Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1738

As the three vessels were contending against the withering ray, the energy from the mirror immediately turned into a maelstrom.

The twisting energy focused completely into the thin ray and crazily oozed out. Its power was amplified several times due to this new influx emanating from the vast expanse of energy.

The size of the ray was still the same, just the density of power was much stronger, causing it to pulse continuously.

The twelve emperors didn't care that the ray couldn't kill Li Qiye and pushed their Heaven's Wills to the limit. They derived the dao to the maximum potential and channeled everything into the pulsing ray.

When this new ray made contact, all of his wounds lit up. This was definitely not a good thing. The damage being done by the ray was several dozen times greater than before.

Even with the three vessels and their boundless vitality and power of the grand dao, more of his flesh rotted off his body.

This type of decaying was scarier than death. Keep in mind that after reaching Immortal Emperor, their flesh would have divinity or corpse energy. Both of these affinities were quite powerful.

However, the pulsing ray destroyed everything. Not even the primordial energy was left. Under this attack, his body truly turned into residues of waste. It was an absolute death.

"My will is eternal, my dao is everlasting!" Li Qiye cried out as his body was disintegrating. In the blink of an eye, he crossed through the past and the future to become perpetual in the present. [1]

In the blink of an eye, it didn't matter how much the dao has changed or how much time has passed, he would always exist. Nothing could ever move or change him.

He used his Seven Nights Dao in this split second, allowing him to derive the myriad ages and three thousand worlds. He could become a true immortal or the high heaven. In the end, everything disappeared. Only he was left, eternal.

His body has entered a state of perpetually. Even though most of his body had rotted away, the withering pulse couldn't continue to spread due to his Seven Nights Dao, the three vessels, and Nirvana Heaven. 

The emperors found that their formation was not able to pierce through this state of eternity so they would inevitably become the losers.

All spectators would be shocked if they had the privilege to see this. Twelve Grand Emperors and forty Heaven's Wills were an unstoppable force, a group capable of slaughtering all opponents! However, Li Qiye was able to withstand this absolute power.

The lone will of an emperor from the nine worlds was comparable to two to six Heaven's Wills in the tenth world.

Of course, very few emperors could fight against a six-wills Grand Emperor right away. It was already excellent to take on four or five wills. The majority were only around the two or three levels.

From this, one could easily imagine just how powerful this force was. It might be the greatest ambush in history.

World Emperor joined the fray in the next second. He placed his palm on the mirror while his body became radiant. It looked as if he grasped all the power in the tenth world. Figures of monarchs and emperors of the three races appeared behind him. All of them chanted in order to offer their support and boundless power. Even though they didn't personally come, their battle intents have arrived.

"Boom!" The pulsing ray became as large as a pillar. The little strand alone was frightening enough but now, nothing in this world could exist.

"Buzz." Li Qiye's dao, three vessels, and his body immediately turned to ashes. It was a complete death. His power, will, and grand dao ended before this pulsing beam of energy.

There was no divinity or strength left in the specks of dust. He no longer existed. This was much more terrible than any type of death. One had a chance for reincarnation through death but not before this withering beam.

This was World Emperor's style, worthy of being at the apex of the tenth world. He was one of the most influential emperors among the three races on top of being considered the smartest one.

He immediately decided the battle with a single action despite not being part of the action at the start. One didn't want to have this kind of enemies the most.

The mirror dissipated and the twelve emperors showed up again. They heaved a sigh of relief while looking at the scattering specks.

All twelve were quite experienced ever since their dao debut all the way till their ascension. They have experienced numerous battles against the rest of the world. However, they still felt a great pressure in this battle.

Their enemy wasn't only an Immortal Emperor. He was a legend spanning across many generations, the dark hand of the nine worlds, the being that pushed their races to the limit.

Even someone like World Emperor couldn't kill him despite their long-running rivalry.

Today, they have finally ended this legend, the Dark Crow. This has eliminated a seed of chaos for their three races. They felt that they didn't let everyone else down with this victory.

They felt a sense of relief and happiness, even more so than when they became a Grand Emperor. Such emotions couldn't be described with words.

World Emperor was the only one who was still serious. He continued to scan through this area without missing a single detail. He was different from the other Grand Emperors and knew the Dark Crow too well! He considered his opponent as an unkillable roach that would always strike back with increasing intensity.

In the ancient eras even before the birth of World Emperor, the Dark Crow has failed many times. The Grand Emperors of the three races made him run for his life. One time, he even had to escape back to the nine worlds!

However, he would always rear his ugly head again, stronger than before. He trained more Immortal Emperors and Immortal Monarchs on top of perfecting his own strategies.

Eventually, this culminated in the Emperor Hunt War. The three races lost their imperious position in the tenth world after this.

1. The first line is the same phrase as A Will Eternal