Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1811

Nightfall Immortal Monarch was one step away from being a top emperor. However, in the eyes of the inhabitants of the thirteen continents, having eleven wills was already a top emperor in some sense.

She was indeed a bit weaker compared to Purewood, Origin, and World Emperor since they had twelve wills.

But remember, only nine people in history had twelve wills. Only four were still alive right now. Moreover, these four virtually never appeared again so the world wouldn’t be able to see them. There was no way for them to hide from the Heavenly Execution. The moment their real body came out, the probability of the execution descending was immense.

This was the reason why those with eleven wills were considered the strongest emperors in the world, in a certain sense. That’s why Nighfall was able to elevate her clan’s position in Pure.

The strongest imperial lineage in Pure was the War-Monarch Clan but even their progenitor, War Monarch Heaven Emperor, only had eleven palaces and ten wills.

Just imagine, Nightfall was even more powerful than War Monarch who had countless war accolades. There was even a time when he gave orders to the rest of the world. From this, one could see Nightfall’s status, being even stronger than War Monarch.

When Nightfall was in charge of the Jilin Clan, the War-Monarch Clan with four emperors, Heavensearch Sect with four as well, and Dragon Citadel all played nice.

Even though these sects had surviving emperors, dragons still had to coil and tigers had to lie down on their stomach before Nightfall!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was completely unstoppable when the peak emperors didn’t come out.

Even though there hasn’t been any news of her, her prestige was still present at the clan.

When Li Qiye and the group go there and saw the place full of imperial aura, Li Qiye gently sighed and said: “Nightfall Immortal Monarch.”

The past couldn’t be gazed upon again. Li Qiye didn’t experience the sixth expedition or sent the group away, but he didn’t want to do it either. There were too many familiar faces and people he didn’t wish to lose on that journey. It left him with a heavy heart.

“Jilin Clan.” He Chen was too excited at this visit. He had dreamed of this in the past but he knew it was impossible. But now, the clan was right in front of him.

The clan was situated inside Jilin City but it was also not part of it. The entire clan was built up high in the sky.

Jilin City was extremely vast and in the center was a high plain. It looked just like a divine mountain.

Just imagine, a thousand mile vast plain that towered all the way to the clouds. This was a magnificent and moving spectacle.

It looked as if someone had used a supreme mean to uproot the entire clan from its foundation. The craft was meticulous so all eight directions were neatly carved.

Thus, the entire clan looked like a kingdom in the heavens. People couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect. Along the cliffs were beautiful stream gurgling down just like true dragons.

One would either fly or use the bridges to reach the clan. There were bridges leading to the clouds all around the plain. Climbing up gave an illusion of ascension.

There were experts guarding all the bridges. Without an invitation, no cultivator could gain access to the clan.

The arrival of Li Qiye’s group caused quite a commotion. It was hard for him to keep a low-profile due to his current notoriety in this region.

He killed Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince and crushed both Li Tianhao and Shen Jinlong. This was enough to make him famous on top of being enemy with three powerful lineages. This was definitely fierce enough. No wonder why he called himself, Fiercest.

“Fiercest is here.” Someone shouted when Li Qiye was outside of the Jilin Clan.

All eyes turned towards him instantly, only to see his leisure stroll.

He was still as leisure and nonchalant as ever despite the massive attention. Meanwhile, Tieshu Weng was nervous and afraid, secretly praying that nothing major will happen.

“He really dares to come here even though both the sun sects said they wanted his life, not caring about the two High Gods. Such courage and decisiveness far surpass his peers.” The experienced leaders from the last generation were both surprised and found it admirable.

Any other young cultivator would have pissed their pants in this situation or ran away long ago unlike Fiercest.

“A new cultivator with only several hundred units of chaos energy yet daring to oppose Southern Sun and Shrouding Sun. That’s quite unbelievable.” Disbelief was a common sentiment among the members of the crowd.

In the beginning, they heard that this person called Fiercest was going against two High Gods. They assumed that it was a supreme genius from a great lineage, not a newly-debuted junior.

They shifted their focus towards his entourage and found that it was made up of nobodies. How could such a person dare to go against the two High Gods? The unaware was simply astounded.

“Ha, you don’t know about it. Weak his cultivation may be but his background can scare you to death. I heard he has a High God protecting him in the shadows. That’s why he wasn’t afraid of anything. Cultivation no longer matters nowadays, a nice upbringing is still the best. That alone will allow you to act however you please.” A cultivator said with a hint of jealousy.

“Oh, I see. A High God protecting him? His background must be great.” The ones who heard this for the first time understood right away.

After seeing Li Qiye’s group, the experts guarding the bridges became austere right away.

He Chen’s face was turning red from excitement while Tieshu Weng’s legs were giving up. He knew that there was a chance of dying after entering but he still took a deep breath since they have gotten so far already.

“May I ask for the reason for your visit?” One expert from Jilin asked.

“The name’s Li Qiye, tell your princess to come and get me.” Li Qiye calmly said.

The disciples guarding the bridge were startled. Wanting their princess to personally see him was quite a domineering request.

Nevertheless, the group here didn’t show any slight. One of them went to report the message.

“That’s some grandstanding.” The spectators didn’t like his choice of words. As members of Jilin, they considered Jilin Princess to be a supreme existence. The young ones especially didn’t like it because she was a goddess in their mind.

“Hmph, too arrogant, not showing the imperial clan any respect at all. He should take a look in the mirror, who the hell is he for the princess to come out and greet him?!” A young expert said with annoyance.

“Right, so what if he has High God protecting him? The Jilin Clan has Immortal Monarchs. Does he think he’s the heaven’s favorite just because he has a High God?” Another chimed in.

In a short time, a dozen youths landed before the bridge from above. The leader was a handsome youth with a stalwart and oppressive aura.

“You must be Fellow Daoist Li.” He smiled and said after seeing Li Qiye.