed.

They were aware of Li Qiye’s identity so how could they not listen? Opposing the lord of the worlds would result in being trampled like ants.

Thus, after a single command from him, they immediately left. Prior to this, they were coveting this treasure but the matter was finished the moment Li Qiye came. It meant that the Void Gate already has a master.

“Skybearing, take your juniors back with you.” Li Qiye ordered as the shadows were leaving.

The moment his words fell, one of the shadows stopped. He flashed before Li Qiye and prostrated: “Please forgive me, Your Excellency. My fault for not being stricter with the juniors.”

This old man had gray hair and seemed to be at the twilight of his life. His vitality was restrained and his eyes were dark. Nevertheless, he was still an immovable mountain.

“Forefather!” The ancestor called Eagle God shouted in disbelief after clearly seeing the old man.

The old man was their sect’s strongest being that had been missing for a long time, Skybearing Demon God. He had never seen the forefather in person before, only a portrait.

“Skybearing Demon God!” Even the ancestors that stepped up in the beginning took a deep breath and became quite nervous.

This demon god was once famous for barely winning against Immortal Emperor Hao Hai when they were both young. Even after the emperor has obtained the Heaven’s Will, he still tenaciously took the emperor on for three days and three nights. Despite losing, he proved his capabilities to the nine worlds.

“Slap yourself and apologize to His Excellency.” The demon god coldly uttered. He hasn’t returned to Mount Lingwu for many generations and didn’t care for his juniors’ wellbeing.

“Forefather…” Eagle God stood there helplessly.

“Do it!” The demon god sternly repeated before slapping the guy.

“Bang!” The Eagle God’s teeth fell off and blood gushed out from his mouth. His forefather then suppressed him down to his knees.

“I admit my mistake, forefather.” The ancestor didn’t dare to resist and slapped himself more than ten times.

Even their strongest forefather was obediently kneeling there, a junior like him naturally didn’t dare to do anything. He realized that he had offended someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

“Forget it, I don’t mind.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and said flatly.

“Show your gratitude towards His Excellency’s mercifulness!” The demon god shouted again while heaving a sigh of relief.

This statement has spared their sect because Li Qiye didn’t even need to do anything. A single word from him would end with so many people in the world willing to destroy their sect to please him.

“Thank you, Your Excellency…” Eagle God’s soul was scared out of his body at this point and quickly kowtowed repeatedly. 

“Scram back and reflect on your actions, stop embarrassing yourself and the sect!” The demon god swung his sleeve and blew the Eagle God flying into the horizon. The guy disappeared from sight completely.

After chasing away his junior, the demon god bowed again: “Your Excellency, if you ever need my service, just say the words. I shall jump into the boiling water and raging fire.”

“Yes, go now.” Li Qiye slightly nodded.

The demon god bowed again and didn’t dare to linger around. In his mind, being able to work for the Dark Crow was the glory of his sect. So many people were willing to do so.

This scene made the crowd shudder, especially the ancestors who knew about the demon god’s identity. Such a monster was so respectful in front of Fiercest. This was a treatment enjoyed only by Immortal Emperors.

People from the other worlds finally realized that it was no coincidence that Li Qiye was able to destroy Soaring Immortal. The whole event might have been pre-meditated since a sect with five emperors should have been aware of the guy’s background like the other Emperor Assailants here.

The ancestors who wanted to side with the Eagle God trembled. They bowed and immediately fled with tail tucked between their legs.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything. He wasn’t interested in fighting against characters of that level. After reaching grand completion with his physiques, only Emperor Rivals would be worthy of his time.

He stared sentimentally at the primordial chaos surrounding the Void Gate. One of the nine… yearned by all… 

Each of the nine was unique, including the Void Gate. Even though he hadn’t opened it in the past, he could faintly guess its profundity after completely understanding the Ancient Void Rune. He could imagine the world waiting ahead.

The spectators held their breath while their eyes were fixated on him. They wondered if he could open this legendary portal.

“Fiercest himself is a miracle. Nothing can trouble him.” A cultivator from Mortal Emperor had absolute confidence in Fiercest. 

Some disagreed with this. After all, this was a grand heavenly treasure. It shouldn’t be so easy to open.

With a buzzing sound, Li Qiye opened all thirteen palaces and the Ancient Void Rune flew out.

“Thirteen palaces…” Everyone paid attention to the palaces instead of the rune.

“That’s really a legend, just one person has achieved it in history.” The people from the other worlds were astonished and became tongue-tied as well.

For many geniuses, just having ten alone was enough for them to brag for a lifetime. Twelve palaces would guarantee them the throne. But now, Fiercest actually had thirteen. He was the only one who had accomplished this task.

“Only our Mortal Emperor World has thirteen palaces.” A human from Mortal Emperor felt a sense of pride.

They found glory in the fact that Li Qiye was a human and a member of their world.

“Zzz!” While everyone was focusing on the thirteen palaces, Li Qiye opened the Void Gate.

“It’s opening, it’s opening!” Someone screamed.