Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2124

Jun Mo Xie snickered darkly and flew forward with a whoosh.

Thirteen people were deployed for Blizzard Silver City back then—six elders and seven swords. On top of that, Xiao Han, Mu Xue Tong, Han Yan Meng, and Xiao Feng Wu also went. The Third Elder, Fifth Elder, and seven swords were surrounded by Xiao Family and had died in the battle. However, the Xiao Family had deployed four elders; Second Elder Xiao Bu Yu, as well as the Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth Elders; and they were definitely not wiped out!

Jun Mo Xie had driven Xiao Bu Yun to self-destruction after making him strip and dance in front of everyone, while Sixth Elder was killed when Jun Mo Xie stabbed his sword through his chest. However, he did not kill the remaining two elders, but merely chopped their legs off. …

As to the two youths from the Xiao Family, while he had killed Xiao Feng Wu, he only made Xiao Han a thoroughly crippled man. It did not look like he did not survive, so it made no sense for him to disappear without a trace…

You guys wanted to get the Lord's position in a fair way; how could it be that easy!

Yes! I just want to make you people uncomfortable! Let you guys chew on flies while you are eating!

I want to see how shameless you can get!

If I can't toy you pieces of sh*t to death, I'm not Jun Mo Xie!

Jun Mo Xie bolted across.

As he flew, Mo Xiao Yao, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly lifted his head and glanced at the Grand Hall with suspicion in his eyes. Though his glance was not directed at anyone in particular, the threatening aura from the thunderous look in his eyes was enough to silence all the bickering people.

With his fourth level spiritual sense, Venerable Mo Xiao Yao clearly felt a great presence which appeared and disappeared suddenly. He scanned around slowly, alertness and suspicion in his eyes. Unable to locate the source, he closed his eyes unwillingly.

Could it be that my intuition is wrong?

"It was not wrong; there indeed was someone, and from his skills, his abilities don't seem to be beneath either of us." Wei Kong Qun quietly transmitted to Mo Xiao Yao.

Mo Xiao Yao nodded and quietly replied, "Observe and react; if he appears again, let's combine forces and force him to reveal himself in one strike!"

Once Jun Mo Xie was out of the hall, he quickly spread his spiritual awareness around, checking every single room, not missing a single thing, at an extraordinary speed.

This was his own spiritual awareness and was extremely difficult for anyone to discover it, even for experts with greater abilities than Jun Mo Xie. This was a skill he had attained in one of his breakthroughs—Heaven's Net Awareness!

Vast as the sky, as mysterious as the universe, everyone can see it, but no one can feel it!

Although this was the great Silver City, it did not take much effort to finish searching the entire place. The results were, however, very unexpected. There was nothing?

Was the Xiao Family really that unscrupulous to kill off two of their own experts for the sake of the conspiracy?

There was probably no need to go that far?

Jun Mo Xie frowned. He suddenly dove down with a whoosh, and started searching underground instead.

Just as he expected, there were countless secret chambers underground.

Jun Mo Xie started searching carefully underground using the Power of Earth and Yin Yang Escape.

He was forced to a halt when he reached the vast space beneath the Silver City Hall.

It was impermeable even with his newly attained breakthroughs and levelled-up spiritual awareness!

As if some mysterious energy was protecting that place.

This mysterious energy was undoubtedly formidable and powerful!

Furthermore, this was definitely not like the energy felt from humans, but rather a special and mysterious type of energy that could not be understood.

Shocked, Jun Mo Xie avoided the place in his search but committed it to his memory.

To think that there was such a strange location in Blizzard Silver City.

He would definitely have to go and see what was going on when he had the time…

Just as he channeled the spiritual awareness to the left, he finally perked up.

Found it!

Jun Mo Xie cut right through the soil to the location.

Wasn't this Xiao Han who was lying on the bed in this secret chamber?

Jun Wu Yi was merciful enough to only strip him of his martial arts, but Jun Mo Xie was not going to let it go that easily. He gouged out his eyes, picked his tendons, cut off his ears, dug out his tongue, shattered his spine, and even crippled his genitals, but he did not kill him. While living in such a state was more tortuous than death, but Jun Mo Xie intended to let him continue living on like this.

Letting him die just like that was too easy for him.

Hence when he was slowly tormenting Xiao Han, he also instilled life force in him.

As long as Xiao Han did not starve or get killed by someone else, he definitely would not die!

And just as Jun Mo Xie predicted, while Xiao Xing Yun was ruthless in his acts, he could not do the same to his own descendants. So Xiao Xing Yun secretly took care of Xiao Han instead.

