Chapter 188: Old Ghost’s Small Shop (2)

Everything was recorded in the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon. At this moment, the dan recipes appeared in his mind! One dan recipe after another mixed together repeatedly. He wanted to find the right ingredients within all of these memories to combine with this ancient dan recipe.

As time passed by, Li Qiye unknowingly had bean-sized sweat dripping down from his face.

Chen Baojiao emotionally wanted to wipe his sweat, but Li Shuangyan quickly held her back and gently shook her head, indicating to not disturb him.

A short time later, Li Qiye’s entire body was soaked with sweat as if he was just fished out of water, and his breathing became more and more rapid and loud.

At this time, Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan became worried that Li Qiye was undergoing qi deviation.

Countless medicinal ingredients were being matched in Li Qiye’s head. From testing innumerable herbs and searching for dan recipes with the Alchemy God, Li Qiye’s understanding of medicinal knowledge and his effort to determine this recipe had gone further than anyone.

Today, he exerted all of his capabilities in order to create this legendary ancient dan recipe. This was a supreme dan recipe without peer. Since the ages, people who knew of this dan recipe could not even be counted as a few.

“Fuck…” After a while, Li Qiye shouted and sat straight on the ground.

“Young Noble, are you alright?”

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, frightened, surrounded Li Qiye in a hurry and worriedly asked.

Li Qiye took a long breath as if his air passage was blocked earlier. He then gently waved his sleeve and Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were relieved as they busily wiped his sweat.

After a while, Li Qiye stood up and looked at the old ghost then said, “This dan recipe, I can try to match it, but it is still only the beginning with ingredients. The actual dan refinement has nothing to do with me. You know this dan recipe better than I do, no one can tell if it is true or fake. Whether a dan can come out of this or not, it has always been a secret. I can only guarantee that this mixing of ingredients’ alchemical principle is reasonable!”

The old ghost looked at Li Qiye for a long time and finally nodded his stiff head. “This can do.”

After being taken care of by Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, Li Qiye’s spirits were restored and he was at ease again. He continued with the old ghost, “But, you should know that a Heavenly Ceremonial Pig is not enough to trade for this.”

“Outside of the Heavenly Ceremonial Pig, you can take something else.” The old ghost said slowly, “Your choice. You can take any item here no matter what!”

The old ghost’s words moved Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao. Any single one of the items in this yard was enough to shake the world. Which immortal grasses and treasures weren’t priceless without peers here? Yet this old man said their young noble could take any item from this place!

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and looked at the old man before ultimately calmly saying, “You and me talking about treasures, this looks too coarse. I don’t need any treasure but only need one thing! You will owe me a debt!”

The old man’s eyes flashed a green light having heard Li Qiye. He stared at Li Qiye without saying anything.

After a long time, he finally slowly spoke looking at Li Qiye, “As long as you are successful, I will owe you a debt!”

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao glanced at each other with a surprised expression. This place had amazing treasures, yet their young nobles didn’t want them but preferred the old man’s debt instead. This matter was unbelievable, how could one favor compare to these amazing treasures? A single favor instead of these world-breaking treasures would be considered crazy in other people’s eyes.

But, they knew clearly that their young noble was absolutely not insane. His foresight and aspiration went farther than anyone!
“Bloody Eyes Golden Snake, take out the eyes for six drops of blood…” At this time, Li Qiye was staring at the blackened concoction in the iron woke and solemnly spoke.

As Li Qiye’s words finished coming out, the old ghost stretched his hand and caught a snake as thick as an arm from a medicinal container. This snake’s entire body was a golden color as if it was cast from pure gold. It had a pair of bloody red veined eyes. When its body coiled, the bloody light threw out two bloody rays resembling an evil god’s blade edge. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao felt greatly alarmed as their bodies went completely cold when met by this red gaze.

This snake was absolutely not a common thing, but definitely a powerful snake king!

The old ghost easily knocked it unconscious after catching it, then took its eyes and dripped six drops of blood into the iron wok. The blackened concoction rolling around immediately sizzled as the first drops of blood were added. A bloody mist emerged in a flash but it was devoured by the concoction as if it was a monster opening its mouth, broiling over and swallowing the bloody mist.

