Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2137

When Wang Ling read this ending, it was as if he could already see Father Wang's sequel being shared fanatically. This was a thought-provoking ending tinged with some tragedy, but Father Wang didn't say that this was the conclusion. Wang Ling thus expected that there would be a third or even fourth instalment in the future.

To tell the truth, he was actually looking forward to this story.

Unfortunately, Father Wang posted new articles on his official account at long intervals. As a top-level online guru, he didn't need to post articles on hot issues to draw attention like other official accounts that wanted to trend.

Also, Wang Ling had heard Father Wang previously mention some official accounts that tried to grab attention in any way possible. Take an official account called Double Dose of Sugar, for example, which had already shut down; it had died as quickly as it had risen, all for the sake of obtaining over one hundred thousand views. In Father Wang's view, doing everything in your power to grab attention for the sake of more than one hundred thousand views wasn't worth it.

In comparison, Wang Ling suddenly felt Father Wang's image grow even larger.

Even though there were long intervals between each of Father Wang's post, each article easily got more than a million views.

Many people lived every day with a particular hope. A small target of one hundred million might not be achievable, but at the very least they should make enough to make themselves happy. To smile with happiness and contentment every day, and to face tomorrow with a smile - this had always been Father Wang's original reason for writing novels.

At this thought, Wang Ling inevitably started to ponder what his own hopes were.

At present, he probably couldn't realize his small target of perfect control over the primordial qi which resided in his body; for now, what was possible was to have gluten-flavored crispy noodle snacks! After reading Father Wang's story about Brother Gluten, Wang Ling suddenly felt like eating baked gluten for some reason.

Back when he had accepted Odd Zhuo as his disciple, Odd Zhou had given him a gold card for a flagship store. Every month, Wang Ling could get a special flavor crispy noodle snack made to order. Wang Ling decided to use this month's allotment for the baked gluten flavor.

He sent his request to the VIP e-mail address given on the gold card, and a customer service little sister from the flagship store replied very quickly: "Esteemed Mr Wang Ling, we have received your request. A box of your made-to-order baked gluten crispy noodle snacks will be ready in a few days and we will send it to you in the quickest way possible."


Just looking at this message was enough to fill Wang Ling with immense satisfaction.

Recently, a lot of things had been happening at the same time. When people felt troubled, it was easy to convert that worry into a craving for food. Eating crispy noodle snacks was one form of stress relief for Wang Ling, but that didn't mean that his troubles would be solved just like that.

After sending the text, Wang Ling carefully sorted out his thoughts.

There were now several issues at hand.

The first was President Bai of the Demon Hunters Association who was on the run.

The second was the mysterious informant who had exposed the Demon Hunters Association, President Bai as well as the power that was behind them.

Wang Ming had previously tracked down the location of this informant, who had sent the information from No. 60 High School's computer room. But currently, Wang Ling still hadn't discovered who this person was.

The third issue was the "angler" whom Loopy Toad and Immortal Zhenyuan had learned about from Demon Saint on top of the Holy Pillar in the demon world. Of all the people Wang Ling had encountered before, this angler was the most dangerous, because the other party was clearly very skilled at controlling primordial qi.

The fourth and final issue was the upcoming summer camp which Wang Ling would be participating in.

Wang Ling had actually thought nothing of it at first, but after what Super Chen had inexplicably said, he suddenly felt like he was going to be "scammed" once again in this activity. Super Chen's mouth was typically "blessed," and there were times you just couldn't not believe it.

While he was deep in thought, Wang Ling suddenly sensed a pair of hands pop out of thin air to cover his eyes, followed by a fully evil laugh. "Guess who!"

Wang Ling: "…"

It was Wang Ming's voice!

This guy had used his projection to come here again!

Wang Ling pushed the fingers on his face away and stared at the young man in front of him with an expressionless face.

Lying on the floor, Loopy Toad lazily opened its eyes.


When Wang Ling turned around, he saw Wang Ming flash his white teeth at him in a grin.

In less than four short days, Wang Ming had once again made groundbreaking headway in the Heavenly-E Satellite virtual body projection technology. Last time, Wang Ming could actually already remotely materialize the fingers on his virtual body; meeting again today, Wang Ling realized that Wang Ming could already materialize his entire arms!

Looking at Wang Ling's amazed expression, Wang Ming smiled. "I estimate that I should be able to completely materialize my upper torso by the end of next month."

The corner of Wang Ling's mouth twitched; this rate of progress was too fast…

But Wang Ming backtracked as he said, "Actually, this technology still isn't very developed. I might be able to completely materialize both arms now, but I actually can't maintain it for very long." Right after Wang Ming said this, Wang Ling saw these materialized arms wither like flowers and fade away; from beginning to end, it seemed that they couldn't hold for more than a minute.

Wang Ming had the expression of one who had already foreseen it. "See!"

Wang Ling: "…"

"Even if I can materialize my upper torso in the future, the duration is in fact a problem." Wang Ming's satellite projection sighed. "Of course, I didn't come looking for you today about this. Remember when I had you collect some of that energy source on Drought Star with the energy collector? The assessment result is out."


Both Wang Ling and Loopy Toad raised their eyes with eerily identical expressions.

"The data report is still in the lab, so I'll tell you first."

Wang Ming cupped his chin and said, "The energy source in the collector is without doubt primordial qi. It's not as dense as the one extracted from your body, but a comparison shows that they basically tally with the characteristics of primordial qi. Furthemore, this primordial qi is a little strange; there seems to be some other matter mixed into it, and it doesn't seem like the primordial qi of a human cultivator…"

"You can even determine that?" Loopy Toad was a little astounded.

"Of course," Wang Ming said. "Even between cultivators and spirit beasts, there are minute differences in their spirit energy. To be more precise, all energy sources have small differences because they operate in different ways.

"But these differences are very subtle, and can only be detected either through Almighty-level powers of perception or by using instruments. But what's very strange is that this primordial qi doesn't seem to be from a human or a spirit beast."

When he said this, both Wang Ling and Loopy Toad became lost in deep thought. For some reason, they suddenly had a bad feeling as they recalled the prehistoric vicious beasts bred by that mysterious angler… From an interview with one of China's richest men, Wang Jianlin, whose advice for young people wanting to get rich was "You shouldn't be that ambitious. Set a small target first, like earning 100 million RMB."