Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1933

Li Qiye looked at the four emperors and began with a friendly expression: “I don’t have a big purpose this time in coming here, only to give you four a good business opportunity? Feel like getting rich?”

The four emperors glanced at each other with a strange expression.

First, this lack of a “big purpose” from the Dark Crow was still going to be a monstrous issue. More importantly, “getting rich” teased the imagination.

Keep in mind that one would have plenty of resources before becoming an emperor. They had no lack of treasures and metals, far beyond the reach of lower-level experts.

Each emperor couldn’t contain their treasures from breaking the walls of their home from overfilling. But Li Qiye asked if they wanted to “get rich”? This was indeed tempting.

They would laugh at others for making this statement but this was no joke coming from the Dark Crow.

“Sacred Teacher, please elaborate.” War-Monarch respectfully said.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “It’s no big deal, just a treasury left behind from an older epoch. I’m sure you four have amazing treasuries too, but they can't compare to one of an epoch, even if it is a remnant one.”

The four emperors were stirred, something that was quite rare at their level. They understood the significance behind this.

“Sacred Teacher, you are referring to the wildland?” War-Monarch asked.

Li Qiye replied: “Where else? I’m sure the four of you are fully aware too. After so many years, the emperors from all the races covet the items here so much.”

The four exchanged glances. Wildland was indeed dangerous but for emperors, this was an ultimate place to find treasures. They were certainly tempted by the items here.

“Sacred Teacher, you are undoubtedly peerless, but wildland would no longer be the wildland if it could be taken down so easily. Quite a few have tried to assault it in the past but none successful.” The emperor on the north side finally spoke.

“Yes, no one can capture that overlord.” Li Qiye smiled: “But if I dare to make this proposal, I naturally have some confidence. You think I, the Dark Crow, am all talk?”

“We aren’t questioning your invincibility.” War-Search said: “But, this path is definitely not easy. If Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen, and the others were still around, your chance of victory would be much higher. Alas, the present is not the same.”

“No difference, this was the case in the past and still is now, my ability to capture the wildland. I could have done it long ago, the question is whether I’m willing to pay the price and make the necessary sacrifice.” Li Qiye calmly answered.

The four emperors got some more clues after this, becoming even more interested.

“We’re overwhelmed to have been chosen by you, Sacred Teacher, but we're not sure.” War-Monarch said.

Li Qiye smiled: “Looks like the four of you are still doubting me, thinking that something else is going. I’m still being prejudiced against.”

“We do not dare.” War-Monarch said: “We can trust you, Sacred Teacher, even if we aren’t on the same side. You are a man of your words, plus, you don’t need to scheme against us either. Our clan is not enough to get into your sight. If you truly want to destroy us, just an order alone is enough, no need to scheme.”

“Let me listen to your worries then.” Li Qiye chuckled, aware of what War-Monarch was thinking.

“We are worried indeed, no one knows what is inside that treasury, but a Paragon Artifact might be there!” War-Monarch said.

Wildland was also a remnant epoch, just like Buddhist Plain. There were a couple of them in Exploration Grounds. However, the wildland had several surviving overlords. This was a much rarer occurrence.

Thus, though many people coveted the items here, these beings were simply too strong. Even an eleven-will emperor had fallen before. Others emperors needed to tread carefully.

Nevertheless, they kept their eyes on this place because a few of them believed that the wildland could be storing a Paragon Artifact! Now, this was something no emperor could resist.

Li Qiye added: “You are worried that I might get the artifact.”

“Yes.” War-Monarch nodded without hiding anything: “Sacred Teacher, you alone are dreadful enough. If you gain a Paragon Artifact, no one in the world will be able to stop you anymore, and this spells out an unfavorable future for us heaveners.”

Treasures were tempting enough, but the emperors chose to look at the bigger picture. They were willing to lose this opportunity in order to prevent Li Qiye from obtaining the artifact.

“Your worries are not illogical.” Li Qiye said: “But remember, if you four don’t dare to do this, other emperors will anyway. Surely you know that I can convince other emperors not weaker than the four of you to join me.”

In the end, War-Monarch was still the main speaker on the other side: “Yes, that’s for certain, but we still don’t want to become the sinners of our Heaven Race. If other emperors want to help you, that’s their own decision. We’ll just do what we can.”

“Sinners of the Heaven Race?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but shake his head: “War-Monarch, I’m not looking down on you, but do you think you are qualified to bear such infamy? On the road of evil, the four of you aren’t strong or ancient enough to be considered as sinners.” 

Li Qiye didn’t hold back with his sharp words. This comment stirred the four emperors again.

“War-Monarch, I know you are regarded highly by Geezer Qian, and we’re long-time enemies too. You surely wish to destroy me. No need to deny this.” Li Qiye continued: “Geezer Qian feels the same way, he wants nothing more than to annihilate me, and I also want to kick him flying. But, our hatred and feud are one thing, I’m sure the geezer had told you about a few mysteries.”

Li Qiye’s expression became serious as he stared at War-Monarch: “Thus, I’ll ask you now, War Monarch, be honest with yourself, who do you think will be the one to destroy your Heaven Race? I’m sure it won’t be me!”

At this time, the other three emperors stared at War-Monarch in unison. They were emperors from the same clan but War-Monarch was the only one who earned World Emperor’s trust.

Why did World Emperor trust him? It wasn’t only because of his age or that he had raised the banner while fighting for the heaveners several times. It was because he used to be World Emperor’s dao protector when World Emperor was younger.

Furthermore, his loyalty to his race was unquestionable. If something were to happen to the Heaven Race, he would be among the first Heaven Emperors to step up!

Thus, he was privy to the mysteries and decision-making in Heaven Authority. World Emperor was willing to talk to him about them.

War-Monarch stood there without replying to Li Qiye. He indeed knew more secrets than his junior emperors in the clan. It wasn’t only due to his age but rather his involvement in Heaven Authority. 

Only emperors with ten wills and up could join this organization. Not all of them were eligible to know all the secrets either but World Emperor confided in War-Monarch.

“Sacred Teacher, you are also one of the threats to our race.” War-Monarch finally broke the silence.

“I won’t deny that truth.” Li Qiye chuckled: “War-Monarch, everyone knows of your devotion to the Heaven Race. But have you truly thought about it? When that day comes, will you think about self-preservation or protecting your clan? Is your clan strong enough now to survive? I’m sure you aren’t certain yourself. Who knows what will happen then, so, one shouldn’t say no to treasures. No clan can ever have enough resources. You aren’t only fighting for yourself, but also your clan and the heaveners!”