Chapter 206 : Attacking the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto (2)

“Right, that kid, Li, being enemies with the Ancient Kingdom would only lead to his death. Just wait and see; today, he will not leave Ancient Sky City alive!” There were some young geniuses with annoyance in their heart who repeatedly sneered and spoke.

Inside Ancient Sky City, many experts from the strong powers all showed themselves after hearing such news in order to see how this entertaining endeavor would end.

Although, many expected for Li Qiye to fall since it would not end well by being enemies with the Ancient Kingdom. However, there were a few who hoped for a miracle, especially the strong powers who were previously bullied by the Ancient Kingdom. They naturally wanted to see the Ancient Kingdom suffer losses, but this chance was small enough to be ignored.

The Heavenly Grotto of the Ancient Kingdom in Ancient Sky City was very vast and was located at the Eastern side. With a glance, one could see a giant bronze door blocking the sight of countless people. Behind the bronze door, there were pavilions in the sky with ancient floating chambers as well as towering architectures. The Ancient Kingdom was indeed a heritage that lasted for era after era as well as a sect with two Immortal Emperors. Even at Ancient Sky City, where land was worth as much as gold, they still had a huge resting location!

When Li Qiye and the others marched in front of the Ancient Kingdom’s location, there was a distinct difference between the nonchalant group of Li Qiye and the serious expressions of the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s crowd, including Supreme Elder Chi Yun and the elders, protectors, and sectional leaders. Declaring war against the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would surely result in a bloodbath where one’s survival was questionable!

People who followed to watch all held their breath in front of the gate. In just a moment, all of Ancient Sky City became tranquil as all gazes were on the Heavenly Grotto of the Ancient Kingdom.

Li Qiye, standing on his Tetra-War Bronze Charito, was at ease. He was comfortable and carefree as if he was taking a relaxing stroll!

At this time, the bronze door of the Ancient Kingdom was shut tight like an enormous, impregnable sacred gate — majestic and solemn, leaving no room for provocation and no toleration for impudence! On top of the bronze door were the four words “Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom” in all of its grandeur; it was capable of oppressing all mortal beings with fear!

One sect, two emperors. One giant Ancient Kingdom with unfathomable true power. People couldn’t imagine that only this one Heavenly Grotto alone would be enough to not let anyone act arrogant at this place.

“Go knock!” Standing on the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot, Li Qiye calmly looked at the bronze plaque on top of the bronze door and said with a casual expression.

“Affirmative…” Niu Fen grinned from excitement. He was completely confident in Li Qiye for he knew that there was nothing in the nine worlds and ten earths, nor the six dao and eight desolaces, that could withstand the divine power of Li Qiye!

Just thinking about attacking the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom left him elated. Of course, when Li Qiye said to knock, it was not such a courteous action; he absolutely wanted to ram down this gate till it collapsed!

“Zhiii—” But right when Niu Fen wanted to destroy this bronze door, the heavy bronze door opened and a group of people came out from the inside.

With an undulating azure energy and aura, the cultivators inside were all experts of the Ancient Kingdom. The old man leading the group was even more unfathomable as he had a stout figure like a golden mountain and jade pillar. He was adorned with a four-claws dragon robe and a treasure crown as a brilliance surrounded his entire body. Each step of his carried an endless Saint aura that was capable of sweeping through all people in front of him!

“Qing Xuan Yuanshan…” Seeing this old man step out, one person murmured: “The older cousin of Qing Xuan Yuanhe! He was a former guard of Mortal King Qing Xuan!”

This old man, Qing xuan Yuanshan, brought along a group of Royal Nobles and arrogantly looked down at everyone.

“Well done, Chi Yun, your Nine Saint Demon Gate truly ate the tiger heart and leopard guts. Not only did you kill my cousin, but you also dare to announce attacking my Ancient Kingdom’s mansion! Just wait for your sect’s annihilation!” Qing Xuan Yuanshan stared at Chi Yun and said with a harsh disdain.

“Who is right and wrong, your Ancient Kingdom knows clearly more than anyone!” Even when facing the Ancient Kingdom, Supreme Elder Chi Yun still didn’t want to act weak and lower his prestige, thus he said drily.

Both of Qing Xuan Yuanshan’s eyes widened, revealing an oppressive ray as he harshly spoke: “Who is right and wrong? Killing my Ancient Kingdom’s disciples — this is a capital offense worthy of nine familials extermination! Chi Yun, if you surrender now, perhaps it will save your Nine Saint Demon Gate from a sect annihilation. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise, I will destroy your Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” At this point, Li Qiye lazily interrupted Qing Xuan Yuanshan. He provocatively winked as he looked at the group of Qing Xuan Yuanshan and inattentively continued: “Don’t act so prestigious without being able to back it up! Only an Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, so what? I’ll borrow your words. Today, if you kneel down and cut off one hand, then maybe I will spare your Ancient Kingdom once. Otherwise, I will completely trample this place, today!”

