192: Tricking the Martial God (2)

Eventually, Li Qiye had Li Shuangyan carry the Emperor’s seat along with the tile and continued on the road.

In fact, the group of Shi Gangdang along the way felt that the matter was so preposterous in actually fooling an Earth Immortal! Such a thing most likely had never been done before, but today. they actually managed to do it. The whole thing was inconceivable to the utmost!

What gave Shi Gangdang and Niu Fen solace was that they wouldn’t dare to even think about this matter before, but today they had the fortune of actually participating in this historically rare event. They couldn’t help but felt that following Li Qiye was their wisest decision in their entire lives!

Eventually, Li Qiye brought them to a different Dragon Vein that had an even more majestic air than the previous one belonging to the Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor, as if a gigantic dragon was lying on the earth.

Li Qiye easily found the end of this Dragon Vein. This was a deep ravine with a very quiet atmosphere. Outside of the ravine were two giant trees blocking the way together. No one could pass through them!

“Sacred Wu Clan’s 637th descendant, Wu Binglan greets the Wu Clan’s Progenitor, Mysterious Dragon Cave’s Martial Lord!” Li Qiye loudly shouted with a penetrating voice.

At this time, Li Shuangyan under Li Qiye’s signal raised the Emperor’s tiled seat, and gently knocked on where the two giant trees intertwined as if she was knocking on a door.

The two giant trees then mysteriously like two Dragons slowly receded, revealing an old passage in front of everyone.

They filed as a line and came inside to the ravine using the small passage. The first thing they saw once entered rendered the group of Li Shuangyan in shock!

Because there were many coffins lying inside the ravine. Each of them had billowing smokes surrounding them, as if the corpses inside were swallowing these mists.

Countless coffins were located all around the valley and they surrounded a bigger coffin! This coffin was placed on top of a large boulder. It was actually crafted from the exceedingly precious Imperial Image Sacred Wood. Even though this ancient coffin had been here for who knows many years, but it was retained its colorful brilliances!

The group of Li Shuangyan was astonished at the fact that there were more than one hundred generals buried along with the Wu Clan’s Progenitor. This was indicative of how invincible and powerful he was during his generation!

“Sacred Wu Clan’s 637th descendant Wu Binglan brought my husband along with servants here to honor our Progenitor. Our glorious Progenitor who is buried at the Mysterious Dragon Cave and was bestowed the title Mysterious Dragon Cave Martial God. The Wu Clan’s descendants for many generations remember the wise sages and recall the glorious days of our Progenitor resulting in many sleepless nights…” After putting down the offerings, Li Qiye once again acted as the biggest trickster.

Li Shuangyan’s group all held their breath at this moment and became very nervous. Without a doubt, the Wu Clan’s Progenitor buried at this place was much more frightening than the Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor. Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but worried that the Progenitor would see through her.

The Progenitor alone was terrible enough, but he even had more than one hundred general buried here as well. If he saw through them, then they would not only be facing him, but also the one hundred terrifying generals!

Li Qiye finally finished his ceremony, then the sound “zha–zha–zha–” rang in the air. Inside the Imperial Image Sacred Wooden Coffin came a person. This person boldly stepped out and his aura immediately drowned the sky like a supreme Emperor King.

This was an old man whose stature was not overly tall, but the moment he stood up, it gave the sensation that he could trample the earth and his size pillared over the horizon! He was not wearing a dragon imperial robe, and also had no royal crown on his head. His clothing was simply common and ordinary!

But even with his ordinary style, he still had a dominating aura with a majestic tyrannical presence over the mountains and rivers. This was a generational supreme Emperor King, an invincible existence of an era!

This was the Wu Clan’s Progenitor. He was referred by others during his era as the Martial God. He was also the sworn brother of Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and they grew up together. Even though he did not become an Immortal Emperor like Tun Ri, but he was one of the strongest existences in that era. He had swept through the nine heavens and ten earths before, and even helped Immortal Emperor Tun Ri established his marvelous emperor’s path!

He powerfully stepped out and opened his two eyes unleashing two bloody rays onto Li Shuangyan’s body. Li Shuangyan’s heart was shivering for she felt the power of the Progenitor!

He then closed his eyes without saying anything and swallowed the soup mists from the Heavenly Ceremonial Soup. As sizzling sounds came out, strands after strands were devoured into his mouth.

Finally, the Progenitor finished taking in the soup and it became a clear and tranquil water.

“What are your aspirations?” The Progenitor finally opened his mouth releasing a low yet powerful voice.

“The Wu Clan had fallen.” Li Shuangyan bowed her head and whispered: “Please help us, Progenitor.”

The Wu Clan’s Progenitor stood there with his eyes closed without saying a word.

