Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1983

This treasury was a world full of treasures. All the best items in the wildland epoch had been stored here.

When the group walked in, there was a mountain of endless height towering before them. On the surface flowed golden runes. This entire thing looked like a complete piece of divine metal, the king of them all.

“I once had a tiny piece, same type as this one.” Sunset Glow Devil Emperor said softly: “This is Dracorune Immortal metal, and I only found a tiny piece after searching everywhere. This whole thing is inlaid with the same runes, it might be the source, one and only in the world.”

In fact, this was only the appetizer. When they climbed to the top of this mountain for a better look, countless treasures emerged in their sight.

Not far from there stood a massive tree growing on a continent floating in the sky. Surely Samsara didn’t only uproot the tree but the entire surrounding area and took it here.

The barks were jade-like and instead of green leaves, it had treasures growing from it - jades, gold, talismans… The wind in combination with it resulted in a godly song, making others want to dance.

“The mythical Jade Tree. To think I have the luck to see it today.” Heaven Search Immortal Monarch sentimentally said.

A bit farther away was a massive lake that could be considered an ocean. However, it had sand flowing slowly instead of water - quite a beautiful and dazzling scene of gold. Everyone wanted to grab a handful.

“Goldsand of the Hidden Sea. When I walked through the thirteen continents back then, I only obtained one basket of these grains from the depth of the Mysterious Sea.” Jilin Immortal Monarch smiled wryly.

Of course, only something this amazing was fitting of someone at Samsara’s level, the lord of an epoch. This wasn’t out of everyone’s expectation.

The most shocking thing was not the sea or the tree but rather that Samsara had sealed a sun in this treasury.

Metallic ringings resounded in this spot with a sun locked up by nine gigantic laws.

It wasn't spewing out refined sunfire but rather rays of golden flame, each capable of burning up a world.

In the depth of this sun was an extremely holy light as if the most sacred creature in the world was there. Regardless of whether such a creature was there or not, the sun was still sealed. It struggled all in naught. This was one of Samsara's greatest technique, capable of sealing an entire world.

the emperors were naturally amazed and glanced at each other at this ultimate feat. Only someone like Samsara could do so.

"Incredible, where the hell did he find a sun like this? Not too many could obtain it." Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan said emotionally after a careful look.

"That's why he's known as the lord of an epoch." Li Qiye chuckled in response.

The group stopped after a full round. They got a general idea of this treasury. It was just as wondrous as they had expected.

"Alright, fellas, this will be a nice harvest in our lives, a great feast. I am someone who does not mistreat those who work for me, whether they be from the three races or the hundred races. As long as they have stood by my side, well, no need to blabber on about this. Action speaks louder than words.” Li Qiye said.

The emperors didn’t add anything either. The ones from the three races were all allowed inside as well. Plus, it was well known that the Dark Crow treated his followers handsomely.

“Everyone will have a piece today, however, I do have one request. The battle wasn’t easy and Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan worked quite hard, risking and damaging his Heaven’s Will. Thus, any panacea in this treasury, he’ll have the first pick. I’m sure no one will object to this.”

“No objection, Brother Bu Zhan had indeed worked hard.” War-Monarch Heaven Emperor represented his clan and said.

“None here.” Heaven Search Immortal Monarch hurriedly added.

No one objected because the Immortal Emperor deserved it. At the most dangerous moment, he risked his Heaven’s Will to help. If they were to lose, his will would have been destroyed completely.

“Brother Bu Zhan’s method has broadened our horizon, resulting in an admirable meritorious contribution.” Even a character like Immortal Emperor Can Long sang high praise for Bu Zhan.

“Senior Can Long, you are too kind. It was only due to my spear and a little research on my part.”

The emperors happily smiled and accepted Li Qiye’s reasonable request.

“Sacred Teacher, we don’t dare to be unduly humble. After following your order, we have maintained peace in the thirteen continents. Thus, with regards to merits, you are at the highest, so you should be the first to pick your favorite treasure?” Sunset Glow Devil Emperor sparked the next conversation.

“Sacred Teacher, please go first.” The other emperors voiced their agreement.

“Very well, let’s begin then.” Li Qiye didn’t refuse and began the process.

The amazing feast has begun, enough for all emperors to have their fill and return triumphantly.

No one regretted participating in this battle because their rewards were simply too amazing. Even the members of the three races were happy to partake in this alliance.

It finally ended with everyone satisfied.

“It is time for me to leave now.” Li Qiye told the emperors: “Isn’t time for you all to open the continental blockades?”

The Grand Emperors glanced at each other; the Immortal Emperors were smiling without commenting, while the Immortal Monarchs were less hesitant but still with reservation.

“Back then, World Emperor and everyone made an agreement to block the passages between the continents in order to avoid a calamity in times of chaos. If the blockade were to open completely, then this era will be starting its golden age. However, Sacred Teacher, if you wish to go through the portal alone, you only need three imperial lineages and six emperors to open one single gate.” Jilin Immortal Monarch finally spoke.

“If you wish to leave, our War-Monarch Clan has no objection either. We will help you open the passageway.” War-Monarch revealed his stance.

“My Heaven Search Sect agrees as well.” Heaven Search Immortal Monarch joined in.

“Needless to say about our Jilin Clan, we will listen to all your orders, Sacred Teacher.” Jilin Monarch added.

The decision to open a portal from Pure was unanimous this time. Even the Grand Emperors agreed to let Li Qiye go to another continent.

“Did Geezer World Emperor seal everything to prevent a calamity, the darkness, or me?” Li Qiye made a joke about the blockade.

The emperors here didn’t want to comment on this. It was no secret that these two were mortal enemies. Furthermore, Li Qiye had kidnapped World Emperor’s daughter back then so the emperor swore to take his head at all cost.

After making the decision to open a passageway, the emperors said goodbye to Li Qiye.

War Monarch was the first to leave with his juniors. He cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and said: “Sacred Teacher, I hope this is a new beginning for our era, working together before the darkness and letting go of past prejudices.”

“It will require the effort from all the emperors.” Li Qiye said.

Heaven Search was next: “The prosperity of the hundred races relies on you, Sacred Teacher. I hope you will stay longer.”

“I’m merely a passerby, the hundred races will need to rely on themselves.” Li Qiye solemnly said.