Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1762

Wang Xiaotian was not a sight for sore eyes, at least for the three from Sago Palm, since he was much more powerful than Liang Yiheng. 

So now, Shi Sou was uncertain after being surrounded by Xiaotian and his men. He glanced at Li Qiye again and saw that the guy still stood there calmly as if nothing was happening.

This was a calming panacea and made Shi Sou braced himself to say: “Your Highness, this, this is all a misunderstanding.”

Of course, he knew that a misunderstanding was no excuse for smashing Yiheng’s face. However, this was all he could say. They were already riding the tiger and couldn’t get down. Plus, the other option was to distance themselves from Li Qiye and this might not be a wise choice.

“Misunderstanding, this is your answer?” A murderous glint flashed in Xiaotian’s eyes but he showed no sign of anger and replied with coldness: “If your sect wants to keep on going, then follow me right now. We’ll get to the bottom of this!” He stared at the group and Li Qiye.

He had received some news about Sago Palm as well as Tieshu Weng’s recent attempts at joining the Jilin Clan’s examination in order to move up. That’s why he was paying so much attention to Li Qiye.

“Well…” Shi Sou shuddered before smiling wryly: “Your Highness, I am on important business, I’m afraid it’s a bit inconvenient.”

He knew that if he were to leave with Xiaotian, he should stop thinking about coming back alive. This was only a ruse to get them to leave Jilin. The moment they were out, Xiaotian would instantly kill them, or even worse, the most heinous of torture before making them disappear completely.

Yiheng was Xiaotian’s confidant so the guy was not going to take this lying down.

“Old Shi, you need to know that conspiring against a duke is a serious crime. Can your sect shoulder it?” Xiaotian became quite imposing.

He didn’t only want to kill this group but also all of Sago Palm in order to make an example out of them! However, he was willing to let the three survive for now since they were going to become his evidence and justification for destroying Sago Palm.

An elder from Sago Palm harming a duke from his country? This was enough reason for them to destroy Sago Palm with justice on their side.

Of course, he had his apprehension as well. This was Jilin, not West Bank. He didn’t wish to be so arrogant in this place. If he were to catch or kill the group in Jilin, the clan would definitely hear of it. This was not giving enough face to the Jilin. If the Jilin were to be unhappy, they could also mobilize their force to easily annihilate West Bank. Thus, he was trying to get Shi Sou’s group to leave with him.

Shi Sou was aware of Xiaotian’s plan so he couldn’t leave with the guy no matter what. The only way to oppose West Bank was praying for his Senior Brother’s success in negotiation.

Alas, the danger was right before him but he was helpless since he was not a match for Xiaotian. He could only rely on Li Qiye and hope that the guy would be able to avert this crisis.

However, Li Qiye was only standing there with a slight smile.

While Shi Sou’s group was at an impasse, the rolling sound of a cart suddenly came into the alleyway, pushed by eight people dressed like servants and merchants.

The cart was loaded with a pile of merchandise so it was quite heavy, resulting in a zigzagging pattern while moving.

“Move it, move it, we can’t stop!” One of the pushers shouted. The cart moved faster and faster straight for Li Qiye’s group.

“Hmph!” An expert next to Wang Xiaotian snorted before reaching out to stop the cart.

It was too easy for a cultivator like him to stop something like this.

“Whoosh!” Right when the cart was stopped, the eight men lunged forward at Xiaotian’s group like fierce beasts.

“Rumble!” His experts were pinned to the ground by these men.

“Who the hell are you?!” Xiaotian panicked and instantly wanted to run.

“Boom!” He was pushed down on the ground as well by another newcomer who sat on his body.

“Who are you?!” Xiaotian couldn’t move at all and cried out again.

“Your father.” The person pinning him down laughed and said.

“Bang!” Xiaotian was knocked unconscious along with all of his accompanying experts. In a short time, they were lying flat on the ground.

This development stunned Shi Sou’s group. This guy who came out of nowhere to take down Xiaotian had fled earlier. It was naturally Sheng Laoliu. The other eight men were part of the Hooligan Sect as well. 

Shi Sou’s group was naturally astounded. Remember that Wang Xiaotian was very powerful. He alone could easily destroy their sect but Laoliu knocked him unconscious so quickly. One could easily imagine this guy’s strength.

Earlier, He Chen was even mocking them for being cowards who ran away after a few words exchanged. Now, he was getting cold chills after seeing this display of might.

“Drag them out, they’re dirtying the scenery.” Laoliu told the eight men.

These eight men quickly dragged Xiaotian and his people away to a remote corner before stripping them of all their treasures and money, even their clothes.

This made Shen Xiaoshan blush as she instantly turned her gaze away.

“Haha, sir, these clowns are nothing before you. I’m more than happy to swat the flies away in your stead.” Laoliu grew bolder after seeing a lack of reaction from Li Qiye.

He bowed his head and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye. He was even willing to prostrate, if necessary. Though he was unaware of the guy’s background, he was certain that he had met a master, someone that was much higher than the common ancestors.

This was someone who could blot out the thirteen continents with his palm. Countless existences could only look up at this overlord. This was the reason why Laoliu ran for his life earlier.

However, after carefully thinking about it, if an overlord wanted to kill him, even one hundred lives wouldn’t be enough. The fact that he was still alive meant that the guy had no intention of killing him.

Now, Laoliu was a crafty and intelligent person. Even after the initial offense, the overlord still didn’t kill him. This meant that this overlord didn’t just know his ancestor, they might even be old friends.

That’s why he immediately returned and dealt with Wang Xiaotian in order to curry some favors.

“You are quite smart.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the sycophantic act.

“Ah, this lowly one is foolish and blind. That’s why I offended you earlier, sir.” Laoliu smiled happily, clearly intending on doing some old-fashioned bootlicking.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “What a waste of your great constitution, wasting your time fooling around like this instead of cultivating.”

Laoliu forced a smile after hearing this. He had amazing talents, an incredible bloodline, and a shocking background but he chose against becoming a famous genius.

He snuck out of his sect and loitered around random people from all over the world to do some shady deeds. Of course, this wasn’t to say that he was a bad person. He simply enjoyed the ups and downs of the mundane realm.

“Go, I won’t make it difficult for you.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said flatly: “If I see Qi Gong later, I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“Thank you, sir.” Lao Liu was startled after hearing this and immediately kowtowed. He knew that this was a reward others wouldn’t ever receive.

“Just say the words if you need this lowly one in the future to do anything.” He said.

“You’re a smart one. I’ll let you know when I need you.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.