Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1780

“Little animal, shut your mouth!” A noble character like the prince had never been humiliated before by any cultivator, let alone a mortal.

The furious prince wanted to rush over and kill Li Qiye right now. With his current power, killing a mortal was easier than crushing an ant. However, the experts from the workshop immediately stopped him. They naturally wouldn’t allow for any killing in this place.

Moreover, there was just a betting session earlier between the two of them. Their shop needed to maintain order and protect their customers for their reputation’s sake. If one side were to kill the other after losing under their jurisdiction, who else would dare to come and gamble at their shop in the future?

“Your Highness, please show some respect, no customers shall be harmed at the Stone Workshop.” The experts uttered coldly: “If you want to settle grievances, do it with the betting table!”

The prince was indeed an imperial successor and his brother-in-law was no joke. This was quite a powerful backing but the Stone Workshop was opened by the Jilin Clan. When they dared to open this gambling place, they had no fear of anyone. If the prince kept on being stubborn, they would stop giving him any face.

“Little animal, one more bet?!” The prince’s glared at Li Qiye with his bloodshot eyes.

Everyone understood that he was desperate and caught up in this gambling atmosphere.

“Why not?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You think I’m afraid of a poor tramp like you? Just say the words and I’m in! Only a grandson would be scared!” 

“Good, that’s exactly what I want to hear, there’s no taking it back now, too late for regrets!” The prince laughed and uttered coldly.

“What regrets?” Li Qiye glanced at him with contempt: “Why would I change my mind? I’m more afraid that you won’t bet again since you have nothing now, what will you take out to bet?”

The prince was livid after hearing this. It wasn’t only because Li Qiye called him a poor tramp but more because he was pouring salt on the wound.

Normally, he could call for rains and winds whenever he wanted. Money was never an issue but now, he had lost everything. Li Qiye has exposed his scar again and left him embarrassed.

“We bet with our life! Do you dare?!” Anger rushed to his brain as he cried out.

He loved his life more than anyone else but after losing everything, he let caution go with the winds.

“Why not, I’ve been betting it the whole time. Speak, how do you want to do this? I’ll indulge you.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

The prince was stunned to hear the quick agreement. He assumed that the mortal would call it quits after winning three times in a row.

In this blink of an eye, he became clear-headed again and found this was very unwise. However, he had spoken earlier and couldn’t take back his words or he would have no place to stay at Pure.

“So be it!” He clenched his teeth as his head became hot again, no longer caring about anything.

“Then what kind of bet? We’ll settle this today.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

The cultivators here exchanged glances at this life bet. Meanwhile, the workshop had no reaction. This had happened a lot during big bets that would eventually escalate to this level when the two sides hated each other.

The prince came up with an idea and smiled coldly: “Since this is the Stone Workshop, we’ll still bet with dao fetuses. We each grab one and test our control over them.”

“I won’t bully you, we won’t be using chaos and primordial energies so it has nothing to do with cultivation. Use our will to control and use the dao fetuses to fight each other. Crush the opponent’s fetus and win! See, I’m not picking on a mortal like you, this is only a test of the dao heart.” The prince sneered.

The listeners were surprised. Dao fetuses were born in places where the heaven and earth came together and seemingly had their own sentience. Before fusing it with metals to create a weapon, a mortal could indeed use their will to control a fetus.

However, this was all in theory. A will that could control fetus needed to be extremely powerful and required an immovable dao heart. Just imagine, this was a mortal who had never cultivated a merit law before. Even if he did, he was still only at the Dao Dust realm, an insignificant being. How firm could his dao heart be?

In their opinion, Li Qiye simply couldn’t control a dao fetus. Hypothetically, even if he could, the gap between him and the prince was too great. The prince was powerful and had cultivated imperial laws since youth so his will was much stronger.

He could easily defeat Li Qiye even without utilizing chaos and primordial energies.

All eyes darted towards Li Qiye. People wondered whether he would take up the challenge or not because even a fool could see that accepting was suicidal. 

Shen Xiaoshan was afraid that Li Qiye didn’t understand cultivation too well and pulled on his sleeve: “Young Master, he’s a master, you won’t be able to beat him so don’t do it.”

“What now? You don’t dare to take the bet?” The prince’s tone deepened: “Who was it earlier that said they would take up any bet? Can’t change your mind now!”

Some among the crowd shook their head after realizing the prince’s murderous intention. However, it would be an unhonorable victory. He said that he wasn’t bullying Li Qiye but he had the absolute advantage in this bet.

However, Li Qiye was the one who arrogantly proclaimed that he would accept all bets. There was no reneging at the betting table. Even if Li Qiye didn’t want to do it and the prince were to spare him just once, he still had to pay a great price.

“Why wouldn’t I? I never say no to a bet, if you want to bet on controlling dao fetus, so be it.” Li Qiye grinned at this point.

This answer astounded the crowd. They felt that he was simply insane and aimless, walking straight to his death.

“Winning three times has made him complacent, he’s suiciding now.” An older expect gently shook his head while thinking that Li Qiye has fallen into the biggest taboo of a gambler.

Contrary to the crowd’s belief, Li Qiye was growing tired of this play and a minor character like the prince.

“Okay, cool enough, let’s get started then.” The prince clapped, elated that it was time for payback.

He wanted to get everything back from Li Qiye. First, he would slowly torture him until the guy wanted nothing more than the sweet release of death and willing to give everything back, all the treasures and chaos stones.

At that point, no one would be able to stop him because the mortal’s life was already his. He could do whatever he wanted. These thoughts made him laugh to his heart’s content. 

“This one.” Meanwhile, Li Qiye casually picked a White Adornment fetus.

This stunned the crowd completely. Li Qiye had more than enough chaos stones and could pick a better one for the bet. But now, he only picked one of the white grade to the astonishment of everyone.

1. It’s one of those memes/jokes that doesn’t translate as well, similar to father and grandfather jokes. The closest thing is calling people nephews nowadays, especially after they say something ridiculous on R/NBA