Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1923

“Uncle Lin, the ancestors in my clan all praise you as a powerful High God, one that could even exceed four totems. Please tell me.” The princess coquettishly asked after hearing the humble response.

“Your old men are too kind.” Hunlin said: “There are too many stronger than me in this world, especially the emperors with their Heaven’s Wills. Our totems can’t compare to that, even if they were in a set.”

“Hehe, we won’t talk about the emperors, just Wildland Heaven Emperor.” Wu Qi didn’t give up.

The other juniors were curious as well. This topic has always been hotly debated but they wished to listen to a High God himself. It would be much more convincing.

“If we’re only talking about one Heaven’s Will, then I’m a bit confident. After all, an emperor must have three before grasping the mysteries of the four symbols in the palace and Anima.” Hunlin pondered for a bit before answering: “With my set of three, I can take on one with a single palace. Alas, Wildlad Heaven Emperor is an exception since he’s a special case, it’s too hard to gauge him. This is because his talents are too great; many ultimate laws are nullified by him after a quick moment; he would be able to see through the openings and deliver a fatal blow. I heard many one to two totems High Gods have fallen to him, even some with three.”

Hunlin was still being very conservative: “All in all, I’m still pretty confident in going all out. Even if I can’t defeat him, he can’t do anything to me either.”

The juniors were sure that Hunlin was still being humble in his response.

“Then how many totems are needed in order to fight an emperor with three wills?” Fengying asked.

“There’s no standard for this.” Hunlin explained: “Emperors with three wills also have a disparity in power, different weapons, bloodlines, and dao. For example, if you have a Heaven Punishment Weapon or the opponent has a High Heaven Scroll, it will change everything.”

“For example, Star Stomper High God who appeared recently, his Nine Cauldrons Bloodline is interesting. Though I haven’t fought him before, in my personal opinion, his set of totems and bloodline could allow him to fight a High God with a set of eleven totems.” Hunlin continued.

“Let’s talk about Wildlad Heaven Emperor now. He might only have one will but his talents are virtually peerless. Moreover, his three swords are prenatal imperial weapons. Thus, he should be able to fight against an emperor with two wills.”

“Those who can become an emperor usually start at three wills. If an emperor only had two, it showed that his background was inferior and had given up at least one ascension process. Thus, his resources should not be a match for others, such as Wildlad Heaven Emperor. Therefore, to a certain extent, the young emperor is not weaker than one with two wills.” Hunlin patiently analyzed the situation to the three juniors.

“Then what about Holy Emperor, he has three wills. Just how strong is he?” The princess thought of another unique emperor.

“I don’t know.” Hunlin shook his head: “I have never seen Holy Emperor before but he’s a legend, not only because he is a great model but also due to his dao heart. He is respected by someone like World Emperor, surely there is a reason for this. Few in this world have seen him in action so it is hard to have any conclusion about his power.”

“I do believe that although Holy Emperor’s talents are lacking but he has an advantage unavailable to other emperors from experience and years of polishing. He is certainly stronger than other three-will emperors but as for the exact extent, I simply don’t have a guess. Plus, even if some emperors want to fight, they wouldn’t pick a legend like Holy Emperor anyway.”

The group nodded, agreeing with his logic.

After leaving the others, Li Qiye traveled through half of the wildland to reach an extremely desolate area, rarely reached by others.

It was a tiny mound, completely inconspicuous in the sea of towering mountains. But if one were to be attentive enough, they would definitely take note of it for a very simple reason. The mud in the wildland is all black from dried blood. As for this mound, the mud around it was of an ordinary black color. The two shades were similar but the difference was indeed there.

It meant that this place had never been stained with blood!

Li Qiye climbed up on it and stood before a large boulder of a gray color, only as tall as a man. It was also common enough and shouldn’t draw any special attention.

He placed both hands on it and slowly closed his eyes as if sleeping. After a long time, tiny symbols emerged on it and flowed into his hands like spirit snakes before disappearing altogether.

“Buzz.” Waves of fluctuation appeared on the boulder and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the next moment, he was standing in the hallway of an ancient palace. He took a deep breath and basked in the aura of this place.

“Saint, I’m here to see you.” Li Qiye said.

“Boom!” In this split second, a decrepit hand came out of nowhere and grabbed him by the neck, pushing him into the wall.

Li Qiye was unperturbed at the sudden development and said flatly: “Old man, this won’t scare me. If I was an outsider, I wouldn’t have come so politely.”

With the end of his sentence, the hand suddenly disappeared back to its unknown location.

Li Qiye chuckled and tidied his robe before walking down the hallway. At the end was a massive main hall propped up by many stone pillars. It was unadorned without unnecessary decorations, not even paintings on the walls.

There was no throne in the middle either, only a circular seat made out of hemp. An old man sat on it without moving at all as if this has been the case for millions and millions of years.

He wore a robe that was once gray. Now it was white from the beating of time. Nevertheless, it was still clean without a speck of dust.

His hair was also gray, draping down on his shoulders. They were dried and seemed to be dead completely.

There were two wings growing to the back of his ribs. However, they were withered as well. The feathers were gray without any radiance. They drooped down, unable to lift themselves up.

He sat there with his eyes closed. Someone would even mistake him for being dead for countless years now.

Li Qiye smiled and took out another hemp seat to sit down in front of him.

“Your place’s holy aura is quite weak now.” Li Qiye looked around and commented after sitting down.

The old being finally opened his eyes. Strands of light spewed out like the birth of three thousand new worlds. However, these strands quickly disappeared, revealing his aged eyes. They were muddled, no longer able to see the world clearly.

“Are you not afraid of me changing?” His feeble voice sounded like he was on the verge of death.

“Change? How?” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Your dao heart has been polished for more half of an epoch. You persevered in the cruelest years and didn’t change during the destruction of your epoch. What’s the point of changing now? It’s no longer your world.”

“That’s true.” The old man murmured and finally took a good look at Li Qiye: “I see. Not only do you have your real body in this generation, but you also have several heavenly scriptures.”

“Only external items for support, my dao heart is the thing that shall eternalize me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Unfortunately, how many wise sages can be like you and not forget their original intention? As more time passed, it becomes easier to forget oneself, or how one used to look like during youth.” The old man softly said.

“But you haven’t forgotten, not even death could take that from you, the never-giving-up Saint.” Li Qiye said.