Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2149

Chapter 1245 - Who the fuck wants you?!

When Long Fei returned to his private room, the auction had already begun.

Seeing Long Fei return to the private room, Yang Yu immediately walked over and asked with concern, "Are you alright?"

qu changkong was a little excited as he asked: "What did the president tell you? "Brat, I really did not expect you to be able to instantly kill master of martial prowess mansion, you're too strong."

Master Cang Long also had a face full of smiles. He placed one hand on Long Fei's shoulder and said: "Brother Long, I admire you so much today."


"Too fierce."

"Hahaha …"

"Look at qiu hou's expression, it's as if he saw his ancestor crawl out from a grave. There's no need to mention how depressed he is." Master Cang Long laughed and said.

The entire room was filled with happiness, all because of the two beautiful one-shot moves that Long Fei had made just now.

Long Fei took out the purple diamond card and said: "Big Brother Cang, there are three hundred thousand Xuan crystal here. Your fifty thousand …"

Cang Long immediately said, "Don't mention it, just buy whatever you want. Even if it's not enough, tell me, even if I don't have it, Elder Qu still has a lot of money."

qu changkong stared blankly, and said bitterly: "Cang Long, you're pulling me into the water ah."

At this moment.

Below the stage, the bids were getting more and more intense.

"One hundred immortal crystals."

"Two hundred."

"Three hundred pills!"

… ….

The host walked forward and said, "Three hundred. Are there any higher ones? Is there? Three hundred is a deal! "

The man who bought the pill laughed excitedly: "Hahaha..." "The Scorching Sun Pill is mine now."

In the dark.

The Sky Spirit said to Ao Ya, "Record that person's appearance. Seeing how pleased he is with himself, I feel displeased. In the event that he doesn't succeed, we'll snatch him away."

Every time he saw a few tycoon, the Sky Spirit couldn't help but say the same words.

Oya nodded and didn't say anything more.

After a few rounds of auctions.

The auction for the pellets was about to be late, and the higher the level of the pellets at the back, the host walked up and said lightly: "The next item is a Spirit Grass."

"seven-star herba!"

"This kind of Spirit Grass has the ability to bathe in blood, and can strengthen the mystical effect of the blood vein. The starting price is five hundred Xuan crystal, and the bidding price cannot be lower than fifty Xuan crystal at a time."

"The auction begins now."

It was also at this time that Long Fei's eyes trembled slightly, "He's appeared."

The seven-star herba was the last Spirit Grass Long Fei had refined to cure the antidote, and the majority of the reason he stayed was because of this Spirit Grass.

"This is a legendary Spirit Grass, the power of the seven-star herba's Star Core is very useful for any warrior. It can loosen up their blood and strengthen the blood vein, it can be said to be a rare treasure."

Yang Wannu was secretly shocked, and thought: "I never thought that there would actually be a Spirit Grass like the seven-star herba in this world. If I could buy it, I wonder if my daughter's illness …"

A daughter was everything to him.

If he could cure Yang Yu's injuries, even if he had to sacrifice his life, definitely wouldn't even bat an eye.

Yang Wannu wanted to bid.


When he heard the rising prices outside, he stopped and gritted his teeth. He could not take out that many Xuan crystal.

The bidding outside was too intense.

"Eight hundred Xuan crystal."

"A thousand Xuan crystal."

"Eighteen hundred Xuan crystal!"

"Do you know the value of this legendary Spirit Grass? I bid three thousand Xuan crystal. "

… ….

The price continued to rise.

qu changkong stroked his beard, and said slightly: "I didn't think that there would be so many people fighting over the seven-star herba."

"'s legendary Spirit Grass, putting all these aside, this Spirit Grass possesses a great amount of power, it can be directly consumed without being refined."

"Its power is a sharp weapon for the blood vein, just like how humans develop once again, this kind of power is irreplaceable."

"If this pill is successfully refined, then the effects of this elixir will be extremely strong."

Master Cang Long and qu changkong casually chatted.

Yang Wannu's face became more and more anxious.

The price had already reached a point where he could not accept it. Even if he sold himself, he would not be able to take out that much money.

However …

He continued staring at the auction. The thoughts in his mind were the same as the thoughts in the Sky Spirit. No matter who obtains it, he would snatch it with one word!

At this moment.

The same thought crossed the Sky Spirit's mind.

"Damn, a tiny Spirit Grass could actually be robbed by so many people, it must be valuable, hehe …" Since it is seen by me, it is mine. " The elixir let out a cold laugh.

Fatmen Chen said in a low voice, "Tianling, why have you become like Boss? Say it's yours when you see something good."

The Sky Spirit grinned. "Of course. He's the boss, so of course we have to learn from him."


Fatmen Chen laughed. "So boss is the biggest bandit leader, hahaha …"

Ao Ya's eyes turned cold as she glared at Chen Tianfei.

Fatmen Chen was suddenly like a frosted eggplant, not daring to move an inch.

"Thirty thousand Xuan crystal going once!"

"Is there anything higher?"

"Is there anything higher?"

The price of a Spirit Grass that was auctioned was thousands of times higher than those spirit pellets. This kind of difference also made the situation with the spirit pellets more depressing, and qiu hou, who was backstage, sneered in his heart, "qu changkong, you're too useless."

"I still have a chance!"

"Wait and see how I'll crush you."

qiu hou did not die.

He calmed down, and his hatred rose to the skies. He was determined to make use of this auction to trample qu changkong and the others once again.

Undying of evil!

"Thirty thousand Xuan crystal going twice."

"Is there anything higher?"

A man stood up with a fan in his hand and a complacent expression on his face.

Just as the host was about to hammer the trading hammer, Long Fei suddenly said: "40,000 Xuan crystal!"


The moment he said those words, the entire room exploded into an uproar. Everyone turned to look at the VIP box.

It was also at this time.

The man kept his fan and said: "41,000 Xuan crystal."

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Fei immediately shouted, "Fifty thousand Xuan crystal!"

The man's expression changed as he stared at the VIP box with a fiery gaze, "Do you want to go against me? Do you know who I am?"

Long Fei walked out of the private room, stood on the windowsill, and said coldly: "I don't care who you are, but continue to bid if you have the ability!"

Yang Wannu looked at Long Fei. He was very nervous and excited.

Master Cang Long was a little doubtful. He asked in a low voice: "Brother Long, what do you want this seven-star herba for?"

"With your blood vein Inherent Skill, you don't need it."

Long Fei looked at Yang Yu, and said faintly: "I have my own uses for it."

qu changkong added, "The person below the stage is the young valley master of Heaven's End Valley. His strength is extraordinary, so this Spirit Grass should be bought for his father."

"Long Fei..."

Long Fei said: "Impossible!"

Young valley master Tian Jue's eyes darkened, and said slightly: "Kid, leave a chance for us to meet in the future, I am not the trash of martial prowess mansion, and if you provoke my Sky End Valley, you will not have a good ending."

Long Fei disdainfully said: "Who the f * * k wants to fuck you? Future? You, a gay man, you don't call a price? "