Chapter 172 : Unopenable Stone Chest (2)

“You have seen this item before?” After following Li Qiye for so long, Li Shuangyan understood Li Qiye more than anyone else. She felt that changes in Li Qiye and softly whispered in his ear.

Li Qiye didn’t speak and only stared at the old man with the corner of his lips slightly perched, revealing a faint smile.

“This old man wants everyone to do a very simple thing.” At this moment, the old man raised his head and cheerfully smiled at everyone, then he said: “To anyone who can open this chest, they can pick any one out of these three treasures!” Finished speaking, the old man’s eyes narrowed from having laughed so hard as he patted the stone chest beneath his feet.

Such words from the old man left everyone in an uproar. Such a thing was too incredible; it was as if there was a big pie falling down from the sky. By opening the chest box, one could immediately grab a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure or Longevity Treasure. This was the best thing in the world! Thus, after the old man finished speaking, everyone stared at the old man up head in disbelief.

“Is this the truth?” A Demon Monarch of the Royal Noble realm couldn’t help but ask.

The old man’s eyes squinted as he smilingly said: “This is more real than even pearls; this is absolutely not a joke. This old man’s words are made out of gold, and I never go back on my words. Whoever opens this stone chest can pick any one out of these three treasures.”

“Any conditions?” Suddenly, everyone was eager to try for this pie falling down from the sky, and who would want to miss this great opportunity!

“No conditions. It doesn’t matter if you hit, split, or use fire. Anything is possible as long as you can open this stone chest!” The old man happily smiled and said.

“I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go…” Suddenly, everyone was scrambling forward, wanting to immediately rush up to open the stone chest.

“Don’t worry, no rush, take your time, everyone will have a chance.” The old man casually waved his hand and stopped everyone from rushing up. He smiled and said: “Those who want to try will need to make a line first. One at a time!”

Earlier, the old man easily threw an Enlightened Being outside, so when he opened his mouth at this moment, everyone didn’t dare to be presumptuous; they immediately went silent. A clever person immediately got in front and shouted: “We’ll form a line!”

In this moment, everyone rushed forward to form a long line. Amongst the line were ordinary disciples. There was also Royal Nobles of one direction, and even Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints!

However, Li Qiye did not line up. He dragged Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao to the side and calmly observed the fun.

In just a short moment, there was a long line with a huge and spectacular crowd.

“Go ahead. You need to be quick when it is someone’s turn. Only three shots at the most, don’t waste other people’s time.” The old man smiled.

“Open…” Standing at the very front was a Demon Monarch. He quickly rushed up and reached out with his hand, grabbing the stone chest’s buckle. He firmly lifted up as his Demon Monarch’s blood energy was flowing and the demon aura pierced the sky. The muscles on his body constricted and exerted a power capable of vibrating the mountains. However, regardless of how much power he used, even if he mustered up all of his strength, he was not able to open this stone chest.

“Open for me….” The Demon Monarch did not give up and transformed back to his real body. This was a great ape with extremely sharp dual claws. He ferociously held onto the top of the chest, but the stone chest was still like before and didn’t move a single bit.

“You can’t do it, next.” The old man shook his head and said.

The Demon Monarch was reluctant, but he exerted all of his strength yet was still unable to open this stone chest. Even if he was not willing, he couldn’t do anything about it. Thus, he angrily retired and stood to the side to enjoy the bustling scene.

“Break…” The second person was an Enlightened Being. He opened his mouth to spit out a long, bony, and sharp blade that was surrounded by yin energy. This bony blade was very frightening, and its yin energy could devour everything.

“Clang…” However, no matter how terrifying this bony blade was, as it struck the top of the stone chest, the stone chest still didn’t move and was not damaged. Not even a blade mark was left behind.

“Clang, clang, clang…” This big character cut three blade in a row. Each of them was able to split the rivers and mountains, but, it couldn’t damage this stone chest even a little bit.

“Next-” The old man was too lazy to take another look at this Enlightened Being. He shook his head then said.

“Open for me…” The third cultivator in line uttered a long roar and his Fate Palace was hung atop of his head while his Life Wheel was rolling nonstop. All of the blood energy was being refined into blood needles that pierced the top of the stone chest like lightning.

However, the result was still the same; it couldn’t open this stone chest.

“Next-” The old man shook his head disappointedly.

Momentarily after, cultivators — one after another — took turn to come out, and they activated their techniques and means. One cultivator used a True Treasure to split the stone chest, another used ice to freeze it, one crazily hit the stone chest, and another used a medicinal water to soak the stone chest…

However, regardless of the method, the stone chest was still motionless without suffering any damage. Finally, an Ancient Saint took action. He opened his palm and started refining the sun and the moon, putting the heaven and earth into his palm. All of the blood energy and world’s essence transformed into a sword light in his palm. This one decapitating strike had the potential to open the heaven and split the earth, but it was not able to split this stone chest open.

