Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1749

Shen Xiaoshan's mood had just gotten better but this didn't last long after hearing this. Such arrogant words would have enraged just about anyone.

Not even qualified to see him? How outrageous was this statement?

In fact, she naturally didn't know that in the nine worlds, so many ancestor-level characters and young Emperor Assailants had a hard time meeting Li Qiye even if they wanted to.

So many imperial lineages were willing to marry their goddess and princess to Fiercest, the Prime Emperor. Unfortunately, their ladies didn't even have a chance to meet Li Qiye, let alone taking the next step.

"Oh? Then are you saying that you are a noble from some country or an illegitimate child of a big shot?" She sarcastically mocked.

"I know you wouldn't believe me. But nobles and princes are nobodies." Li Qiye calmly answered.

Shen Xiaoshan couldn't say anything. She couldn't even become angry anymore. Other braggers would turn red a bit after boasting so hard. However, this mortal was so confident in his speech to her disbelief. He spoke in such a nonchalant and matter-of-fact manner.

If this mortal was boasting, then he would be the best one she had ever met. But if he wasn't…

That's why she had nothing to say and was completely confused during this short contact with Li Qiye. She had no clue who this man was; he was unfathomable. The more people got to know him, the more they became moved by an unknown attraction, perhaps due to his charisma. It was as if he could engulf just about anyone; after this, they would be utterly convinced by him. 

It was quite a frightening aspect, causing her to shudder at this moment.

"Come in." He spoke as she was lost in contemplation.

She was taken aback by the request. He was lying half-submerged in the bath and she had never taken a bath with a man before!

"What kind of woman do you..." She angrily shouted.

"You're overthinking it." Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted her: "I'm not telling you to take a bath together with me, only to clean me well."

Her anger didn't subside after hearing this. She still angrily stared at him with a touch of embarrassment. She couldn't get into the bath to serve a man!

"What now? Afraid that I'll take advantage of you?" Li Qiye assessed her and said flatly: "You are quite pretty but there is a waiting list for that, there is a million women in line waiting to take advantage of me before you."

"You! One million before me…!?" Most girls were a bit prideful of their beauty, especially someone as pretty as Shen Xiaoshan. Though she couldn't compare to the daughters from the great powers and imperial lineages, she was still the prettiest at Sago Palm. But now, when Li Qiye said there was a million in line before her, it was truly humiliating and infuriating. She had the urge of beating the man ahead into a pig head.

"Who really knows? The thirteen continents are too vast." Li Qiye said slowly.

Blood almost left her mouth again. She glared at him and uttered coldly: "Can you stop being so narcissistic?"

Li Qiye answered: "This is called confidence. Come, don't waste my bath time."

She felt her soul leaving her body after being stared at by his dull yet authoritative eyes. There was a sensation of his eyes gazing into her soul. She lost control of her body but it was a pleasant feeling.

His profound eyes encompassed three thousand worlds, capable of devouring all divine lights and gestating all existences. All beings would prostrate before them.

Even though he was a mortal at the moment, he was once the ruler of the nine worlds, the dark hand behind the curtains, and especially an Immortal Emperor. Someone at Xiaoshan's cultivation couldn't withstand his charm. Even eternal existences had submitted to him.

Before she knew it, she had already stepped into the bath. Water wetted her clothes, revealing her enchanting and exquisite curves as she gently washed his body.

After a long time, she regained her wits and became startled: "What sorcery is this?!"

She was understandably alarmed since she seemed to have lost control of her body and became a victim to his whim.

"It's no sorcery." Li Qiye shook his head: "This is called prestige. Have you ever seen a Grand Emperor? With your cultivation, you won't just be kneeling after seeing one. His prestige and authority could turn you into a follower for a lifetime."

"Hmph, but you're not a Grand Emperor!" She scowled. Of course, she hasn't seen an emperor before but she had heard many legends relating to them and could imagine that scene. Rumor has it that wherever they went, people couldn't help but kneel, just like Li Qiye's comment.

"Ah!" She suddenly screamed due to shame because she was completely wet at this moment. She turned red and hot. This situation made it too awkward for her.

Li Qiye didn't bother glancing at her. He said flatly: "Don't worry, I won't be taking advantage of you."

"You!" His calm demeanor only exacerbated the situation. It was as if this garden of spring was nothing before his eyes.

Of course, he had seen too many beauties and supreme figures. He didn't want to take a look at someone like Shen Xiaoshan. She was only an inconspicuous tree in a garden with a hundred blossoming flowers, and he didn't care for these flowers either, let alone her.

After confirming that he wasn't looking, she continued to wait on him. However, she didn't dare to look at his body at all. From start to finish, he simply lay there to enjoy her service.

In the beginning, she was quite bashful but as time passed, she calmed down after seeing that Li Qiye had no devious intention and action. Anger turned into annoyance after seeing his lack of reaction to a beauty like her.

Though she wasn't a peerless beauty or anything, her features were impeccable and she was certainly confident in her figure. Others might not swoon over her instantly, but they weren't bad.

But now, Li Qiye didn't steal a single glance at her. This was indeed hurting her self-esteem. Perhaps he wasn't lying when he talked about her not fitting his standards.

"Hmph, do you always make pretty girls wait on you?" She didn't know why she was unhappy. It was a good thing that he was playing nice.

"Depends on the girl. You're quite lucky to have this chance since not just anyone can do it." He replied.

This statement was no longer as outrageous now that she got used to him.

"So you're saying that many beauties have waited on you? How many figures have you seen?!" She angrily stated.