191: Tricking the Martial God (1)

Li Qiye eventually climbed up a high peak rolling paths ranging for ten thousand miles with the rest of the group. Where they finally stopped, this peak looked like a coiling dragon entrenched in this location.

They then entered a mysterious valley on top of the high peak. Without Li Qiye’s leading the way, the group of Li Shuangyan would not easily be able to find their way through this type of narrow mountain!

There were the sounds of flowing streams inside this valley. The stream cleansed the lava nearby issuing very pleasant noises. This mysterious valley on top of the high peak resembled a Heavenly Grotto giving off a comfortable and fresh sensation once inside.

They then stopped at a nondescript canyon surrounded by lush trees and sweet grasses. There was nothing else in front except a towering cliff at the end. The only thing noticeable about the cliff was that it was extremely smooth!

Li Qiye signaled for Shi Gangdang and Niu Fen to put the ceremonial offerings down, then he began to throw the fake money on the ground and led the way. After making one circle after another with the fake money, Li Qiye like an announcing servant shouted loudly: “Sacred Wu Clan, descendant of the 637th generation, Wu Binglan, bringing along her husband and servants to honor the Sacred Ancestor. Honor to the Sacred Ancestor for obtaining the Coiling Dragon Mountain as your grave and earning the title Coiling Dragon Mountain Lord. We, Wu Clan’s descendants, remember the wise sages and recall the glorious days of our Sacred Ancestor, and couldn’t sleep at night…”

Li Qiye was like an announcer jumping around in circle. He took out a golden bell out of nowhere and started to tap on it creating deep clanking bell sounds as if they were  capable of reaching hell itself.

“Son-in-law Qiye along with my wife Wu Binglan, the 637th descendant of the Wu Clan are here. First we worship the ancient heaven. Second, we worship the nine hells. Third, we worship the Sacred Ancestor…” After finishing his dance, he winked towards Li Shuangyan and bowed down. Li Shuangyan also quickly held the tile up and bowed as well.
The group of Chen Baojiao also bowed down. This type of ceremony gave the group of Shi Gangdang a strange feeling as if they were not worshipping the dead, but were worshipping the devils instead!

After the ceremony was over, Li Qiye burned all the ceremonial offerings on the table. After burning the fake money, Li Qiye opened the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup’s cover and sang: “Our Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor, today is the day when your descendants come to worship and ask the heaven to show us our fates. We offer the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup to the dao, and respectfully beseech for Sacred Ancestor to come out and taste the heavenly soup..”

While the group of Li Shuangyan was creeped out by Li Qiye’s lyrics, an incredible thing happened. A flowing mist rose out of the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup, and these mists were like the immortal curtains draping down or the natural darkness directly communicating with the ravines of hell.

“Zha–zha–zha–” At this point, an unthinkable matter occurred. The smooth cliff ahead slowly splitted open and a coffin slid out from inside. This coffin was extremely finely crafted from godly metals. On top were ancient proses along with eye-catching carved dragons and phoenixes. Anyone who saw it would immediately know that the one buried inside was an unfathomable character.

In the blink of an eye, the coffin opened and a person stepped outside! Even though this was not their first time seeing such a scene, but the group of Chen Baojiao still felt very alarmed.

The person who came out was an old man wearing a royal crown and dragon robe carrying a boundless imperial aura. This person was a supreme ruler reigning over millions of existences.

The old man who came out did not look like a dead person at all, but his eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. This was very similar to the Treasure Lords.

“Wu Clan’s son-in-law along with my wife Wu Binglan, the 637th descendant, is here to honor Sacred Ancestor…” After the old man walked out of the coffin, Li Qiye immediately bent his body down while chanting.

Li Shuangyan also immediately bowed her head along with the others. At this time, the old man gently waved his hand and the tile on Li Shuangyan’s hands appeared on his palm.

The old man gently caressed the eaves-tile. The initially calm expression without any emotions suddenly let out a moving sentiment. Even though his eyes were closed, he lightly touched this tile and murmured: “Wu Clan ah Wu Clan!”

After a while, the old man lifted his head and suddenly opened his eyes letting two bloody lights fall down on Li Shuangyan’s body.

In this very moment, Li Shuangyan’s heart was beating heavily and tense. One had to know that she was a fake Wu Clan’s descendant. Once this second ancestor of the Wu Clan noticed, then their fates were doomed!

Li Shuangyan was not sure at all. This matter of pretending to be of someone else’s bloodline was her first time.

Only Li Qiye was very calm. Other people would actually think that he is really the 637th son-in-law of the Wu Clan just by looking at his demeanor! In reality, Li Qiye didn’t really care at all.

This was not his first time using this deceptive tactic. Unless it was an Immortal Emperor, even an invincible existence would not be able to see through his method.

The old man closed his eyes a moment later and the tile in his hand flew back to Li Shuangyan’s hand as he slowly spoke: “Little one, you don’t have to be afraid. Even though I have been buried here for countless years, but when I was buried, I was still a living person. At this moment, I am still alive.”

