Chapter 190: Honoring the Ancestors (2)

Niu Feng along with Shi Gangdang didn’t dare to linger around and immediately went to carry out the order!

Hearing about going to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, the juniors were excited and Nan Huairen couldn’t help but asked: “Hehe, Older Brother, are you bringing us along as well?”

Li Qiye looked at him once, then shook his head to answer: “Not this time. This time I want to meet Earth Immortals. Your experiences are far from enough, and could reveal our tricks at any time!”

Hearing this, even Tu Buyu was surprised and Nan Huairen those juniors no longer dare to ask about coming along anymore.

“Without my presence, I leave these brats to you.” In the end, Li Qiye looked at Tu Buyu and said.

“Older Brother can rest assured, I will watch over them.” Tu Buyu cheerfully smiled.

After sending away all the juniors, Li Qiye called for Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan to enter the room, then he took out the bottle of blood belonging to the young girl next to Old Alchemist Su Xiu.

“I’ll pass a cheating method to you. Tomorrow you drip this blood into the middle of your eyebrows and make sure it flows beneath your skin layer to turn your bloodline into someone else’s. At least it would create such an illusion.” Li Qiye gave the bottle of blood to Li Shuangyan and taught her the method.

“This is using a fake bloodline to trick the Earth Immortals!” Li Shuangyan was not aloof. After hearing, she exclaimed emotionally.

Li Qiye then smiled and replied: “You guessed right.” Then he went on to instruct Chen Baojiao: “Tomorrow, you pretend to be Shuangyan’s servant. In short, at that time just listen to me about everything and perform this play well with me!”

The next day, Li Qiye dressed everyone including himself into white outfits, and the five of them looked like they were going to honor their predecessors’ graves.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye also mixed the two Heavenly Ceremonial Soup containers into one pot and placed it on the table filled with ceremonial objects and let Niu Fen along with Shi Gangdang carry it.

Afterward, Li Qiye let Li Shuangyan carry the piece of tile bought from Old Alchemist Su Xiu with two hands and told her: “Now you are the female disciple of that Old Alchemist Su Xiu, Wu Binglan. You are the descendant of the Wu Clan with the blood of the Martial(Wu) God running through you. As for me ah, I am the live-in husband of the Wu Clan, understand?”

This explanation was strange, but Li Shuangyan still memorized Li Qiye’s words.

Just like this, the honoring group of Li Qiye finally went on the road. Hearing that the group of Li Qiye wanting to go to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Supreme Elder Chi Yun was quite surprised.

“Don’t worry, we will quickly come back when the Underworld Boats appear. If the old men from War God Temple came early, then just tell them to wait.” Li Qiye told Chi Yun in the end.

The rendered Chi Yun silent. How great were the elders from the War God Temple? Not to mention him, even his Older Brother Jian didn’t dare to linger when greeting the War God Temple’s elders, but Li Qiye just placed them to the sideline.

Standing at the border of the burial ground, Li Qiye gave the group of Li Shuangyan one fragrance sachet each then spoke: “This is a corpse energy expelling medicinal powder. Wear it at the waist and do not lose it. This is an extremely valuable item. With it, even if you enter Earth Immortals’ sites, you wouldn’t be infected by the corpse energy!”

This is a wonderful medicine refined by Li Qiye earlier. In order to make this cauldron, the Nine Saint Demon Gate paid a huge price to buy all the medicinal ingredients that Li Qiye needed. If it wasn’t Li Qiye, then the gate would absolutely not have spent an arm and a leg like this.

Li Shuangyan’s group quickly wore the sachets on their waists. The moment they placed them there, the sachets exuded waves after waves of medicinal scents.

They then entered the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground with Li Qiye leading the way while Li Shuangyan carried the tile respectfully with both hands, followed by Chen Baojiao then Shi Gangdang and Niu Fen carrying the ceremonial offerings.
While inside, Li Qiye was dropping down yellow papers every once in awhile along the way inside the burial ground with a particular order.

But even so, there were still Earth Corpses slowly standing up and crawling out from their nests when the group were inside.

It seemed that these Earth Corpses had the abilities to discern that since Li Qiye and others had the white silk robes on with ceremonial offerings with money dropping along the way, they chose not to attack Li Qiye.

But these numerous Earth Corpses did not leave and chose to slowly followed Li Qiye, and there were more and more of them as they penetrated the depth of the burial ground. These were more powerful Earth Corpses later on as well, including Heavenly Sovereign Earth Corpses!

Seeing the stream of Earth Corpses following behind them exuding rolling corpse energies left the group of Li Shuangyan to have the chills all over their bodies. But these corpse energies were negated by the medicinal scents so Li Shuangyan’s group could heave a sigh of relief.

