Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2125

Chapter 1198: Spiritual Calamity

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Mu Chen sat on the Heavenly River for almost a month before he finally opened his eyes.


Lightning flashed in front of his eyes and thunder rolled across the entire area. An indescribable spiritual energy oppression gathered above Mu Chen and swirled out.

Splash! Splash!

The tidal wave that had been hurled by the powerful spiritual energy oppression tore apart in the sky and caused rain to fall down heavily. A large water tunnel caved in on the surface of the river where Mu Chen sat, while the whirlpool of remnant waves hung above him.

When the rain came down, it disappeared before it got close to him. Thus, Mu Chen did not get wet.

As Mu Chen sat under the torrential rain, his slender body was shiny like a piece of pure jade. His body exuded a frightening sharpness, as he had been refined by the Celestial Emperor Sword. As such, he felt as though his body was not a body, but a divine sword that could pierce through the heavens and the earth.

Dazzling spiritual light appeared on the surface of his body, then disappeared quickly as a horrifying spiritual energy shockwave was released from his body. After Mu Chen’s body had gone through so many rounds of refinement, he was able to withstand these explosive shockwaves of the Sovereign Sea.

When the spiritual light appeared, the real dragon and real phoenix symbols appeared on his body. They were apparently the spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix that had been cultivated by the Dragon-Phoenix Body.

However, the spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix were only looming around, as Mu Chen’s physique was too powerful for them. Hence, they dared not move around freely like they used to.

The torrential rain blurred Mu Chen’s vision and he started to look more lively. He seemed to have just recovered from a state of shock. He then looked in amazement at his body, which had been broken and refined so many times.

He could sense the horrifying power in his body, and that made him feel like a mere illusion. He had been pursuing this power for so many years, and now that he had finally obtained it, he felt somewhat at a loss.

Mu Chen hesitated for a while, then stretched out his palms. He then grasped them together slowly. Although he did not use any spiritual energy, he saw dark spatial scratches appear in the space of his palms.


When Mu Chen casually punched out, the space in front of him broke out like a mirror and space debris started to fly around. He went blank when he saw this.

If he had been hit by this punch one month ago without activating his Spirit-slaughtering Troop and using all of his trump cards, he would have been killed instantly! This power was an absolute repression power!

Is this the power of an Earthly Sovereign?

Mu Chen wondered to himself. He was suddenly frightened when he thought of Elder Zuo, whom he had met before.

If he was at his peak back then, Mu Chen would not have been able to escape unscathed, even though he possessed the Spirit-slaughtering Troop. This was because the absolute repression from an Earthly Sovereign would have killed him before he could activate the Spirit-slaughtering Troop.

However, this fear lingered only for a little while, then Mu Chen curled up his lips into a smile. This was because he now possessed a horrifying power! As such, even if Elder Zuo was at his peak and appeared before Mu Chen right now, he would not be afraid of him!

Nine Nether and Mandela stood on the surface of the river in the distance and were elated when they looked at Mu Chen.

“Has Mu Chen succeeded?” Nine Nether asked happily. She could feel an overbearing oppression exuding from Mu Chen’s body that did not belong to a Complete Grade Nine.

“He is halfway there.” Mandela nodded with a smile. Mu Chen had indeed started to possess some powers of an Earthly Sovereign.

When Nine Nether heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief. She then looked perplexed.

When she first met Mu Chen many years ago, he was just a weak and incompetent youth. She never dreamt that he would enter the Earthly Sovereign-level before her!

Previously, she had protected him and kept him away from harm. However, the situation had now been reversed! Nine Nether sighed as she thought about it.

“Why is he only halfway there?” Nine Nether asked suddenly.

Mandela lifted her face to look at the sky and said, “There is one very important ordeal that he has to go through before he can step into the Earthly Sovereign level. Many geniuses have died while going through it.”

When Nine Nether heard this, she was suddenly enlightened. She looked grave and asked, “Is it the Spiritual Calamity?”

