Chapter 2 – Three Demon Master (2)

Lee Chu Da remembered when the Old Minh era was coming to an end and the age of the Emperors had started; his soul was still trapped in the body of the Dark Crow at that time. This was currently the era when he temporarily regained his sanity from the control of the Heaven Demon Grotto after an eternity of struggles.

When he met Immortal Emperor Akihito for the first time, Akihito was still a little boy who was in love with martial arts and had no knowledge of grand cultivation.

There lied an obsidian colored, wooden stick next to the altar below the statue. Lee Chu Da couldn’t help but slightly chuckle at the sight. He couldn’t believe that the stick still existed after so many years.

He made great use of it in the past to discipline that group of energetic children, including the Immortal Emperor.

At this moment, the six Elders’ sharp eyes preyed on Lee Chu Da, intending to unravel his secrets. However, Lee Chu Da remained calm while sitting quietly through the uncomfortable atmosphere.

-Cleansing Incense Ancient Order?

Eventually, the First Elder gravely inquired. The Order was extremely important because it was an object left behind by the founding Immortal Emperor.

Lee Chu Da slowly opened his palm to reveal the Ancient Order. He was surprised when Tam Quy Gia took him to the town below the Sect’s mountain and then ran off to the brothel. Before leaving, he casually threw the Order into Lee Chu Da’s hand. It was unbelievable that a person like the Old Man would have the Ancient Order.

In the past, when Akihito bore the Heaven’s Will, he gave the three Ancient Orders to Lee Chu Da. Later, Lee Chu Da gave them to different people. After a million years, Lee Chu Da nostalgically stared at the present Order. In the past, he did not need them, but today, he had no choice but to utilize its power.

The six Elders passed around the Order while carefully examining it to confirm that it was indeed authentic. The truth was, the Sect had long wanted to recall the Order, but they did not have a way of forcing it from Tam Quy Gia’s hand. He knew that the Order was equal to another life. Thus, he held onto it with his dear life. Who would have predicted that it would fall into the hands of a mortal without any reputation.

-Where is Tam Quy Gia?

The First Elder coldly asked. He, in reality, harbored no love for Tam Quy Gia, a person who could only spend money, lie, and play with women. It did not matter if he was the son of the old Sect Master.

-He went to the Tsui Red brothel.

Lee Chu Da calmly answered.

Shadows loomed over the six Elders’ faces. The thought of someone from the honorable Sect visiting the most famous and popular brothel within a thousand miles radius gave them great shame. And it was not like it was his first time visiting it either; they could only wish that such a notorious player wasn’t a part of the Sect.

-What is your demand?

A different Elder loudly asked. They didn’t know the method he employed in order to obtain the Order, but the truth was the truth and the Order in front of them was definitely not a fake.

-I hear that the Prime Disciple position for the Sect is still unoccupied; plus, since Tam Quy Gia recommends my talents so fervently, I have no choice but to desire this position.

Lee Chu Da slowly proclaimed.

After hearing his answer, the six Elders started cursing Tam Quy Gia. That goddamn bastard, what rights did he have to recommend someone to be the Prime Disciple of the Sect. It was an extremely important position; the Sect had to carefully select the person. Otherwise, the spot would have already been occupied.

-Don’t use the Prime Disciple position as a joke!

One Elder spoke with cold intent.

-I know.

Lee Chu Da calmly and slowly enunciated his words without fear.

-But the person carrying the Order has the right to demand any request; this is the rule established by the Immortal Emperor Akihito.

-What if you use an underhanded method to obtain this order?

The First Elder interjected with a threatening statement. This position wasn’t something that could be joked about or given without any thoughts.

Lee Chu Da replied in a cavalierly manner.

-I understand, the Elders’ fear that I might have used demonic ploys to force the Order from the hands of Tam Quy Gia. However, if you guys do not trust me, you can send people to the brothel for confirmation.

The Elders cried in pain every time they heard the word “brothel”, but they had no choice but to send disciples to confirm the truth.

A moment later, a disciple did indeed confirm Lee Chu Da’s words. He tried his best to leave out information regarding Tam Quy Gia’s current joyful and debaucherous disposition with the girls, or the Elders would go crazy.

Unwilling as they might be, the Elders had to follow the rules given by the Patriarch. Even if the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect has fallen, their lineage was still of the Immortal Emperor’s. Thus, they will not dishonor the reputation left behind.

-Bring the Truth Mirror.

The Truth Mirror shined on Lee Chu Da’s body. Any mortal wanting to join a Sect for cultivation purposes must be judged by the mirror. It tested the body strength, life wheel, and the Fate Palace.

Within the mirror appeared Lee Chu Da’s reflection. It was but a hazy, unstable shadow that could go out at any time. Behind his head appeared an illusive blood halo while the top had a radiating light. However, both were extremely feeble.

-Body is of a mortal. The life wheel is a mortal’s life. The Fate Palace is also a mortal’s destiny.

The disciple reported the findings of the Truth Mirror on Lee Chu Da’s innate talents and physical condition.

Every person had a body type, life wheel level, and Fate Palace. The body type directly affected the physical strength; life wheel’s level indicated one’s longevity; and the Fate Palace was one’s innate talent for cultivation.

However, Lee Chu Da, with his mortal body, mortal life wheel, and mortal Life Palace, had silenced the Elders. He was the most average of men; the Sect could go outside and grab any commoner from the street with the same characteristics.

-I am aware.

Lee Chu Da didn’t want to think too much and casually spoke.

-But I still want to be the prime disciple.


After hearing those words, the Elders were extremely aggravated.

-You are not qualified to be a normal disciple, let alone the Prime Disciple. This is the most unreasonable of requests.

-I trust that the descendants of the Immortal Emperor will not relinquish their words or violate the ancestral rule, bringing shame to the Sect and the linage.

Lee Chu Da played around with the Order in his hand and slowly spoke.

-If this Order were to fall into another’s hands, the result would be unimaginable.

The First Elder gazed at him and coldly retorted:

-Anyone who wants to be the Prime Disciple of our Sect has to be tested on all aspects, ranging from his origin to his background as well as his innate talents. Otherwise, the Sect would not allow an unqualified candidate.

-That is your problem.

Lee Chu Da stared at the six Elders and said:

-If you think a different Sect sent me to steal your Immortal Emperor’s heritage, I would not need to become the Prime Disciple. By the order of virtue, I can just ask for them. You should know this better than me! If I wanted to harm the Sect, with the power of this Order, it would not be a difficult feat.

-He is not exactly without reason.

One of the six Elders slowly responded:

-If the Order keeps on wandering  around outside, wouldn’t that be a hidden danger to us? We cannot refuse anyone with the Order. We might as well accept his request.

-From the past until now, the Prime Disciple has always been the head disciple under the Sect Master. We must ask the Sect Master’s opinion regarding this decision then make a choice later.

Another Elder mused the statement.

-So be it, we have no other choice. Ultimately, if we could recover the Order, then we would have done a great service to the Sect.