Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2152

After taking down Virtue True God, Insane Court also took down many disciples who have cultivated the heretical art. Ultimately, it was an issue of survival or it would only be a matter of time before someone else took down Insane Court.

The entire system worked together and successfully overcame this disaster. From then on, the Heretical Blood Devour merit law was banned with an iron order. No one in the system was allowed to cultivate it or there would be grave consequences. From then on, the art was considered taboo; no one dared to talk about it, let alone participating in raining.

This particular storm was an existential crisis for Insane Court. Some members of the alliance were already attacking the court’s borders.

Through sheer effort, they managed to resolve the issue. They then isolated themselves from the rest of the world, not allowing any disciple to leave the system. It was a way to stop the remnant cultivators of this art from harming people from the other systems. It would be a great blow to their already-damaged reputation.

On the other side, these systems were quite unhappy. Some wanted to divide Insane Court. This ended up with complete isolation from Insane Court in order to prevent escalation. At the same time, this act served as a way for future generations to recuperate until the day where they could rise again.

Ultimately, people didn’t want to talk about this particular part of history, especially the tales of Virtue True God. This was the reason why Yang Shengping spoke so unwillingly.

“Virtue True God was killed here?” Sijing spoke with reservation.

“That’s right.” Shengping was reminded of something else: “When Virtue True God was killed by Forefather Heavenbattler, he screamed with indignation and declared an eventual return to this land.”

He stared at Sijing while saying this because she said that there was someone screaming in this place. Now that he thought about it, perhaps it was the scream of the True God. Furthermore, he didn’t understand why the Mutebane Race was special but now, he knew why Li Qiye was keeping her around.

Juniors like them were indeed less insightful compared to a forefather like Li Qiye. He felt quite good about it because they made the wisest move in following Li Qiye.

“This place has been meddled with.” Li Qiye interrupted his rumination.

“Meddled?” Shengping was shocked and quietly said: “Is that right? Few disciples rarely come here because the system doesn’t allow for a ceremonial offering. The punishment is quite harsh.”

Virtue True God had done a lot for the system so his branch was quite influential. Despite his death, his descendants would always remember such an invincible ancestor.

Because of this, the system forbade worshipping, not wanting the repeat of the heretical path.

“Someone is cultivating the Heretical Blood Devour art.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“Impossible.” Shengping turned pale with his legs giving in. This art had tempted so many experts and ancestors, making them walk on the path of madness.

Just imagine, cultivating for ten years was not as effective as one blood-devouring session. This would certainly affect just about anyone.

When there was a shortcut to reach success with the greatest speed and minimal effort, who wouldn’t take it? Many would certainly do so while a select few would be able to maintain their dao heart.

Shengping was in disbelief because the system had kept a tight watch on this merit law. Everything relating to it was destroyed or sealed. No one would dare to cross this line due to the potential consequences.

If Li Qiye was right about someone cultivating this art, the result would be terrifying. Madness and perils would engulf the system again.

“The authority in the system might change.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and commented.

Shengping agreed with this statement, albeit reluctantly and with fear. These cultivators would certainly want to seize power and influence again. Thus, the Wang Clan who was in charge right now would be the first to be attacked, same with Wang Han. The seal of authority was still in her hand.

He finally sensed the surging undercurrent and potential problems. They were much worse than in his imagination.

“Can drinking blood really increase one’s power by that much?” Sijing had a more simple question.

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “We use beasts to make pastes, medicines to make pills; the principles are all the same. Our body gestates the essences of the world just like the beasts, especially our blood which is even more precious. Our longevity blood contains the seed of life and its power. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that after reaching a particular level, the blood is more precious than anything else. One drop of imperial blood is priceless. However, the law of this world is to not consume your own kind. Doing so would be considered falling into the heretical, or evil, path. Such a thing had happened many times in the past and is still happening now. Devouring the world and life will never go away.”

Li Qiye’s eyes became profound after stating this. Sijing didn’t know what devouring blood was only elementary at best. In the ancient eras, people have devoured the entire world and all existences, such as Samsara Wild Ancestor.

“Well said, how deep. Consuming your own kind is falling into the heretical path!” A sigh came about, revealing that a newcomer was standing there.

It was an old man with a simple robe and a sword hanging on his back. It was hard to determine his age despite his gray hair because his vitality was still exuberant.

Shengping was shocked to see this. He was a True Champion yet he couldn’t spot someone so close? This made his hair stand on end.

“May I ask for your name, Fellow Daoist?” The old man came forward and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye gave him a glance and said: “Li Qiye, but you haven’t heard of it anyway.”

He carefully pondered and had never heard of this name before. On the other hand, Shengping and Sijing clearly looked like they were from Insane Court.

Only Li Qiye was unfathomable. It was impossible to sense his aura at all. Nevertheless, he remained prudence and had no disdain towards the guy.

He looked at the tablet and gently sighed: “Looks like someone still hasn’t given up!”

His eyes turned sharp like a divine sword after stating this, capable of cutting through all things. He then shifted towards Li Qiye and said: “Fellow Daoist, why did you come here? Only to sightseeing?”