Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1928

Wildlad Heaven Emperor floated downward and said: “Since we’re from the same generation, I won’t make it difficult for you but the three juniors must stay. You can leave now.”

“Wildlad Heaven Emperor, I’m afraid I won’t be able to obey.” Shi Hunlin smiled: “I’ll be very grateful if you are benevolent enough to spare them.”

“It’s not up to you! Leave now while there is still time!” The emperor sneered with an oppressive aura.

“If that’s the case, I’ll have to overestimate myself and witness your imperial arts and style.” Hunlin responded.

Regardless of his innate gifts, Wildlad was still only a Grand Emperor with one will. At best, he would be able to fight against a two-will emperor. There was no surpassing this limitation.

Hunlin wasn’t so easily bullied either since he had a set of three totems. This made him a top dog among the three-totem High Gods.

“Fine, I’ll see what you have learned in these years!” The emperor became angry with a fiery glare.

An emperor normally wouldn’t lose their cool so easily but not Wildlad. His life was too smooth outside of the whole debacle with Mortal Reversion Ancient God for he was the heaven’s favorite.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to provoke him to this level, but Shi Hunlin was special for they were from the same generation, albeit, very two different ranks in society.

To put it bluntly, Hunlin wouldn’t dare to speak in front of the emperor back then and would tremble on sight.

Now, this ant was on the same level as him, even going as far as provoking him. This was tugging on his most insecure issue as a supreme genius. He couldn’t help become furious after seeing Hunlin’s present demeanor.

It was as if an ant he could crush easily back then was looking at him with disdain now.

“Please give me pointers, Heaven Emperor.” Hunlin wasn’t afraid at all. He would be acquiescing before a two-will emperor but this guy wasn’t necessarily stronger than him.

“Eat this!” The young emperor’s eyes flashed and spewed out light that turned into a pair of divine blades. 

The two blades intersected and went straight for Shi Hunlin, leaving scars in the sky.

Even before they made contact, the earth had already been severed. An emperor with one will was still an emperor. Just the flash of his eyes could take down a Dao Celestial expert.

Hunlin didn’t panic. Laws revolved around him and turned into a gigantic shield.

“Boom!” The two blades slammed into the shield causing specks of dust to go everywhere. More cracks appeared on the ground but the shield made out of laws remained standing.

This was a successful defense, no doubt. At the very least, the two sides seemed quite even. Hunlin wasn’t much weaker.

“Looks like you have learned a lot.” The emperor’s bloodthirst intensified while his expression darkened.

This battle had attracted more attention. There was no lack of experts and even High Gods in the wildland. They quietly discussed the battle.

Wildlad Heaven Emperor was very well known while not too many knew who Shi Hunlin was due to his reserved conducts in the past.

Of course, a battle between a low-level emperor and a common god would always be interesting. The stronger between the two was worth discussing over.

“Just enough to barely stay alive.” Hunlin didn’t become complacent or showed any fear and leisurely responded.

“Break!” The emperor roared and pointed forward. His finger strike pierced through the fabrics of time and turned into the sharpest attack like a divine needle.

Hunlin’s shield in the sky directly withstood the attack. However, the finger strike aimed for its weakest spot so the entire shield collapsed instantly.

Sure enough, Hunlin had said that the emperor’s talents were enviable. It allowed him to defeat the enemies’ skills in the shortest period.

“You are indeed amazing, just one move to break through the enemy.” Hunlin was still fine and praised the emperor. He finally took out his weapon afterward.

Hunlin wasn’t a nice fella either since he was used to the perilous road, walking on blood and blades across the years. This gave him a rich experience in battle.

“You’ll see what I’m truly capable of after I decapitate you.” The emperor was still as cold and oppressive.

The experts in the distance watched with bated breath. A few High Gods were actually shaking their head in disapproval. After so many years, this young emperor didn’t seem to mature at all. They thought that the lesson from Mortal Reversion Ancient God wasn’t enough. It looked like he needed someone to teach him another one.

Of course, these remained as thoughts because not too many wanted to provoke him. He had his clan with three Grand Emperors as his backing and his own Sentinel, consisting of several emperors as well. Messing with one was the same as messing with the entire hive.

This was the reason why the High Gods here didn’t want to get involved since they weren’t powerful enough and lacked the necessary allies. Killing Wildlad Heaven Emperor was no problem; dealing with a group like Sentinel was more troublesome.

“Clank!” The emperor finally used his hand to unsheath the three swords, resulting in a sharp brilliance covering the entire thirteen continents.

Each strand of light was blinding so the spectators had no choice but to open their heavenly gaze in fear. These three swords were going to make a big difference.

Shi Hunlin became serious as well and didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy.

These three swords were prenatal dao weapon of the Heaven Bestowment grade. Prenatal dao fetuses started at the Dao Sovereign level. The lowest rank possible was also at Golden Inlaid. 

Thus, a weapon at the imperial level of the Heaven Bestowment grade should result in a power comparable to having another emperor around, at least in theory. Furthermore, though the three weren’t a set, they were quite balanced. This boosted their power by several magnitudes.

The moment he chose to use them, it meant that he was going for the kill.

On the other hand, Shi Hunlin took out his strongest weapon in order to decide the victor. He wasn’t a prideful person but if the young emperor wanted to fight, he was more than happy to entertain the guy. Plus, this battle had a great significance to him.

In fact, the spectators who knew Shi Hunlin thought so as well. This was a fight between a one-will emperor and a three-totem High God. It could be a basis to establish a standardized power-level of these beings in the future.

More importantly, there was a small history between the two which made the fight even more interesting.

“My swords won’t return until your head is rolling on the ground.” The young emperor illuminated the world with his fiery eyes. It was impressive that he was able to maintain his arrogant personality for so many generations.

Shi Hunlin was neither obsequious nor supercilious in response: “I would also like to experience your invincible art and the style of the supreme genius in the past.”