Chapter 186 : Old Ghost (2)

A person only had one True Fate, one Life Wheel, one Fate Palace, and will not have two True Fates. Having two True Fates would mean that the person had two lives, two souls — this was an impossible matter.

The Inner Physique was also the same! One person could not have two Inner Physiques; at least, in principle! Of course, principle did not apply to Li Qiye.

As the Life Wheel spun, the blood energy also flowed along with the universal laws surrounding the Inner Physique. Some time had passed and suddenly, the sound “clang, clang, clang” appeared. Strands and strands of universal laws like chains began to weave together, turning into an armor that covered the Inner Physique in a flash!

“Boom,” Li Qiye’s body suddenly shook and it turned into a giant treasure. In a split second, Li Qiye’s Physique became crystal transparent and one could see his muscle fiber, bones, and even his hair cuticles clearly. Even Li Qiye felt the beat of his body, and he took a breath to confirm the feeling.

At this moment, the heart of his Inner Physique blindingly dazzled as visual phenomena emerged one after another. It was like a road leading to a world of treasures, or a path to open a sacred gate.

Surrounding the Inner Physique were different visions, such as the karmic cycle of hell with Godly Devils screaming inside the Nine Underworld Hell, carrying the weight and sin of mortals… No matter which vision it was (Godly Devils, Nine Underworld Hell, and even the karmic cycle), all of them were suppressed under the Inner Physique. Above it was the embodiment of everything in this world. No existence since the start of time could exceed the actuality of this Inner Physique. This was the supreme Inner Physique of the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique.

Li Qiye’s heart was shaken, and he finally opened his eyes. At this time, there were glares of happiness in his eyes as he muttered: “Finally reached minor completion.” At this point, he paused and stared while whispering: “The Minor Tribulation is coming!”

Hell Suppressing Godly Physique! One of the twelve supreme Immortal Physiques. In order to cultivate this supreme art, it was harder than even reaching the sky. The profound truths of this Physique were not easily understood by just anyone. To be enlightened in the secrets of Physiques and reach the culmination of an invincible Immortal Physique was an extremely arduous task.

But to Li Qiye, understanding the mysteriousness of the Physique was not a difficult matter for he had tread further on this road more than anyone else. He personally trained grand completion Immortal Physiques, and not just one. The twelve Immortal Physiques were all researched by him after the millions of years with countless sweat and blood expended.

The only thing he needed was diligence. He had completely grasped the mysteries, now he only needed to courageously walk forward and one day, he will obtain an Immortal Physique.

For the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, there was finally result after his continuous penance. At the moment, it would finally exceed the little completion level once he surpassed the Minor Tribulation. This would be a minor completion Immortal Physique, although it was still a long road before grand completion.

However, a minor completion Immortal Physique carried a different sense of achievement compared to ordinary common sense. Since the immemorial times, minor completion Immortal Physique characters were still frightening. The suppression of these Physiques was enough to horrify any cultivator!

Li Qiye took a deep breath. A minor completion Immortal Physique was an extremely exciting event for any cultivator. Once one reached minor completion, they would be a huge threat even to grand completion Saint Physiques! Even though Li Qiye was happy, he was not overly ecstatic. He took another deep breath and was not in a rush to transcend this Minor Tribulation. He needed to perfectly annihilate this Minor Tribulation in its entirety.

Li Qiye calmly opened his second Fate Palace. Inside was the Dao Bone of Little Silly, basked in the world’s essence along with the essence of life and water of life… At this moment, the Dao Bone was not only crystal bright, but it also emitted waves of circular lights. Deep in these halos were realms with illusory images of treasures. In the middle of these realms was a shadow standing there proudly. With an aura that encompassed all existences while sweeping through the Nine Worlds, this shadow standing there had the presence of a being capable of destroying all worlds and eras.

Feeling this faint pulse, Li Qiye couldn’t help but take a sigh of relief. This was a good piece of news to him; there was still hope for Little Silly…

The Nine Saint Demon Gate did not disappoint Li Qiye. In a short period of time, they had prepared the necessary items.