Checking that there was no one else in the secret chamber, Jun Mo Xie appeared before Xiao Han with a whoosh. He took a deep sniff of the air and annoyance appeared on his face. There is not a single whiff of odd smell in a place like this for a crippled person! Seems like Xiao Family did a pretty good job in their aftercare!

Jun Mo Xie took two steps in the secret room. While Xiao Han could not see, but his senses were still very sharp. Noticing that someone was near him, a look of confusion spread across his face.

Jun Mo Xie leaned in and whispered beside Xiao Han's ear, grinning. "Xiao Han, I know you can still hear me. When I sliced your ears off, I did not burst your eardrums, so take a guess: who am I?"

A look of fear spread across Xiao Han's disfigured face. He shook his head aggressively, making incomprehensible noises with his tongueless mouth.

"Just as I expected, you still can hear! And to be able to correctly guess who am I, you're still pretty smart! Living like this feels great, doesn't it!" Jun Mo Xie said gently, yet harsh cruelness could be detected in his tone. "I came by today to add on one more dish for you because I realized that you've been living comfortably, way too comfortably! How could this be allowed? I'm extremely disappointed!"

Xiao Han struggled at all his might with a fearful look on his face, pleading for mercy.

"Relax, I definitely won't kill you! Hahaha, I cannot bear for you to just die like that, and now that you're so obediently lying still, why would I use vicious methods on you?"

Smiling, Jun Mo Xie took a medicine bag out and opened it. Grabbing Xiao Han's chin, he shoved the medicine down his throat and said, "This is medicine that I had prepared specially for you; there is only one in the whole of the Xuan Xuan Xuan Continent and no one else in this entire world other than you is worthy of using it! You should be honored, because you are unparalleled in this world now.

"After consuming this medicine, you will itch every day. It is an itch you will never be able to scratch and it will itch so much you will want to kill yourself, but no one will be able to detect any problem. What you did to Jun Family, and all that you did to my Third Uncle, how could I not repay you properly?" Laughing, Jun Mo Xie continued, "Take it as I helped you achieve your great name of becoming the number one in the world—for itching!"

He then took out a small golden dagger and swiped a Thousand Evil Ten Thousand Poison fruit across it before pricking Xiao Han's fingers and toes with it. It was really a gentle pricking—neither the flesh or skin were damaged. "I know you are extremely sharp in your senses, so you must be wondering why is it that not even your skin is hurt. Don't be too disappointed, because soon your fingers and toes will start to rot, bit by bit—don't worry, you won't die from it! It should take a few years before it reaches your neck, so slowly enjoy it Xiao Han! This is the repayment of the Jun Family!"

At this point in time, Xiao Han was already screaming in pain. The medicine had already taken effect.

As he began to shiver, Jun Mo Xie laughed and disappeared in a flash.

In the secret chamber, Xiao Han shook his body with all his might until he fell off the bed. The servant outside heard the noise and rushed in, only to see Xiao Han struggling in pain on the floor.

There was nobody else!

"That's odd, to struggle to get off the bed when he is crippled to this extent…" The servant shook his head and carried him back onto the bed. But Xiao Han was struggling and writhing around uncontrollably.

He could no longer speak, so he could not tell anyone about the strange itch, and nothing could anything be detected from his body. He could only bear it as no one else could see his misery. Furthermore, the pain on his fingertips and toes was spreading, extremely painfully.

But the tendons in his hands were already damaged, he could not write to convey the pain he was going through. He could only bear with this torture until the end of his life.

Xiao Han's current miserable state had never existed since ancient times.

And it seems like only Jun Mo Xie could think of such a cruel torture method.

This must be retribution for his wrongdoings.

Jun Mo Xie flew out of the room, controlling the soil with ease, quickly located where the Eighth and Ninth Elders were hiding. Not far from Xiao Han, and in a much comfier environment.

While both of these people had lost their legs, nothing else was taken from them. As a result, their Xuan skills still maintained its original standard. Furthermore, the chambers they resided in were spacious and had everything provided, almost like a small house. The two elders were currently killing time playing chess and drinking tea in the Ninth Elder's chamber.

They were even served by a few women.

Donned in white, the two elders looked lively as they continued in their chess, and the smell of freshly boiled tea leaves wafted throughout the space.

At such a sight, even Jun Mo Xie felt a little envious.

This is the life immortals lead?

What the f*ck? Living more comfortably than even me?

Are you two even crippled?

Jun Mo Xie was jealous!

And with no doubt, making Master Jun jealous came with severe consequences!