Li Qiye’s words immediately sparked many questionable gazes from the sect masters and temple lords. This was not their first time seeing Li Qiye’s ego, but to say that he wanted to annihilate them right outside of their gate, this was truly smugness to the point of causing chaos!

Having heard Li Qiye, Qing Xuan Yuanshan’s countenance turned pale from being livid as his body was shivering. All of the Royal Nobles next to him were also glaring at each other.

“Little Beast, all of you accept your deaths. Taste the anger of an Ancient Kingdom!” Qing Xuan Yuanshan shouted while reaching out his hands to reveal an Emperor’s Decree.

“Boom!” After a loud boom, an Emperor’s Decree appeared with the word “Deter.” Countless experts shivered the moment the strands of emperor’s power came pouring out.

“Bang–bang–bang” Many various crisp sounds appear as this emperor’s aura rushed outside all the way to the sky, turning into a giant palm that blocked the sun as it headed straight towards the group of Li Qiye.

This giant approaching hand was just like an Immortal Emperor’s hand. Many Nine Saint Demon Gate experts could not handle such an imperial aura and thus, they shivered in fear as their knees became soft!

“Open…” With a loud roar, Li Qiye was still calmly standing on the chariot without batting even an eyelid. No need for further commands, Niu Fen leapt to the forefront and turned into a snail — bigger than even a sacred mountain to block the front. Waves and waves of true solutions, like the heavenly rivers, poured down to stop this giant hand.

“Bang—bang–bang…” However, as this giant hand began to clench together, the giant snail also became smaller as it was having a hard time withstanding the emperor’s power!

“Godly solution to open the heavens!” Niu Fen no longer hid his strength and crazily roared. He channeled all of his true solution power explosively. In just a flash, these divine true solutions intertwined together to turn into its original form. In just a blink of an eye, there was a stalwart gigantic image inside.

This shadow stepped forward; it was capable of walking alongside the heavens and sitting down equally with even Godkings! It could still hold the heaven and earth in contempt even in the presence of an Immortal Emperor! Strands of true solutions surrounded this shadow. The most profound true solution was able to communicate with the heaven and earth and channel the original power. Each strand of true solution contained an absolute power no less than the strands of emperor’s power!

At this time, this arrogant shadow stretched out its hand, that was capable of shouldering the sky, to resist the incoming giant hand!

“Boom!” The two hands collided, freezing the heaven and earth as the celestials began to fall down. Countless cultivators were suppressed down to the ground by the explosion of the invincible auras sweeping by. No matter if one was a Royal Noble or an Enlightened Being, all were ants under this force.

Both the emperor’s power and the arrogant gigantic shadow disappeared after the collision. The gigantic snail, like a huge millstone, was jarred flying away while Qing Xuan Yuanshan, who was holding the Emperor’s Decree, had to take a few thumping steps back.

Such a scene robbed everyone of their colors, no matter if they were a previous generation Ancient Saint or sect masters and royal lords. They were in dismay at an existence capable of stopping the emperor’s power!

The Royal Nobles right behind Qing Xuan Yuanshan were even more shocked. In their minds, not even gods and devils could stop their Immortal Emperor’s Decree. But today, someone managed to block it.

“Feels good, this is the real power of the true solutions!” Niu Fen quickly rushed back right after. The snail shell of his true body could be said to be the hardest thing in the world. It was not so easy to break it.

Niu Fen was excited beyond words; this was the real power of a True God! The power of a True God can stop the emperor’s power. How could he not be excited as his clan possessed an invincible divine power!

After Qing Xuan Yuanshan regained his stability, he coldly stared at Niu Fen and finally spoke slowly: “Heavenly Ancestral Calamity Snail! The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still has such a thing!”

Heavenly Ancestral Calamity Snail — there were very few people who had ever heard of such a name. In fact, even the previous generation still wouldn’t know what it was!

“Heavenly Ancestral Calamity Snail…” The Turtle Monarch, from the Flying Dragon Lake, who was watching in the far distance exclaimed in horror having hearing such a name: “An existence in the legends! It is stated that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Divine Beast Protector was a Heavenly Ancestral Calamity Snail, and the world called it the Calamity God! According to the legends, during the era of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, outside of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, no one could stop him!”

Everyone lost their colors in astonishment after hearing the old Turtle Monarch’s words. Calamity God — a generation in this world that dared to be referred to as God, how frightening was this!? Even though no one had heard of True Gods in this world, but anything daring to have the title of God was absolutely monstrous!

“Could this, could this be the Divine Beast Protector of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” After hearing this, a sect master couldn’t help but hastily take several steps back!

Many previous generation characters had heard of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Divine Beast Protector. It was an invincible existence — true invincibility! Even Chi Yun was completely aghast. The Nine Saint Demon Gate used to be a subsidiary of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, how could he have not heard of the Divine Beast Protector? Even the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Progenitor of theirs was one generation below the Calamity God even when he was alive!

“This is impossible, when the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost that year, their Divine Beast Protector did not appear. Rumors has it that it had died from old age 50,000 years ago!” A royal lord who knew about the battle 30,000 years ago couldn’t help not murmur.