“Still missing one material.” After handing everything over to Li Qiye, Li Shuangyan looked at the list and said: “We’re missing this thing called Heavenly Ceremonial Pig. This is just a pig, right? Our Nine Saint Demon Gate mobilized all of our manpower, but we weren’t able to find this thing called Heavenly Ceremonial Pig!”

“It’s not too surprising not being able to find it. This thing exists at the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. The people who know this thing is few and far between.” Li Qiye was not surprised and narrowed his eyes, then he told Li Shuangyan: “I know a place that has it. Come, we will go buy one.”

Li Qiye brought Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao out of the small manor and entered the bustling streets once again. He didn’t need so much fanfare to just buy one thing, but Li Qiye brought them on purpose to increase their experience.

On the streets in Ancient Sky City, Li Qiye turned left then right so many times that even Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao next to him were becoming a bit dazed; they almost couldn’t tell North from South.

Although they were traversing through the complex streets of the city along with turning left and right then back and forth, Li Qiye was like a horse carriage treading on a familiar road, causing Chen Baojiao to ask him: “Young Noble had come to Ancient Sky City before?”

Chen Baojiao found it strange that Li Qiye was more familiar with the street, even more than the native inhabitants.

“Calculated with my fingers, so I knew the directions.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

Chen Baojiao snappily glared at her young noble with an endless charm and bewitchment. Such a beautiful and provocative girl — it truly makes the human souls wonder.

Eventually, Li Qiye and the two girls went inside a very narrow street. This alley inside the large Ancient Sky City was like the deepest part of the slums. The four directions were all high walls with ancient pavilions and mysterious palaces, resulting in this small alley to appear especially ominous.

At the end of the alley was a dead end. Not to mention a human figure, but even a ghost shadow would not be found here. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye leading the way, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao would never be able to find a place like this.

At the end of the alley, they saw a small shop with a tattered wooden door. The tattered wooden door was creaking as if it would fall over at any time once a gust of wind blows by.

“Old Ghost Small Shop!” On the small shop was an old and rotten sign, hanging there. This sign had not been swept for who knows how many years as it was covered in spider webs.

Seeing this type of shop made the two, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — as girls — to have a creepy feeling with chills in their backs. It was as if there was really a ghost here.

Li Qiye relaxedly opened the tattered door and entered as the other two also busily followed. They felt that this place was more like a cemetery than a small shop.

The store was very dark. Outside of an old cabinet, there was nothing else. Behind the cabinet was a small door that was as black as ink, leading to an unknown destination.

At this time, there was an old man sitting behind the counter with his eyes closed as if he was sleeping. The old man was extremely thin and had a dried and shriveled body like a corpse. At a glance, people would actually think that it was a dried corpse sitting in this place.

His hair was messy like a chicken nest. Half lying behind the counter, he gave the perception that he was a dead man!

Seeing the owner of this shop, the two girls couldn’t help but look at each other. They felt that this place was too chilly, giving them an uncomfortable vibe. What made them confused was that, would anyone actually come to visit such a remote place?

Li Qiye gently tapped on the counter with his fingers using a slow and long pattern. He kept on tapping like the echos inside a valley.

One did not know how long Li Qiye performed this task, but the old man finally shook his body. The movement of his body was very slow, just like a corpse.

Such an action made the hearts of Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao to be chillingly alarmed. How could this be a living person? This was clearly a dead person that had not moved for hundreds of thousands of years.

Finally, the old man slowly opened his eyes and frightened Chen Baojiao along with Li Shuangyan. His eyes had more white than black. While flashing out a green light, they were just like the eyes of a ghost — truly ghastly!

If Li Qiye didn’t come here, they would have thought that this wasn’t a small shop but a living quarter for ghosts!

“Old Ghost Small Shop, old ghost will service you.” The old man slowly spoke with a deep and long voice. It was like an old ghost from hell, struggling to speak. Such an action made the two girls feel that this man was simply not like the living!

“I want one Heavenly Ceremonial Pig!” Li Qiye leisurely said.

The old man didn’t bother to glance at Li Qiye. He remained stiff and slow while asking: “What item do you want to exchange with?”

“How about an old saga?” Li Qiye also narrowed his eyes looking at this old man.