But in finally, one Earth Corpse suddenly made circles around and completely stopped Li Qiye’s path. With such a powerful Earth Corpse blocking the way, the others all mobbed them as well.

In just a moment, the group of Li Qiye were surrounded by Earth Corpses. Even Niu Fen was shivering with a ferocious gaze seeing this entrapment.

However, Li Qiye stood forward while shaking his head and channeled his voice to loudly shout: “Grand Middle Territory, Sacred Wu Clan, 637th descendant remembers the powerful awe-inspiring wind of the ancestor and commemorates the ancestor’s great merits! Today, I am bringing my family and servants with offerings to worship the Mysterious Dragon Cave of the Martial God, the Sacred Wu Clan’s Progenitor, and also worshiping the Coiling Dragon Mountain Lord, the Wu Clan’s second ancestor! My ancestor is an Immortal Earth in this place, please forgive and let their descendants pass! All saints please give way…”

At this time, countless Earth Corpses gazed intensely at their group without any action with their eyes glowing red.

“My ancestor, the Mysterious Dragon Cave’s Martial God, was bestowed this eaves-tile by Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, this is our family heirloom to prove our blood lineage…” Li Qiye roared with a completely serious expression. Other people who didn’t know him would actually thought that he was a ceremonial priest!

Under Li Qiye’s signal, Li Shuangyan slowly raised the tile up with her two hands. Right at this second, every Earth Corpses were staring at this tile up high.

In just a flash, the atmosphere froze. No matter whether it was Shi Gangdang or Niu Fen, they both held their breath. Once the situation deteriorated, they would immediately kill out of this entrapment!

This solemn and volatile atmosphere lasted for a while before many Earth Corpse finally slowly receded back to their lairs.

Seeing this scene, the group of Li Shuangyan could finally breath easy. This matter was too strange, and no one would believe even if they’re told.

After the departure of the Earth Corpses, Li Shuangyan quietly asked: “Mysterious Dragon Cave’s Martial God? Coiling Dragon Mountain’s Lord?” She had never heard of these titles.

“There are four essential things in worshiping the ancestors. First one is an ancestral item, second is the ancestor’s title, third is the ceremonial offerings, and fourth is the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup!” Li Qiye spoke in a low voice.

“Ancestor’s title is the ancestor’s name after being buried here and becoming an Earth Immortal. They have their own Dragon Vein and become kings there! The person worshipping must report the ancestors’ names here, otherwise they would not be allowed in if these ancestors do not exist. It was fortunate that they are still here!” Li Qiye softly spoke.

The numbers of Earth Corpses and coffins increased as the group went deeper into the burial ground. It was indeed worthy of being the defining place to bury the dead. In this place, countless geniuses and incomparable characters were put to rest here.

However, the moment they entered the Earth Immortals’ territories, there were fewer sights of Earth Corpses and coffins. There were a few mountain ranges without even one Earth Corpse present. The mountains in the Earth Immortal’s territories were extremely huge stretching for an endless length!

This place gave the feeling that the world they were in had change with boundless majestic mountains and rivers with godly hymns chiming above. The immortal’s mountains reached the clouds while the bigger ones had the sun, moon, and stars surrounding them. One particular sacred peak pillared as if it was the center of the sky itself.

Among this heaven and earth, there were bountiful godly ores and treasure metals shining their brilliances inside the treasure trees. In the rivers, one could even see Flood Dragons diving underneath!
Here, there were mountain ranges like the swimming dragons. Here, there were gigantic mountains resembling resting fierce lions. Here, there were sacred peaks like the soaring phoenixes. The scene was extremely magnificent, rendering any spectators to be marveled in this beautiful land embodied by mountains and rivers, the land of the dragons!

No wonder why there were so many invincible existences who willingly buried themselves in this place since the eternal dawn. Even if these Dragon Veins could not give rise to a rebirth, but they were still great places for ones’ finales!

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were astonished by this endless scene. They couldn’t help but became emotional by the place of Earth Immortals. Any person after death would be willing to bury themselves in this place. They initially thought that this place would be similar to the other locations with countless Earth Corpses and their corpse energies. But at this moment, they couldn’t believe that this was still the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, not a land of the gods.

“Why are there no Earth Corpses here?” Chen Baojiao was surprised by this. The land of the Earth Immortals did not have many Earth Corpses, and the few present were all hiding without showing themselves.

“This is the Earth Immortals’ Territory.” Li Qiye then replied: “Here is where the Dragon Veins intertwine. It is the final destination of a supreme magical land, not comparable to the Feng Shui Treasure Ground. The Earth Immortals naturally would not share such a good place like this with the Earth Corpses. Treasure Lords cannot control Earth Corpses, but Earth Immortals are capable of such a deed! Any Earth Corpses that can stay at this place were absolutely unfathomable characters, and could even be invincible existences in the past!”