Chapter 198: Calamity Befallen on the Nine Saint Demon Gate (2)

“Such a good guy! Purposely making me look like a fool.” Li Qiye murmured after he rolled on the ground.

The group of Li Shuangyan had nothing but silence. An Enlightened Being like Shi Gangdang, even if he was ten times more courageous, he still wouldn’t dare to make a comment about such an invincible existence, but their young noble didn’t care at all.

Bang! When the group intended to return back to the Ancient Sky City, there was someone suddenly rushing up and was extremely ecstatic to see them. The person shouted then ran over, but he fell down to the ground before reaching them.

Seeing this person, the group of Li Shuangyan was quite surprised. He was Zhang Yu of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but what was even more alarming was that his body was covered in blood!

“What happened!?” He was already unconscious while being propped up. Shi Gangdang quickly treated him to wake him up. Seeing his wounds, Li Qiye’s expression sank as he clearly understood that Zhang Yu was pursued by enemies!

“Heavenly God Sect, the Heavenly God Sect attacked the resting location of the Nine Saint Demon Gate!” Zhang Yu frantically exclaimed as he was gasping for air.

Right then, there were more than a dozen people descending from the sky and surrounded Li Qiye in a flash! There were an azure energy faintly hidden on their bodies. Seeing Zhang Yu being saved, the leading disciple quickly shouted: “Who are you people!? Quickly hand over Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s criminal to avoid any mistakes!”

“Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Li Qiye’s eyes condensed as he gazed at the ten young men ahead.

“It is good that you are aware, hurry up and hand this criminal over. Our Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom will not pursue your saving this criminal. Otherwise, all of you will become accomplices and we will capture everyone!” This Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s disciple proudly stated.
In their minds, as long as they announce the name Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom of their at the Grand Middle Territory, no heritages or cultivators wouldn’t sell them some goodwill. Who dared to be their enemies in all of the Grand Middle Territory?

“What the hell is the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes gazing at the disciples in front and slowly said.

“This thing doesn’t know life from death, capture him!” The disciple immediately became furious and emphatically shouted as they surrounded Li Qiye’s group.

In such a place and under such a situation, killing a few cultivators did not need any reason for the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s disciples. They simply were not afraid of other people looking to trouble their Ancient Kingdom. This was the power of one sect with two emperors!

“Courting death…” Li Qiye squinted and lightly shook his body and rushed forward.

“Big brother, careful, their sword formation is very fierce…” Zhang Yu quickly reminded Li Qiye with a shout. If he didn’t escape earlier with the Violet Diamond Cauldron protecting his body, he would have died under the hands of these ten Azure Mysterious disciples. Even though the ten ahead had not cultivated for a long time, but their sword formation was very fierce just like a powerful beast!

“Bang bang bang” noises resonated in the air. Before Zhang Yu could finish speaking, pathetic screams already resounded as the Azure Mysterious disciples were struck flying away as the sounds of their bones broken instilling fear into the hearts of listeners.

Li Qiye did not use any techniques or merit laws; his body rampaged forward through the Life Treasures and techniques. Once hit by the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, everything immediately shattered. The Azure Mysterious disciples like sandbags were knocked away by Li Qiye.
Many blossoming flowers of blood were spurting high and higher in the air, it was especially beautiful when they fell down! The Azure Mysterious disciples no longer moved after they hit the ground as all the bones in their bodies were broken. Under the impact of the Godly Physique, it would be a miracle if they managed to survive with such shallow cultivation.

“Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom isn’t shit.” Li Qiye lightly dusted off his collar and calmly said.

Zhang Yu with his mouth still opened had to recall his words. His apprehension was completely redundant.

“The Heavenly God Sect got the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom as its backing!” Li Shuangyan was more worried than anyone else since the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s resting area was attacked by the Heavenly God Sect.

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom isn’t anything. Daring to oppose me, even the Soaring Immortal Sect would still be slaughtered.” Li Qiye tapered his eyes and slowly said: “Come, we will go back to the Ancient Sky City and deal with them!”

“Big brother…” The wounded Zhang Yu quickly called for Li Qiye and said: “Big brother Tu told me that if I meet big brother, I must tell you to not go back to the Ancient Sky City, but find a place for refuge first! The Heavenly God Sect brought many Royal Nobles, plus, the Ancient Kingdom also carried a coffin over. I heard that their ancestor could be there. If big brother come back to the Ancient Sky City, I’m afraid that the Ancient Kingdom will not let you go. Big brother Tu implored that big brother should still avoid the frontal wind right now.”

Zhang Yu was able to escape because of Tu Buyu’s help. Tu Buyu wanted Zhang Yu to run away just so that he could find Li Qiye and warn him to not come back to the Ancient Sky City to meet his death!

“Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s ancestor, could it be that the Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors had arrived!?”

Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors were definitely frightening characters, especially Old Ninth Qing Xuan. Legends had it that he challenged Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Even though he lost, he gained prestige and fame from it!

“Young Noble, if the Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors actually came, it is better to take a step back!” At this moment, Li Shuangyan lost her colors. She was concerned about the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s rest area being attacked more than anyone, but if the Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors actually came, she was even more worried about Li Qiye’s safety. She had heard of the Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors’ legends. Any of them would be unbeatable, unless her Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Elder Jian came, otherwise, no one would be able to stop these existences.

“QIng Xuan Nine Ancestors aren’t anything.” Li Qiye said without a care: “Daring to kill my people, don’t even mention the Qing Xuan Nine Ancestors, even if Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan is still alive or Immortal Emperor San Dao is revived, I would still make the Ancient Kingdom pay a big price!” With that, his eyes became fierce as his battle intent surged to the sky with a matchless domination!

Everyone was shocked by such a statement. Even if Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan is still alive or Immortal Emperor San Dao is revived – daring to challenge such existences, how domineering and confident was this!

“Come, we will go kill all of them!” Li Qiye shouted with the utmost swagger.

“Kill!” Inside the Ancient Sky City, a battle broke out with Life Treasures and weapons soaring all over the sky as magics swept through the horizon in the forms of countless multi-colored rays. Roars and battling chants along with pitiful screams all interwoven together causing the entire Ancient Sky City to panic!

Cultivators in the world were not unfamiliar with war and murders for different interests. In fact, in the Ancient Sky City, there were killing every day, but a large-scale invasion of a sect’s resting area was a very rare occurrence.

The Ancient Sky City in the Grand Middle Territory did not belong to any one sect or country. Many powers balanced the situation in this city, and very few of them wished to see a large-scale battle against another sect. Such a matter was too arrogant and inconsiderate of the rest of the world, and surely it would bring about animosity from everyone else!

But today, the Heavenly God Sect threw all cautions to the wind and without any prior warning, they attacked the Heavenly Grotto of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, shocking all the cultivators inside the Ancient Sky City.

This matter happened too sudden for many people to respond in time. It was also too irrational, invading the Nine Saint Demon Gate in the Ancient Sky City. Was the Heavenly God Sect crazy?

In just a second, countless grand sects and powerful countries along with secret heritages all followed this matter carefully. Many Royal Nobles appeared around the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Heavenly Grotto just to watch this battle.

Six King Jiang Zuo, Young King Nantian, Sword God Sacred Ground’s descendant, Saint Child Bao Zhu… Countless great characters all appeared to observe this battle from afar!

“Kill…” The Nine Saint Demon Gate experts once again formulated a counter-offensive but they were pushed back by the Heavenly God Sect. Their resistance had failed time and time again.

“Today, we will destroy the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Heavenly Grotto!” As the descendant of the Heavenly God Sect, Dao Child Shengtian crazily roared as the vanguard and immediately slain more than a dozen of the Nine Saint Demon Gate experts.

At this time, his eyes were reddened from blood lust and pulled out all of his techniques and strength while carrying an invincible momentum! His robe was stained red by blood, the blood of the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples!

“Dao Child Shengtian is massacring like mad.” Seeing his savageness, a spectator murmured.

The few younger geniuses like Young King Nantian and Saint Child Bao Zhu were carefully watching each moves of Dao Child Shengtian. Young King Nantian was even more focused for he was the heaven’s proud son.

Dao Child Shengtian was a natural born Saint Fate while Young King Nantian was a natural born Saint Wheel. Both of their innate aptitudes were equal and it was unclear who was stronger. Until the moment of life and death, who knew how many secret moves they were hiding?

Today when Dao Child Shengtian fiercely attack like a tiger leaving its mountain and dragon emerging from the sea, without a doubt, this was the best time for the group of Young King Nantian to observe the cultivator and means of Dao Child Shengtian.

“Kill!” Dao Child Shengtian crazily screamed as the blood stains on his robe further fueled his blood lust!

“Dao Child Shengtian finally found a place to vent his grievances.” A cultivator muttered after seeing Dao Child Shengtian’s ferociousness.

Hearing this, many spectators immediately understood that Dao Child Shengtian’s ruthlessness was due to the humiliation that day! Not long ago, he was forced to kneel down and plead guilty before Li Qiye. Today when the Heavenly God Sect was attacking the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Dao Child Shengtian wanted to unleash all of his anger into this battle. He wanted to slay all of his enemies to dye the shame of that day!