Li Qiye prostrated and begged: “Progenitor, the Wu Clan had fallen and suffered oppression from everyone. The East River Su Xiu Clan had always been preying over us. Your unfilial descendants cannot hold on to the Wu Clan’s territories. Today, our Wu Clan’s territory had been destroyed all the way from the West River, and we had lost the majority of our land. Your Wu Clan descendants had to do everything just to hold on to the Wu Clan’s ancestral hall!”

Since she was taught by Li Qiye beforehand, the moment he stopped speaking, Li Shuangyan bowed her head and began to softly weeped. Li Shuangyan’s quiet weeping was full of grievances causing listeners to become sorrowful!

“Those old men from the Su Xiu Clan!” After hearing Li Qiye’s words, the Wu Clan’s Progenitor suddenly opened his eyes revealing the frightening blood ray, and immediately closed them again. It was very obvious that he was furious!

“A bunch of unfilial children!” Finally, the clearly angered Progenitor coldly asked: “You all even forgot the ancestral canon?”

“That year in the chaotic battle, we lost the ancestral canon amidst the fire of war. Our ancestors also did not pass down the Progenitor’s teaching.” Li Qiye carefully explained.

“Hmph… “ The Progenitor coldly snorted. It was unclear whether he was angry towards the enemy or towards his unfilial descendants. Finally, the Progenitor chillingly spoke: “Inside the ancestral chamber, move my memorial tablet and place the Emperor’s tiled seat on top to open the original ancestors’ ground! The Wu Clan still has a last chance to rise again!”

Having said that, the Wu Clan’s Progenitor then took out an item from his coffin. This was an old bamboo trunk used for carrying scrolls. It was made from golden silks exuding a blinding golden brilliance!

The Progenitor threw this ancient book case to Li Shuangyan and said: “Take it, this is the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber!” Finished speaking, he went back inside his coffin as if he didn’t want to see his unfilial descendants again.

Li Qiye secretly nodded towards Li Shuangyan. Finally, after burning the fake money, Li Qiye left along with the group of Li Shuangyan. However, as they were leaving, Li Qiye suddenly tripped and almost fell down completely. But right at that moment, Li Qiye rushed forward like a lion and stood firmly to the other side!

His tripping confused the group of Li Shuangyan but they didn’t dare to ask anything in this dangerous place.

After leaving the Mysterious Dragon Cave, Li Qiye immediately threw everything away and told the group of Li Shuangyan: “Hurry, we need to leave right now. It won’t be long before he catches up.”

“What, we were found out by the Wu Clan’s Progenitor?” Hearing this, Li Shuangyan exclaimed in horror.

“I purposely let him see through us, but he needs time to digest the information. He sat there for so long so he needs time to react, we need to go right now!” Li Qiye ran crazily along with the others.

“Why do you want him to see through?” As they were frantically escaping as fast as lightning, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but asked.

“To fool someone else!” Li Qiye added: “I came to the Mysterious Dragon Cave for the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber! At this moment we will go trick someone for a saber. With this saber along with the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique, it will be a perfect combination!”

These words left everyone speechless. The moment when they were running for their lives, he was still trying to fool a different Earth Immortal. This matter was too arrogant and courageous!

“Niu Fen, listen to me, when the time comes, on my command, use the Ninth Solution, got it!?” As they were running, Li Qiye shouted towards Niu Fen: “Under my command, at that time, escape towards the west!”

“Understood.” Niu Fen excitedly answered while feeling nervous. Any Earth Immortal in this place was of the invincible generation, who dared to trick them? But at this time, their young noble dared to perform such an unparalleled task – tricking another Earth Immortal even when they were running for their lives. This was too crazy and it made Niu Fen both nervous and ecstatic at the same time. Such a matter was a great challenge.

“Who are you tricking this time?” As they were riding on Niu Fen’s back fleeing like madmen, Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but asked.

“Lion Monarch Ba Xian (Tyrannical Immortal)!” Li Qiye then continued his with his answer: “The Tyrannical Immortal Saber in his hand is the perfect match for the Heaven Traversing Eight Blade. One would become unthinkable with these two items together!”

“Lion Monarch Ba Xian!” Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Shi Gangdang lost all of his colors and exclaimed in horrors!

“Who is the Lion Monarch Ba Xian?” Chen Baojiao had never heard of such a character so she busily asked.

“A once invincible existence, he was one of the strongest existences during Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s era, and even competed with Immortal Emperor Tun Ri for the Heaven’s Will! In that era, there were two Immortal Physiques. One was Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s Heaven Devourer Evil Physique, and the other was Lion Monarch Ba Xian’s Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique! However, he was only one step behind Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. Tun Ri’s Heaven Devourer Evil Physique reached grand completion, but his Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique did not reach grand completion in the end!’

Heaven Devour Evil Physique and Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique were both part of the twelve Immortal Physiques!

Li Shuangyan’s group was emotionally moved after hearing this. Even though it was not grand completion, but Lion Monarch Ba Xian was still an extremely frightening existence!