Eventually, almost everyone had a turn. But still, no one could open this stone chest. This stone chest was like a boulder in the toilet, both smelly and hard, causing everyone to vomit blood in their hearts. They loved and hated it at the same time, and everyone wanted to walk to the front to ruthlessly step on it several times!

At this time, everyone here was just staring at each other helplessly. This stone chest was indeed a monster; it was essentially impossible to open!

“I will go!” At this point, a cold-as-ice voice appeared. A murderous intent that suffocated the sky rushed forward, causing everyone to lose their colors and retreat one step backward.

A girl embracing a sword came forward step by step with a murderous aura like a ferocious beast. This girl… Cold and emotionless, murderous and chilling, it caused everyone to tremble with fear from her extremely severe killing presence. Her stance was not merely posturing for show, it was to kill. Each move would definitely taste blood and take away a man’s life.

Even if the girl was caressing the unsheathed sword in her chest, others still sensed a smell of blood and couldn’t help but to shudder!

“The descendant of the Divine Sword Sacred Ground!” Seeing the girl dressed in black, someone involuntarily cried out. Feeling her murderous and severe aura, they felt the chill and didn’t dare to be near her. They took several steps back at once.

Many people saw the girl in black and they shivered in their hearts. The descendant of the Divine Sword Sacred Ground!

Hearing about this heritage and the descendant coming out from the sacred ground left people in fear. The Divine Sword Sacred Ground sounded domineering to people who did not know about it.

However, people who knew the history of the Divine Sword Sacred Ground… Hearing the four words “Divine Sword Sacred Ground”, they would absolutely feel their blood run cold!

The Divine Sword Sacred Ground was one of the great sacred grounds of the Eastern Desolace, and it was also an Immortal Emperor’s lineage. Created by Immortal Emperor Ye Ti, its prestige was used to propagate throughout all directions.

During the era of Immortal Emperor Ye (night) Ti (cry), there was a saying that goes like this: young children hearing his name will stop crying (Ti) at night (Ye). The explanation for this was, during that era, any child who cried at night would immediately stop after hearing the name Immortal Emperor Ye Ti. Thus, he was called Immortal Emperor Ye Ti by others.

Immortal Emperor Ye Ti was skilled with the sword throughout his entire life. His Dao of the Sword was supremely peerless, and people even praised him as the Sword God! However, he was even more adept at killing! Immortal Emperor Ye Ti used killing to prove his dao and killed mercilessly throughout his life!

Although, ever since the ancient ages till now, Immortal Emperors all killed countless enemies. However, some people believed that Immortal Emperor Ye Ti killed the most people.

There was even a legend that claimed that, in order to prove his matchless dao of murder, he even killed his own wife. Even though no one could confirm this legend, this alone was enough to make the future generation be aware of Immortal Emperor Ye Ti’s murderous ruthlessness!

The Divine Sword Sacred Ground was powerful to the point of being unfathomable. Each era, very few disciples of the sacred ground would be seen walking in this world. However, once one of them set off, there would be a rain of blood that stenched the winds. They were absolutely death gods dreaded by all!

The girl in black ahead of them came from the Divine Sword Sacred ground. And to top it off, she was the descendant. How could people not lose their colors and courage after hearing this news!

The girl in black was as cold as the sword — chilling like the steel. She stood in front of the stone chest with her beautiful eyes focused and unleashed two murderous lights in a flash.

“Clang—” Between the lights and fire, she made a move. No one knew how she unleashed her sword, but with one swing that encompassed unbeatable murderous intent, it was seen by everyone. As this sword edge swung down, it was enough to show its murderous invincibility, causing everyone to faintly shiver.

Everyone felt chilly all over, and their necks were as cold as ice; it was as if fresh blood was flowing out. At this very second, everyone felt that this one sword did not slash the stone chest, but ended on their necks instead.

The cowards fell to the ground on their butts and peed in their pants; they were frightened by this terrifying killing intent!

“Clang…” However, this invincible killing intent was not enough to cut open this smelly and hard stone chest. The stone chest was not harmed even the tiniest bit under this one sword!

Even the girl in black couldn’t believe it. She had extreme confidence in her one sword. Not to mention this stone chest, even a Godly Ore would be cut under this one descending sword. However, the stone chest in front was without any damage, and this was simply unthinkable.

The girl in black couldn’t help but fiercely gaze forward. The gaze was seemingly capable of piercing through the stone chest with her killing intent!

“You can’t do it.” The old man shook his head and said: “Your sword is indeed a good sword, and the sword technique is indeed unrivaled, but you still won’t do.”

So many people already attempted to open the chest, but the old man did not evaluate them even once. At this moment, he finally spoke; this was sufficient to show that the girl in black was indeed exceptional.

Even though the girl in black couldn’t accept it and felt that it was inconceivable, she didn’t make another move and retreated to the side without saying a word.

As she was standing to the side, everyone else quickly took three steps back; they didn’t dare to approach. Such a death god like this, no one wanted to offend them. Once provoked, death was the only path!