Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2153

There was no doubt that the old man had doubts about Li Qiye, viewing him as a potential source of trouble with nefarious intents.

Li Qiye returned the stare and said: “Just taking a look at the beautiful sceneries of Insane Court on a whim.”

The old man raised his eyes and spoke with a slight change in tone: “I see, how about visiting my humble abode and have a discussion about the dao?”

He maintained a polite tone but in fact, this was a way to test Li Qiye’s power and identity since he couldn’t see through the guy.

“A dao discussion?” Li Qiye casually said: “Your Insane God Sword Dao is not a bad art, but your mastery of it is quite inferior.”

“Insane God Sword Dao!” Shengping blurted out before realizing the impropriety and covered his mouth.

He didn’t know who this old man was, but he was certainly aware of this particular sword dao!

This was a sword technique created by the progenitor - Insane Ancestor. It was also one of the strongest merit law in the entire system.

The name itself already sounded heaven-defying. Few were qualified to learn this sword dao - all were at the ancestor-of-ancestor level.

Shengping wasn’t someone who could meet this level of existence. Thus, it meant that this old man had a prestigious status in the entire system. At the same time, he was shocked by Li Qiye’s response even though it wasn’t something out of character.

In this system, all would be startled upon hearing the name of this sword dao. Even if one didn’t know who the user was, they would still be respectful because the guy must be an ancestor. But now, Li Qiye directly called the old man’s dao as being terrible.

But Shengping found solace in the fact that Li Qiye was a reborn ancestor. If someone was qualified to make this assessment, it would be him.

“Then you are quite proficient with the sword dao?” The old man’s expression changed. He took one step back with a fierce glare.

He wasn’t an imperious person that looked down on all. However, he believed that he was unmatched in this sword dao in the entire system with the exception of his late master.

But now, the reason for his pride was being insulted by Li Qiye - such a young looking man. No matter how he looked at it, this guy couldn’t be older than him. It was understandable why he was annoyed, given the circumstances.

“Not quite because I haven’t cultivated it so it will just be a casual slash, probably thirty-percent weaker than Insane Ancestor.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

The old man felt the urge to vomit blood. He wouldn’t dare to claim to be the best with this sword dao, but he was certainly matchless right now within this system. But now, Li Qiye said a casual slash of his was only thirty-percent weaker than their progenitor. His lifelong practice of this art wasn’t on the same level as a casual slash from this confident youth?

Luckily, the old man had a great temper and didn’t become too angry. He took a deep breath and said solemnly: “I’ve become incapable and insufficient with old age, please give me a pointer or two then.”

“No need for that.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “You won’t be able to handle more than a few moves. It would be a great loss for the system to lose an ancestor for you.”

Of course, the old man felt his blood churning even more. He has met countless prideful and arrogant characters, but not to this level of showing contempt. He didn’t believe there was someone stronger in the system than him right now, let alone taking him down in a few moves.

Meanwhile, Shengping could only listen with his head lowered, not daring to interrupt the conversation of two ancestors.

“Don’t be unconvinced.” Li Qiye continued: “The Insane God Sword Dao focuses on a controlled craziness - mad yet not furious. There is domination in true insanity, one befitting of a king. Your sword dao is crazy and wild but there is a tinge of chaos. This is only the elementary level of this art, you still have a long way to go before grasping the true profundity.”

Li Qiye took his time explaining the dao, imparting the fundamentals.

The old man was horrified to hear this and stared at him as if he was a ghost.

There was no one in the system who knew more about the sword dao than him, but Li Qiye was completely spot-on about his deficiencies.

One needed to have a strong comprehension or perhaps, total mastery, of the sword art becoming commenting so easily. Alas, this youth was able to do it.

He didn’t know where this person came from to understand the sword dao so well. This was truly astounding.

He took a deep breath and cupped his fist again: “May I ask where you are from?”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “If you wish to know who I am, then go perform a worshipping ceremony at the palace.”

The old man was surprised once more. He was confident that no one in the system would talk to him like this. Even the older ancestors would treat him with respect, let alone demanding a ceremony.

He became quite vexed at not knowing what was going on. Who the hell was this youth? What was giving him so much confidence?

Suddenly, a bloody glow flashed and disappeared right away to the far south.

This place was quite far from the royal court. Even strong masters wouldn’t be able to detect it.

However, Li Qiye instantly turned around to glare at the southern region. The old man also felt something and did the same.

In this blink of an eye, he knew that this youth was definitely stronger than him. The guy’s awareness was greater, and awareness was built on strength.

Alas, he didn’t care about this matter at the moment since that flash earlier got all of his attention.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

On the other hand, the old man was ready to kill and scowled: “An insect with one hundred legs never gives up. Hmph, they simply won’t give up.”

With that, he turned towards Li Qiye and said: “When I have time, I will certainly come to the palace to meet you, but I am preoccupied at the moment, goodbye for now.”

His tone became much more respectful versus prior. With that, he left in a hurry as if a big event was going to happen.

This development wasn’t something the juniors here could detect.

“We’re heading south.” Li Qiye told the group.

“Where to, Young Noble?” Shengping got the carriage ready and asked.

“Ivory Gap Mountain.” Li Qiye replied.

Shengping was surprised to hear this: “It’s very far from the royal court, should we let Her Majesty know?”

“No need.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “She’s preoccupied right now. Just watch, a big event is unraveling.”

Shengping didn’t say anything and was getting quite nervous. He wasn’t a visionary but he could feel a storm brewing.

“The system is about to get a new ruler?” Shengping murmured.

“It won’t be that simple. Something even worse will happen.” Li Qiye said.

This made Shengping swing his reins to make the horses go even faster.