Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1852

The old woman shuddered and was drenched in cold sweat. She kneeled and asked for forgiveness: “Your Highness, please forgive my short-sightedness. I simply wanted revenge for His Majesty.”

The princess sighed while looking at the old woman: “Rise, you have followed me for so long, it is understandable that you want revenge for Father.”

She stared at the horizon and said helplessly: “I also hate the fact that I can’t avenge them right now!”

“As long as Groom can become a Grand Emperor, all of this will be easily dealt with.” The old woman said.

“That’s all we can do. If Husband can’t become a Grand Emperor, then all will be for naught. Power and fame will turn into smoke. At that point, our kingdom will be ridden with trouble too.” The princess stared austerely at the old woman.

Earlier, the old woman was blinded with hatred but now, she could see the sun hiding behind the receding clouds. After the marriage alliance with the War-Monarch, their kingdom’s status soared. However, they only had one emperor and couldn’t compare to the stronger lineages.

However, this new power and status weren’t won by them personally. It was all because of Jin Ge. If he couldn’t become a Grand Emperor, then they would be assaulted on all sides, maybe even by the War-Monarchs.

“Groom must become a Grand Emperor.” The old woman muttered after understanding the implications. Revenge was not important for all will end if Jin Ge were to fail.

“Yes.” The princess replied: “There can’t be any mistake during this ascension. I won’t allow it and neither will the War-Monarchs. My military power won’t be used for anything outside of this event.”

She was very determined and considered this task to be her number one priority, even over avenging her father.

“I will fully support you.” The old woman said.

The princess nodded: “Mama, you are an influential person in the royal clan so I need you to return to Heavenly Phoenix and take charge. The clan will want revenge after the death of the lord so you need to stop this camp. I don’t want them to cause more trouble before the ascension.”

“I understand and will take care of this for you, Princess.” The old woman said.

“Go tell those Dukes and princes to not mobilize themselves. No one will provoke Li Qiye and especially the Peng Clan without my permission.” She added: “Li Qiye did whatever he wanted back at Jilin, this shows that he has plenty of strength. Those who provoke him will be ruining my important business! As for the Peng, their Star Stomper High God is out now, provoking him is suicidal. Plus, this High God is very influential among the hundred races. We are still a part of the hundred races. Even if we are close to the heaveners now, it doesn’t mean we are opposing the hundred races. Provoking Star Stomper is the same as opposing our own kind. Thus, if any royal member messes with the Peng, do not blame me for being merciless. No need for Star Stomper to do anything, I’ll kill them myself.” 

It was a direct order from the princess, not just a casual comment.

“I’ll make sure to give the order, if any of the brats dares to do anything, I’ll take off their head myself.” The old woman had followed the princess enough to know how serious these direct orders are. She wouldn’t show mercy to any violators, regardless of who they are.

“Go, I hope Heavenly Phoenix can be fine and stop causing trouble. Tell the royal members to stop thinking that they can do whatever they want just because the War-Monarchs are backing us up right now. Kill the violators.” She coldly uttered.

In fact, she was aware of what her father and brother were up to, using the prestige of the War-Monarch Clan to bully others. However, one was a brother that she loved since youth while the other was her father. She couldn’t exactly punish them.

But this was no longer the case. There was no longer anything holding her back from carrying out this iron order!


The Peng Clan was very lively right now. A feast would be putting it mildly; this was a grand celebration. One could hear laughter everywhere with everyone dressing up in jubilation.

The birthday celebration should have ended but the Peng was opening its gate to everyone right now. In the past, they kept a low-profile on this day but now, it was an open entry to all. 

The hundred races sent disciples to this celebration but they were only ordinary members. It was only to show respect towards Star Stomper. This was no longer the case. Big shots from even imperial lineages came with great gifts. Even low-level High Gods personally arrived.

The mansion was engulfed in a festive mood. Not only did their High God return, but they have also taken over the businesses of the Donggong. These were two happy events on the same day.

Meanwhile, Star Stomper ignored the rowdiness of the juniors and didn’t care about the celebration.

Inside the main hall, there were only Li Qiye, Star Stomper, Peng Yi, and Peng Yue. Peng Yue was the strongest ancestor so he naturally could see their forefather. On the other hand, Peng Yi was the current clan master, the future hope of the clan. Thus, he was also eligible to be here.

The two of them were extremely excited. Peng Yue was sentimental - their clan has been in decline for so long. They have finally waited until this day.

As for Peng Yi, he was still giddy. He grew up listening to the tales of his forefather and was the biggest fan. Now, he could actually see his forefather in person. This happiness came too suddenly.

Keep in mind that the previous clan masters couldn’t see the forefather at all. Even Peng Yue couldn’t do so unless the forefather called for him. Peng Yi felt that he was too lucky to be standing here right now.

Li Qiye was sitting on the main seat, symbolizing the greatest status. Both Peng Yue and Peng Yi felt that Li Qiye was too arrogant since their forefather was right here.

But they were preoccupied with glee and came forward to meet their forefather. However, Star Stomper ignored his descendants and stepped closer to bow at Li Qiye: “Your general greets you, Your Excellency. I’m embarrassed for not personally welcoming you even though you are here with your real body.”

Li Qiye smiled and helped him up: “No need for this type of formality between us. Sit, this is your birthday, don’t be so polite.”

The High God couldn’t help but smile: “How can I be at ease now after hearing this, Your Excellency? The fact that you are here to celebrate will make me lose a few years.” 

This was a reasonable take. In the eyes of others, Star Stomper was much older than Li Qiye. The truth was that he was only a junior before Li Qiye. The guy even taught him when he was still a hot-headed youth.

Li Qiye smiled after hearing this. Peng Yi and Peng Yue became slack-jawed and couldn’t calm down at all. They stood there, petrified.

For their clan, Star Stomper was a supreme existence who was looked up by all the descendants. In fact, due to his bloodline and power, he was a pivotal character in all of Pure.

Otherwise, Ren Sheng wouldn’t have personally come to ask for Star Stomper’s help for the ambush against Jin Ge. It wasn’t only because Star Stomper was powerful. It was more that Star Stomper was very influential among the hundred races. Many people would answer his call.

1. The word groom here is one with respect. There isn’t an equivalent in English. Servants would call the groom by this title. I thought about replacing it with Sir since this is usually my go-to for certain honorifics with no direct translation, but it doesn’t fit entirely here

2. Mama is what they call their wet nurse or female caretaker, this is a literal translation. This is one of the reasons why I’m afraid of translating court/political novels. There are so many terms that don’t have a direct translation