The old man’s words relieved Li Shuangyan and she replied quietly: “This is the first time this descendant had came to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, thus there were many unknown things to us. If it wasn’t for my husband who asked for advice from wise teachers to learn the entering method, this descendant wouldn’t have the courage to enter the burial ground.”

Li Shuangyan was a smart person and quickly repeated what Li Qiye taught her to say before hand. Even though these words were taught to her by Li Qiye, but when she said the word “husband”, she couldn’t help but felt her cheeks burning!

The old man nodded his head in agreement and he opened his mouth to suddenly swallow the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup’s floating mists.

The sounds “xsh xsh” rang. The old man sucked in the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup’s hazy energy. At this time, there was a strange phenomenon happening inside the soup pot. There were the sounds of roaring dragons and crowing phoenixes. There were clear and bright scenes of hell with ghosts and ferocious beasts among the waves suffused within the soup as if they were trying to escape… All kind of strange images began to appear.

As the old man swallowed the soup’s energy, it began to change. It used to have red, green, and yellow colors but now it gradually turned into a clear color like water.

Prior to this, there were many items like the dragon breast, chicken feet, turtle penis and even human head… The group of Li Shuangyan didn’t know what these nauseating meat were, but at this moment, everything completely disappeared and there were only clear water inside.

After finished swallowing the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup, the old man clicked his tongue as if he wanted to truly enjoy the aftertaste and then he murmured: “Smoke and fire of the mortal world, devil meats of hell…” Eventually, the old man began to speak: “What are your desires?” At this point, his eyes remained closed.

Now it was Li Qiye’s turn to step out. He bowed and respectfully said: “Time quickly passed by like the sun and the moon. After Sacred Ancestor departed, millions of years had came by. We descendants are incompetent and could not carry the Wu Clan’s glory. Today, the Wu Clan had fallen like the sun set in the western mountain. All of our treasures and merit laws are gone. Your son-in-law along with my wife want to revive the Wu Clan and once again regain our glory. So I and my wife used all of our wealth to ask for wise teachers’ guidance to finally enter the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to meet Sacred Ancestor. We hope that Sacred Ancestor will pity your descendants and reverse the Wu Clan’s declining way. Please guide us towards a bright path, Sacred Ancestor!”

“Time is merciless, and the moon and sun are always changing…”The old man lightly sighed. With his eyes still closed, he finally took out an item from his coffin and gave it to Li Shuangyan, then said: “Go to the Mysterious Dragon Cave to meet the Progenitor. His Venerableness is called Mysterious Dragon Cave’s War God!” After his words came out, he didn’t linger any longer and went back inside the ancient coffin.

“Clang clang clang” sounded followed by a loud bang. The ancient coffin returned to inside the cliff and the splitted cliff combined together again as if nothing had happened.

The group of Li Shuangyan finally took a long breath and didn’t expect for things to go so smoothly like this. Not to mention Li Shuangyan, this was Shi Gangdang and Niu Fen’s first time experiencing such an event.

After the Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor went back to rest, Li Qiye was not in a hurry and continued to slowly burn the fake money. He waited until all the money were burnt before bowing on last time and took the group of Li Shuangyan away.

After leaving the Coiling Dragon Mountain, Li Shuangyan then took out the item given to her by the Sacred Ancestor to Li Qiye.

Everyone looked at it and found that it was a base made out of unknown material. It was extremely heavy with the two words “Tun Ri” carved on top! These two words were extremely domineering with a magnificent and majestic aura. The more frightening part was that it seemed to have an Immortal Emperor presiding inside causing others to fear and worship.

“What is this?” Seeing this thing, everyone was surprised.

“Emperor’s seat! Bestowed by Immortal Emperor Tun Ri.” Li Qiye continued to speak carefully: “This Emperor’s seat and the eaves-tile belong together. When Immortal Emperor Tun Ri was young, he bestowed the Wu Clan’s Progenitor Martial God this tile, because he was young and poor. But later on, after he became an Immortal Emperor, he used this tile to create an Emperor’s seat.” With that, he put the tile on top of the Emperor’s seat, and it immediately exuded a pressing presence letting others know that it was an unmeasurable Emperor’s Possession!

“We need this Emperor’s Possession in its complete version to meet the Wu Clan’s Progenitor Martial God. He is much more powerful and unfathomable compared to his son. He had one hundred generals buried along with him in the Dragon Vein. Without this key, we will not be able to enter the Mysterious Dragon Cave!” Li Qiye leisurely said.

Everyone glanced at each other and realized that this was a multi-layered plan. First they had to fool the Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor, then they would go to trick the Wu Clan’s Progenitor!

“Take out new ceremonial offerings, we will go honor the Progenitor!” Li Qiye commanded the group of Niu Fen.

Li Qiye once again prepared the new offerings and placed each items on top of the table. Finally, Li Qiye took out the last pot of Heavenly Ceremonial Soup and placed it in the middle.