Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1746

Nightfall was the third and strongest Immortal Monarch of the Jilin Imperial Clan. She had eleven fate palaces that contained eleven Heaven’s Wills!

She was only one step from being a top emperor. Her existence allowed the clan to prosper again, especially during her era!

“When did the Jilin Clan start these examinations?” Li Qiye asked Tieshu Weng.

The old man pondered and eventually answered with a forced smile: “I’m afraid I don’t know. It has been going on ever since I knew what’s what, so at least this generation on a small scale. I heard that in the past, it was an internal thing. Later on, they also wanted to recruit intelligent and talented disciples so they opened it to outsiders too.”

After hearing this, Li Qiye chuckled and told the guy: “You want me to join your sect and take the examination.”

“Ah… I do recommend you because the Jilin Clan loves talents. Any sect within their jurisdiction can recommend examinees. Of course, I would want nothing more than for you to join our sect too.” The old man rubbed his palms awkwardly and said.

“I know what you want. Those who can pass the examination will be held in high regards by the clan. If you recommended me to take the test or if I were to join your sect, after I become a disciple in that clan and are groomed by them, your sect can build a connection from there. After all, I’ll put in good words for you and this will boost your clan’s status. Perhaps you will no longer need to be a tributary to West Bank and can be directly under Jilin instead!”

Weng felt his face becoming hot after Li Qiye blurted everything. Back at the Sky Pit, he could see that this mortal was very knowledgeable regarding astronomy. Further conversations confirmed that the guy was a true scholar.

Despite being a mortal, he was more than scholarly enough to perhaps join the Jilin Clan. This was Weng’s plan.

“Sir, you are an erudite scholar. With your talents, after becoming a cultivator, you will surely show off your true skill. Even if you can’t become an overlord, you will most likely become a strategist for a clan. Thus, staying in the mortal realm is a waste of your knowledge and potential. If you can join the Jilin Clan, you’ll soar to the sky. With the resources of the clan at your disposal, you’ll broaden your horizon and learn even more things. Why wouldn’t anyone take such a good path?” Weng flattered and told Li Qiye about the positive aspects.

In fact, anyone who knew the clan would think that a mortal being able to join it was the same as a carp jumping over the dragon gate. No mortal with this knowledge would refuse the offer. It was an opportunity granted by the heavens.

Instead of feeling excitement and anticipation, Li Qiye simply gave a quick glance at the old man before gazing out the window again.

After a while, he said: “I can go to the clan for the examination.”

“Really?” The old man became ecstatic and immediately bowed: “Sir, you are an amazing talent, I’m sure you will be recognized and groomed by the Jilin Clan.”

This was the best case scenario for him. If his recommendation could get someone into the clan, there would be an established line of communication. This, in turn, would raise Sago Palm’s status.

“Don’t get excited so quickly.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “It’s not that fun being attached to a behemoth like that. Just a little turn of its body can annihilate your sect.” 

“Yes, of course.” Weng laughed happily. He naturally understood this logic. Danger accompanied potential in this case.

Of course, he was also aware that risk was necessary for any type of harvest. If they didn’t dare to take this amount of risk, there would be no hope for Sago Palm.

“Your talents are non-existent but your eyes are bright and perceptive. What a shame that you came from a tiny sect like this. If you were from a great power, you could still achieve something great.” Li Qiye said slowly.

The old man smiled wryly and said: “I’m already very satisfied to be here at Sago Palm. In my eyes, nothing can be better than this place.”

He was a broad-minded person, capable of reading people and situations. Alas, his background betrayed him. Even being the sect master of this tiny sect wouldn’t grant him anything. There were no resources and backings. 

As the adage goes, a clever wife still can’t make a meal without rice. Thus, Weng couldn’t expand and strengthen the sect. At the same time, his talents were average and limited his cultivation. This was another factor contributing to his sect’s stagnation.

“Your plan is not bad, not only wishing to establish a relationship with the Jilin Clan but also doing everything to groom your two disciples so that they can expand the sect. Unfortunately, their talents are much greater than yours but they lack visions and magnanimity. They might not become anything worthwhile in the future.” Li Qiye casually commented.

“Ah. My disciples are arrogant due to their ignorance, they will need your guidance in the future. I hope you will be able to polish them a bit.” Weng bowed again.

He was aware that he had no hope in his lifetime. He was quite old and could return to the earth at any moment because there was no surpassing the Dao Monarch level for him.

However, this wasn’t the case for He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan. They were much more gifted than their master, especially Xiaoshan. He had high hopes for her since she was the best in the sect.

They were the focus of his plan and allowed him to see a sliver of hope. In his mind, if Li Qiye could join the clan while he could groom his two disciples into exceptional people, his sect would take one step at a time towards something higher.

“You have also thought about marrying your disciples into the Jilin Clan.” Li Qiye made another speculation.

“Huh…” Weng’s expression changed as he faltered backward because Li Qiye clearly saw through his mind and revealed thoughts that he had never told anyone before.

This was indeed the truth. A direct disciple from Jilin might not want to marry Shen Xiaoshan but a member of a side branch might. His disciple was both talented and beautiful.

If this were to happen, his disciple would soar and transform into a phoenix overnight. This would be a fundamental shift in fate for their sect.

A while ago, he also had another plan in mind. If Li Qiye could actually join Jilin, he would marry his disciple to Li Qiye. This would bolster the relationship between Li Qiye and the sect, a very beneficial development for his sect’s future.

“Nothing can hide from you.” Weng smiled: “If Shan’er could marry into the clan, it would be a monumental change in her life. I wonder if she is fortunate enough.”

Weng didn’t hide it at all. In fact, he hoped that Li Qiye and Shen Xiaoshan could become closer. Despite being a mortal, Li Qiye’s knowledge and capabilities would allow him to rise later on.

“A marriage alliance is an old and never-changing method. No other pact in this world is as secure.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t judge the old man.

Weng’s face turned red. His method was a bit embarrassing but he would still do it. He simply replied: “Sir, right you are. Even if we don’t have any ambition to become strong, we still want something for self-preservation. My sect is only an ant, any great power can easily crush us.”

He sighed before continuing: “My late master wanted to see our sect grow stronger, not stay as an unknown sect that could be destroyed at any moment and no one would bat an eye. Alas, I’m too useless and can only work hard so that the next generation can have some connection with the Jilin Clan.”

1. It’s the same as the idiom - being close to a king is being close to a tiger. A king can grant you everything but he can also order for your head to be chopped off at any time