As an Earthly Sovereign was mighty, before he emerged, the heavens would be jealous of him. So, they would bring a calamity upon him, which was known as the Sovereign Spiritual Calamity.

The Sovereign Spiritual Calamity was powerful. It had killed many geniuses who had tried to step into the Earthly Sovereign-level, so it was greatly feared by the Complete Grade Nine Sovereigns.

“If the smashing of the Sovereign Sea’s purpose is to reconstruct the body, the Sovereign Spiritual Calamity’s purpose is to target the Sovereign Celestial Body. A true Earthly Sovereign is not concerned with possessing the Celestial Body, but desires a more powerful Sovereign Celestial Appearance,” Mandela explained.

She then said, “Only when a Sovereign Celestial Body is able to go through the Sovereign Spiritual Calamity can it then transform into a Sovereign Celestial Appearance. Just one word from him, and the heavens and the earth will do his bidding. Since Mu Chen has passed the first ordeal, he will have to face the Spiritual Calamity…”

Nine Nether looked worried when she heard this. After all, the Sovereign Spiritual Calamity was notorious! Many powerful geniuses had been killed by it!

Buzz. Buzz.

After Nine Nether and Mandela ended their conversation, a strange buzzing sound was heard coming from the sky above the Heavenly River. The entire area darkened and the spiritual energy within it started to seethe crazily.

Mu Chen noticed the change as well. He lifted up his head and saw space warps in the space above him.

A vast amount of spiritual energy had gathered from all directions to form clouds! Mu Chen shuddered when he sensed a horrifying oppression exuding from them.

“Is this the legendary Sovereign Spiritual Calamity?” Mu Chen muttered and grasped his fists.

This was a crucial step for him to enter into the Earthly Sovereign level. In fact, he could only become an Earthly Sovereign if he went through it successfully.

“The Sovereign Spiritual Calamity targets the Sovereign Celestial Body. If your Celestial Body is being destroyed, you will suffer as well, to the point of losing your life!” the Heavenly Emperor said. “No one can help you with this calamity. You will have to get through it alone.”

Mu Chen took a deep breath and nodded. Then, without saying another word, he waved his hand and brought forth a tidal wave. Visible spiritual energy swirled up and was being absorbed by Mu Chen at a rapid speed.

Previously, Mu Chen would need half a day to absorb and refine such a vast amount of spiritual energy. However, now that he was at a Half Step to Earthly Sovereign, he felt that the spiritual energy had already been completely devoured by his body the minute that it entered it!

His Sovereign Sea had been smashed when he was at a Half Step to Earthly Sovereign, but it did not disappear. It had simply merged into his flesh and cells. As every part of Mu Chen was the Sovereign Sea, he could contain a vast amount of spiritual energy.

“No wonder the Earthly Sovereign level is above all of the other realms!” Mu Chen exclaimed, while he perceived the vast spiritual energy pulsing through his body.

The top powers below the Earthly Sovereign level had their Sovereign Sea as their base, but every part of an Earthly Sovereign was his Sovereign Sea. This was a true power suppression! No other means were comparable to such a suppression!

Splash! Splash!

Mu Chen drew in the spiritual energy from the Heavenly River. He wanted to tap into the abundant spiritual energy from the Heavenly River in order to push his spiritual energy to its peak.

Boom! Boom!

As Mu Chen was drawing in the spiritual energy, a horrifying spiritual energy had gathered in the sky. Spiritual Clouds layered themselves upon one another as colorful lightning flashed across the sky.


Mu Chen took in another deep breath and looked grim. He then formed a seal with his hands, while violet rays swirled out from behind him, forming a violet giant. It was the Immortal Golden Body!

When the Immortal Golden Body appeared behind Mu Chen, he felt that he was at his peak. He was filled with a valiant fighting spirit and, as he looked at the Spiritual Clouds in the distance, he licked his lips.

No one could stop him from entering the Earthly Sovereign level now! If the Sovereign Spiritual Calamity tried to stop him, he would simply smash it!