Chapter 179: Slay Genius (1)

Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye at the flying battleaxe attacking him. He lifted one leg up and stomped dowm directly.

“Bang!” The battleaxe immediately disintegrated from his one stomp. It simply couldn’t withstand the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. Even as a Royal Noble weapon, fragmentation was unavoidable. A stomp from the air directly pressed down on Saint Child Qishan.

A loud “Bang” exploded. Despite Saint Child Qishan performing his techniques along with all of his killing methods, Li Qiye still only stomped with one foot. All of the universal laws were annihilated under one stomp, and powerful merit laws could not handle the suppression of the heaviest physique in the world! Saint Child Qishan dived to the ground under this one heavy kick.

“Crack crack.” The sounds of bones breaking appear as blood painted the soil red. Under one kick, Saint Child Qishan’s countless bones shattered and crazily sprayed out blood.

The sound of broken bones was piercingly deafening giving others the chills and felt their scalps tingling.

“Little child, you dare!” Seeing their young lord trampled underneath Li Qiye’s foot, the three Royal Noble let out a loud roar and spat out three Ancient Saint Life Treasures to kill Li Qiye in the air.

“Kill them all.” Li Qiye only coldly glanced at the three Royal Nobles and slowly spoke.

In the blink of an eye, Li Shuangyan maneuvered with her untouchable and impervious Void Imperfection Physique. As the sacred supreme lotus ignited, she took one step forward and the three Ancient Saint Life Treasures under Li Shuangyan’s feet immediately skidded flying away, as if they were a heavy flowing current meeting an underground boulder, avoidance and divergence were the only two options, and they fundamentally couldn’t hit Li Shuangyan.

For Li Shuangyan’s achieving the Void Imperfection Physique, Ancient Saint Life Treasures were already too weak.

“Pfufff…” The Yin and Yang activated as Li Shuangyan took out her Six Dao Sword. One sword turned into the Six Dao Formation under the nine heavens. Under this one peerless sword formation formed by the Yin and Yang, it melted the heaven and earth. The six dao sometimes together and sometimes apart among a mysterious patterns of transformations. Under one sword, a brilliance pierced the sky as a darkness began to encompass the earth. Extreme Yang and extreme Yin were absolutely never harmonious yet at this moment, the two sword intents were blending together.

Under this one sword, the heaven and earth were refined and the gods had to retreat! One sword turning into a formation was an extremely terrifying blow.

Six Dao Yin Yang Sword Formation was a supreme murderous technique created Li Shuangyan from being enlightened with the Six Dao Sword.

“Ahh…” The suddenly silenced Royal Nobles with their eyes wide open had blood spurting from their necks as their heads roll down to the ground for a very far distance. One sword slayed three Nobles, Li Shuangyan made this move with an expression resembling the soft breezes and gentle clouds!

Back then at the Evil Infested Ridge, Li Shuangyan single-handedly resisted all the Royal Nobles. Today, not to mention her Void Imperfection Physique becoming more powerful, her Six Dao Sword was a treasure feared even by the gods. One sword slashing downward to massacre three Royal Nobles, this was an easy matter.

Suddenly, the scene was completely still. All the cultivators present gasped in surprise while the young talents who were talking in high spirit earlier had the creeps as cold sweats poured all over their bodies.

One sword killing three Nobles, this battle record was absolutely a heaven defying matter in the young generation. Whoever is considered the number one genius of the Grand Middle Territory would definitely not exceed this.

Li Qiye with one foot stomping on Saint Child Qishan’s chest. At this moment, his chest had collapsed completely as he was painted by blood.

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “How will you choose your death here?”

“You, you, you, my, my Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground will never forgive you!” At this time, Saint Child Qishan was already scared out of his wits and screamed loudly.
“Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground? What the hell is that? Never heard of it!” Li Qiye calmly said.

Finished speaking, he slowly pressed down with his leg on top of Qishan’s chest. The sound of bone cracking appeared, and whatever bones remaining of Saint Child Qishan began to crumble.

Saint Child Qishan bellowed pathetically and shrilly screamed: “Sheng, brother Sheng Tian, save me-”

“Li Qiye, don’t be insane!” At this very moment, a cold shout rang, and a sword slashed down from the sky straight towards Li Qiye. This sword sweeping across wedging the underworld with a flowing sword intent capable of splitting Li Qiye in halves!

Li Qiye didn’t even give a single glance, Li Shuangyan in an instant cross-stepped forward with her Six Dao Sword in the air. “Clang.” The incoming sword could not compete with the Six Dao Sword and was struck flying away.

“Hmph-” A thunderous snort came out as Dao Child Sheng Tian stepped forward with a magnificent presence. On his sides were numerous young talents, they were a few Saint Childs and Princes of the sacred grounds and countries in the Grand Middle Territory.

“Grand Middle Territory’s generational genius, only mediocre like this. After one year, still a weak Fate Destroying Noble like this!” Li Shuangyan was extremely domineering with her arrogant snowing apricot expression.

Fate Destroying Noble! Countless cultivators secretly gasped in astonishment hearing about this level, even previous generation cultivators were marveled as well.

To be bestowed the Royal Noble title, one had to be of the Mysterious Fate realm. Cultivators of this realm were commonly referred to as Royal nobless with four levels that were divided into four nobles, from lowest to highest: New Noble, King Noble, Rebelling Noble, Fate Destroying Noble.

