Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1917

“What did they want to do?” Shi Hunlin shuddered and asked: “Was it an attempt to create an entirely new race and life?”

After speaking his mind, he quickly added: “The heaven would never allow such a thing. Life creation would definitely incite a disaster, a tribulation not inferior to the Heavenly Execution.”

He thought about many things at this moment. After all, as a High God, he had contact with many things to broaden his knowledge, unlike weaker beings. Eventually, a dreadful legend came to his mind with questionable authenticity. 

However, he didn’t dare to think or ask more about it since it pertained to too many things, such as the origin, wise sages, and all the races. No race was spared from being involved in this legend.

Thus, he rather feigned ignorance instead of pursuing its validity. He wasn’t the only one in history who chose to do so. Other High Gods and even emperors didn’t want to face it.

As for the juniors present, they didn’t come up with something of this level since it was beyond them at this moment.

“The Forsaken Bloods want to return to their root? What is their goal?” He murmured again.

“Just ignore them.” Li Qiye chuckled: “A few things are beyond anyone’s grasp, especially the monstrous things hiding in the dark.” 

“Rumble!” Suddenly, a large fleet has arrived and also anchored by the cliff.

“The War-Monarch’s fleet, a full branch even, what do they want?” Someone asked in astonishment.

This great fleet was indeed from the War-Monarch Clan, evident by the insignias on the ships.

 Heavenly Phoenix Princess and Jin Ge were standing on one of them. The fleet also had an armored legion within. Each member had an opposing aura, resulting in a flood of steel that could sweep through the world. It was quite mighty.

“This is the great army of the War-Monarch Clan under the princess’ control.” Many were surprised to see this.

Jin Ge’s eyes were as bright as divine lamps. He stared straight at Li Qiye.

“Fellow Daoist Li, I wish to fight you before becoming an emperor. It is time to settle our feud.” Jin Ge declared. Everyone could clearly hear his challenge.

All eyes were on the two since their feud was very well known. The spectators were eager to see a fight already.

“We can do that whenever, no rush.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“I’m afraid that once I become a Grand Emperor, my victory will be a hollow one.” Jin Ge said: “You might have impeccable techniques but once I’m a Grand Emperor, I’m sure I’ll be able to dominate you outside of the Buddhist Plain. You won’t be able to take me on then.”

“Don’t be so sure.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Since you are so confident, then go shoulder the Heaven’s Wills then come and challenge me. Right now, you won’t be able to witness my true invincibility. I am giving you a chance to do so, become an emperor first.”

The crowd gasped after hearing this. Many believed that Jin Ge’s ascension was inevitable. But now, Li Qiye said that only by becoming an emperor would Jin Ge be able to challenge him? That’s some confidence.

Jin Ge fell into a silence as if pondering Li Qiye’s statement. The princess standing next to him grabbed his hand tightly and nodded her head. The two of them didn’t need words; just their gestures alone spoke volume.

“Very well, if Fellow Daoist believes so, then I won’t dare to overestimate myself. Wait until I become an emperor, I will see your invincibility myself.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Li Qiye smiled.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to restrain themselves right now. They had a great army and an amazing backing. There was no need to fear anyone, including an emperor!

Under this absolute advantage and seeing their father and brother’s murderer, anyone else would have commanded the army to attack for vengeance. However, the princess didn’t do so. Despite possessing the military authority, she set her personal hatred to the side and valued her husband’s ascension more.

Even if her husband wanted revenge, she wouldn’t ask him to do so since it was a risk towards his imperial path. Her personal feud was not worth it, in her mind.

“Fellow Daoist, we’ll meet again at the top.” Jin Ge cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and solemnly said.

Li Qiye simply nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Rumble!” The legion on the fleet gathered together and followed Jin Ge into the wildland.

“What are they doing, Jin Ge want to reach the deeper areas?” Some speculated.

No one knew his purpose. Some guessed that he came to find treasures while others thought he wanted to fight.

“He wants to become an emperor.” Li Qiye said while looking at the army.

“What? I haven’t seen the signs of the Heaven’s Wills gathering?” Wu Fengying said. She didn’t notice that her tone had become much gentler.

“Here, one can directly open the heaven, no need for the gathering.” Li Qiye said.

“But it’s so dangerous here, they might lose their entire army.” The princess was puzzled.

This army might seem monstrous but it wasn’t enough to do anything in the ferocious wildland.

“Two reasons.” Li Qiye explained with a smile: “Because he had given up one chance so the second time won’t be easy. He is ambitious enough to want to shoulder four wills at a time. Thus, he requires the help of this place. Secondly, emperors do not want to come into being.”

He stared at the sky and said: “They are all afraid of the Heavenly Execution but that’s not the case in this place. This is why so many emperors gather here.”

“So Jin Ge actually managed to invite his clan’s emperors to be his dao protectors? That’s quite incredible. He’ll be able to do it for sure with their help.” Wu Qi understood and said enviously.

‘These emperors are going all out here in order to help Jin Ge become an emperor.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Given his strength and the protection of his emperors, it would be hard for him not to become one.” Shi Hunlin nodded: “Looks like the only variable is how many wills he’ll get.”

In the thirteen continents, emperors had three chances of shouldering the Heaven’s Wills. Four was the max; this was dependent on their own strength.

Due to the ambush last time robbing Jin Ge of his ascension, both he and the clan were much more prudent this time. Failure was not an option for them because after failing two times, there was essentially no chance for a third.

Because of this, the clan mustered all of its effort to invite their surviving emperors to help Jin Ge. Even though he was a descendant, it wasn’t that easy to ask an emperor to come out. In fact, this was a rare exception. One could only imagine the effort they have spent to do so.