“Silver Frost Flood Dragon, grind the horn and add three parts, hurry!” Watching the concoction swallowing the blood mist, Li Qiye immediately shouted.

The old man moved lightning fast and took out a one hundred zhang long Flood Dragon in the blink of an eye. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but became astonished. This was a Flood Dragon more than one million years old, even a Heavenly Sovereign or Heavenly King would be forced to run away from its sight! But this old ghost’s one claw immediately killed it. He took its horn and grinded it into a powder and sprinkled three parts into the medicinal concoction.

“Graagh…” When the dragon powders fell inside, the darkened concoction became violent like a ferocious dragon and wanted to escape from the iron wok but, no matter how fierce it was, it couldn’t emerged from the iron wok!

At this point, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao realized that this seemingly ordinary iron wok in front of them was a peerless treasure.

The blackened concoction became increasingly incensed until it was enraged to its limit and collided with the iron wok with lightning speed!

“Heavenly Extreme Dark Magnetic Aqua, right at this moment!” When Li Qiye noticed that the blackened concoction’s anger was at its extreme, he immediately shouted.

The old man in a flash took out a mysterious lioquid from a container and poured it on top of the iron wok. The mysterious water acted as a magnet and levitated the darkened concoction firmly right above the wok.

The atmosphere was increasingly tense in the room. Li Qiye stared at the transformations of the darkened concoction without blinking, not letting the slightest change escape his eyes.

After a time, Li Qiye quickly spoke and the old ghost dropped the medicines. Under Li Qiye’s continued instructions, the old ghost took action without any hesitation and his timing and dosage were impeccable as well.

Li Qiye utilized the transformations of the blackened concoction as the proper timing and named a bunch of medicinal ingredients while the old man threw them into the iron wok.

Li Qiye’s expression became more serious with the changes of the concoction and his breathing became more ragged. His clenched fists revealed a nervous expression and, unknowingly, he had sweat dripping down his forehead.

In fact, Li Qiye wasn’t the only one nervous, even the unfathomable character, the old ghost, was tense as his eyes gazed at the concoction in the iron wok!

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were also affected and became flustered, their girly souls hanging above their head, and couldn’t help but to grip their white-as-powder hands tightly.

This was their first time seeing their young noble so nervous. They had underwent countless dangers and met many fierce existences and withstood numerous strong winds and tides but their young noble handled them all with ease and calmness but only this time was he apprehensive.

It made them realized that this iron wok’s concoction was absolutely extraordinary. As to what extent, they were not certain of.

After each medicine was added to the iron work, the concoction inside transformed into numerous images. At one time, it soared into a dragon and danced into a blazing phoenix but ended as a frigid glacier….

As more and more raw materials were added, the concoction became increasingly violent as if it had its own awareness and life. It was as if this powerful black concoction could feel its end approaching and fought it. It became even more crazy as it slammed into the iron wok. However, no matter how berserk it became, it could not escape from the iron wok.
At this time, Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan felt that this blackened concoction may not be a cauldron medicine but possibly a treasure or even an extremely supreme and rare existence in this world. As for what it was exactly? They didn’t know.

The addition of herbs was slowing down and coming to an end. At this point, the tension was high enough in the room for even the corpse-like man to have sweats dripping down. This was enough to show just how nervous he was.

“Locking Yin Water!” Finally, Li Qiye thunderously shouted the last ingredient and, in this instant, his heart was hanging high above.

“Boom—” When the Locking Yin Water entered the iron wok, the concoction unleashed a final blow with heavenly momentum to slam into the bottom of the wok. This blow was too powerful and unleashed a frightening presence as if a Heavenly Paragon was striking the heaven. This seemingly invincible blow made them feel as if the entire world would quake.

But, even such a blow was not enough to destroy the unassailable wok.

“Bang—bang–bang..” The concoction struck the iron wok again and again but the strikes were weaker than before. Slowly, it no longer had the heavenly momentum as it became finally weakened.

Until finally, the concoction no longer moved in the iron wok. Instead, it transformed from a pitch black tar to slowly become a radiating amber color.

At this point, there were only slight breathing as everyone held their breath while staring at the iron wok. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao didn’t know whether it was a success but they knew it had finally ended.