In today’s world, even when the Difficult Dao Era was over, but reaching the Fate Destroying Noble at such a young age was absolutely a frightening matter. If one couldn’t be considered a genius when reaching this level at age, then there wouldn’t be any geniuses.

However, Dao Child Sheng Tian as a Fate Rebelling Noble was looked down by Li Shuangyan like this, this was a heaven piercing dominant.

“Long Xiangtian, despicable lowlife!” Seeing Dao Child Sheng Tian, Chen Baojiao angrily exclaimed! At this moment, even a fool would know that Dao Child Sheng Tian was behind the whole thing.
On the other hand, seeing Chen Baojiao, Dao Child Sheng Tian’s gaze became cold and heavily snorted as his eyes exuded a chilling light.

“Hey, brother Sheng Tian, isn’t this the woman who wanted to marry you?” Right at this time, a young talent next to Dao Child Sheng Tian wanted to earn his favor, and asked in a sarcastic manner.

“Only a shameless woman forsaken by me.” Dao Child Sheng Tian coldly answered with an emotionless countenance. A monstrous killing intent was brewing in his heart! This was originally a woman he liked as well as his fiancee, yet she rather betrayed the sect than to marry him, then followed a nobody. His heart was furiously burning with jealousy, and wanted to kill the these two male and female dogs immediately!

This young talent spoke again with a strange voice: “Brother Sheng Tian shouldn’t show mercy, this type of shameless woman is unworthy of brother. Hmph, this shameless woman could only seduce some savage husbands…”

“Kill him-” Li Qiye slowly spoke.

“Zhanggg—” Li Qiye’s words had not ended but a sword already appeared. The moment this sword fell down, a human head went flying. It still had its mouth opened wanting to talk, then it wanted to scream as it saw its body, but the scream did not come out. Once the head rolled for a very far distance, blood finally started to spurt and the body fell straight down.

“You-” Dao Child Sheng Tian was shocked, everything happened so fast, even he couldn’t make rescue him in time.

“Sheng, Brother Sheng Tian, help me…” At this point, Saint Child Qishan stepped on by Li Qiye only had one remaining breath, and bellowed out a cry for help.

“Little brat Li, spare him, and I will spare you from death!” Dao Child Sheng Tian stepped forward and unleashed his undulating royal presence, like a Qilin stomping the ground. Even the Ancient Street trembled a little bit.

“With just you!?” Li Shuangyan’s overwhelming domination stood blocking in front of Dao Child Sheng Tian while holding her sword horizontally across the heaven with an arrogant snowing apricot expression.

Dao Child Sheng Tian’s face was extremely hard to look at as he gazed at Li Qiye and coldly said: “Little Brat Li, a man must come out and fight his own battle, don’t hide behind a woman.”

“Come out and fight my own battle?” Li Qiye smiled and stomped down. A snapping sound resonated as Saint Child Qishan’s head was crushed by one foot and was too late to even scream.

“You-” Dao Child Sheng Tian’s gaze was ferocious with anger and it suddenly turned into two strands of killing swords and slashed towards Li Qiye. Li Shuangyan swung her sword horizontally and “Clang”, cutting down the two sword edges.

“Li Shuangyan, do you want to fight?” Dao Child Sheng Tian was livid. “Boom”, in an instant, a Virtuous Paragon aura rushed out of his body and slightly swept through the entire Ancient Street, emotionally moving many cultivators.

At this time, everyone here knew that there was a Virtuous Paragon treasure on Dao Child Sheng Tian’s body. Whether it was a Life Treasure or True Treasure, this was unknown. No wonder why Dao Child Sheng Tian was so full of confidence.

“We shall fight then!” Li Shuangyan was still completely domineering. Even if Dao Child Sheng Tian was wielding a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure, she was not afraid. The Six Dao Sword in her hand was countless times stronger than a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure!

The two sides waging against each other was a scene causing astonishment to many cultivators. A geniuses’ showdown was definitely full of arrogance.

“Little sister, you cannot recklessly fight.” Leng Chengfeng appeared out of nowhere and gravely said: “Our Nine Saint Demon Gate cannot create animosity with the Heavenly God Sect! Little sister cannot ruin the friendship between the two sects. If the elders’ punishment comes down, little sister won’t be able to bear it.”

“My business, doesn’t need advices from older brother Leng.” In this moment, Li Shuangyan already lost her patience with Leng Chengfeng, and coldly responded.

Li Shuangyan’s words made Leng Chengfeng’s expression sank, causing his heart to be filled with jealous animosity, and suddenly glared at Li Qiye.

“Hmph…” But at this time, a thunderous scowl appeared as an old man approached. This was the Nine Saint Demon Gate Lei She.

When Lei She stepped on the stage, many cultivators watching on the sidelines were surprised. One person even quietly spoke: “Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Supreme Elder, Eight Celestial Ancient Saint!”

Seeing Lei She, Dao Child Sheng Tian sneered and said: “Elder Lei, this is not my Heavenly God Sect wanting to become enemy with your Nine Saint Demon Gate, but this is your Nine Saint Demon Gate being disrespectful to my Heavenly God Sect! If my Heavenly God Sect declares war on your Nine Saint Demon Gate, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

“Shuangyan, back down for me, how is this acceptable in any way!” Lei She coldly shouted: “Big matters for our sect, how could a junior like you take charge. If you ruin the sect’s grand matter, I will capture you for questioning. The matter today, you go apologize to Dao friend Sheng Tian!”