Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1782

A mortal challenging Heavenly Phoenix as if it was nothing? The crowd started to wonder about the identity of this mortal.

“You!” The prince thought that he could intimidate Li Qiye but he was sorely mistaken.

“It is time for you to fulfill your betting obligation.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

The prince’s expression became quite unsightly after being forced to the edge: “Mortal, think again! My brother-in-law will be a Heaven Emperor. When he makes his debut, the world will heed his call. If you touch a hair of mine, my brother-in-law will massacre your hundred races!”

The prince’s action earned him disdain from the crowd. However, many in the vicinity still shuddered when he brought up his brother-in-law.

Jin Ge of the War-Monarch Clan was a potential future emperor. His name instilled fear in all of Pure or even the thirteen continents. In the previous generation, he could have become one.

He proved his grand dao even before Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor. Moreover, his fame and prestige were much greater as well, earning him many supporters.

Alas, when he was trying to shoulder the Heaven’s Will, members of the hundred races ambushed him so he lost the chance. The furious candidate killed many ancestors and powerful enemies before coming out unscathed through waves of assaults.

After the first failure, he returned to the War-Monarch Clan for isolated cultivation, biding his time for the next.

Many still believe that he would find success the next time and that he was the closest being to an emperor at the moment. His existence also boosted the status of Heavenly Phoenix.

That’s the reason why the crowd took a deep breath when his name was brought up by the prince.

“No idea who that is. I don’t know every random dog or cat frolicking on the street.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively.

“Little animal, you’re dead for publicly talking about my brother-in-law like that?!” The prince grasped this chance to change the topic.

“No big deal, hurry up and kill yourself, or must I do it myself?” Li Qiye leisurely said.

The crowd was stupefied at his attitude, not caring about Jin Ge at all in Pure.

“Yeah! Why are you talking about matters outside of the bet?! I, Laoliu, look down on people who won’t pay up the most! If you’re a man, honor your bet after losing! If everyone reneges after losing, what’s the point of coming here to gamble, just go home and take care of your kids instead! In my opinion, we might as well close the workshop now if people can just do this, am I right, everyone?”

Sheng Laoliu from the Hooligan Sect was in the crowd and attacking the prince. Who knows how long he had been there but the guy had been observing the situation the entire time.

“That’s right!” Many cultivators nodded in agreement. Even a king quietly stated: “If there is no guarantee of people paying up, how can we dare to come here again? What if the opponent will just renege?”

“Yes, there needs to be an enforcement of sorts.” A different gambler chimed in.

They didn’t dare to provoke Heavenly Phoenix and Jin Ge. However, this was a good chance to pressure the Stone Workshop because this incident could set a terrible precedent for the gamblers here.

It was up to the workshop to maintain an honorable result for the sake of their customers.

“Your Highness, you need to reconsider.” An expert from the workshop reminded the prince with a serious tone under the egging of the crowd. Even if they didn’t push him towards his death, they must not allow him to leave.

Gambling was their most profitable endeavor. If they couldn’t do this, then no need to do business in the future. No one else would dare to come here and play.

The prince was livid after hearing this but he couldn’t threaten the workshop like he did Li Qiye. The Jilin Clan wasn’t afraid of him.

“Fine, I’ve lost. My life is right here, come and take it if you can.” He made up his mind and uttered coldly.

He knew that the workshop wouldn’t let him leave so easily so he no longer gave a damn.

“Buzz!” His vitality erupted with chaos and primordial powers surrounding him. Anyone who approached would be suppressed by these origin forces.

“I’m waiting right here, come take my life! If you can’t, then it’s your own fault for being weak!” The prince shamelessly stated, ready to play dirty.

In spite of the despicable nature of the move, it made some sense. He was staying right there and if Li Qiye wanted his life, he must go get it.

Attention shifted toward Li Qiye. The prince was quite powerful so a mortal like him shouldn’t be able to touch the guy. His three followers were also only weaklings, no chance of beating a real expert.

“Hahaha, I’m carrying out my end of the bet right now, don’t blame me because you’re not capable of taking it.” The prince smiled deviously.

People spurned this choice but there was nothing they could do since he chose life over face.

“Boom!” As the prince was quite high on himself, someone pushed him down to the ground and immobilized him.

“What, what are you doing?!” The shocked prince struggled but he found his body not answering his call. His cultivation has been suppressed and this scared the soul out of his body. He was considered a young genius so this instant submission proved the strength of his enemy.

“I hate spoiled children the most.” Laoliu smiled and dropped the prince on the betting table.

“Who the hell are you?! I’m the Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince!’ The prince screamed out his identity.

“I know but I’ll pretend otherwise.” The old man smirked before telling Li Qiye: “Sir, his life is right here, go ahead and take it.”

The crowd was pleased with this development since they didn’t like the prince at all. The prince got what he deserved after trying to renege on the bet. Li Qiye casually took out a sword and came over: “Time for me to take what is mine.”

“You, don’t be crazy!” The glint of the sword horrified the prince. He felt death approaching and even his identity couldn’t save him this time.

“Just, just name the price, I’ll listen to anything, treasures or money! Whatever you want!” The prince abandoned both pride and face to beg.

“I only want your dog life. Where do you want me to start?” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

The cold blade made the prince wet his pants. He cried out at this moment of life and death: “You can’t kill me! My brother-in-law is Jin Ge, my sister has a peerless bloodline, kill, kill me and there will be no place for you in the thirteen continents…”

“Pluff!” Li Qiye pierced his body before he could finish speaking. Blood spurted out as he was nailed to the table.

His eyes were wide open with disbelief and unwillingness. Not even in death did he expect to die in the hands of a mortal in such a helpless manner.

His blood stained the table and silenced the crowd.

At his power level, as long as his true fate was around, this thrust shouldn’t have been able to kill him. Unfortunately, Laoliu had sealed his true fate so Li Qiye was able to instantly take care of him.