Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2154


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Shen Ao wasn't the only one who was shocked, but also Fenghua Zi and the countless cultivators of Fengluo Sect, each of them were staring at Jiang Chen, completely flabbergasted.

"How did he do that?"

"His reaction was just too fast."

"Despite being only an early Immortal Emperor, not only was he able to defeat Shen Yifei, he was also able to escape the deadly attack of an intermediate Immortal Venerable so easily. How can such a figure like him be unknown to people? Why haven't any of us heard of him before?"

Everyone in the sect couldn't remain calm. They had no idea what kind of technique Jiang Chen had used to avoid the attack of Shen Ao, they were also astounded that they hadn't heard of Jiang Chen's name before.

Jiang Chen ignored the gazes of everyone. After all, he had grown accustomed to this kind of situation. He looked at Shen Ao, his palm gently placed on the head of Shen Yifei.

"Since you don't care about the life of your son, I might as well kill him for you," said Jiang Chen in a plain tone.

"Don't you dare, Jiang Chen!" Shen Ao's countenance changed.


Unfortunately, as soon as Shen Ao's words faded, a burst was heard. Shen Yifei's skull was crushed by Jiang Chen before he could even utter a cry.

No one had ever dared to question Jiang Chen's courage as he would never think twice if he really decided to be cruel. Just like now, his face remained as indifferent even though he just killed Shen Yifei in front of the father, Shen Ao. Across the entire immortal world, Shen Ao couldn't believe that there was actually someone who would dare to kill his son in front of him.

"Son of a b*tch!" Shen Ao roared. 

His black eyes instantly turned red. Like an injured beast, he was entering a state of madness. Watching your own son die in front of you, and couldn't do anything about it would surely drive any parent mad.

"Jiang Chen, I'm going to kill you!"

Shen Ao bellowed, unleashing his Bloodlust Devil Art. Moving at incredible speed, the black and sharp claw was thrust at Jiang Chen.

"Shen Ao, you must die for your sins."

Fenghua Zi hurtled forward. His qi of peak intermediate Immortal Venerable was fully unleashed as his sturdy body blocked in front of Jiang Chen. His carelessness just now almost cost Jiang Chen's life. He wouldn't make the same mistake the second time.

"Jiang Chen, you can leave the battlefield."

Fenghua Zi said to Jiang Chen as he struck out a palm to meet Shen Ao's attack.

*Hong Long……*

Destructive qi spread across the void. Some disciples who had weak cultivation couldn't bear the powerful ripples of the qi, which caused their face to pale and spurt out blood; some of them had even passed out.

Jiang Chen left the battle scene nonchalantly, stood at a distance not far away, turned and looked at the ongoing battle with interest. The battle between intermediate Immortal Venerables was naturally terrifying, even now, Jiang Chen was still not a match for such experts, however the residual combat waves couldn't harm him in the slightest. And with his Great Void Technique, not even the old ancestor of Fengluo Sect could make him stay.


An intense battle had broken out between Fenghua Zi and Shen Ao. It made every disciple watching the scene feel tensed, because it seemed like the two experts belonging to the same sect were trying to kill each other. None of them had thought that such an incident would happen. To Fengluo Sect, this was destined to be a tragedy.

"Bloodlust Devil Palm!" Shen Ao bellowed. 

An enormous terrifying blood-red evil palm was struck out by him. It was like the palm of the heavens and earth. The force of his palm could easily crush a huge mountain. This was an incomparably powerful move in the Bloodlust Devil Art. Even Fenghua Zi's expression had changed slightly upon seeing this.

"Immeasurable Wind and Cloud."

Fenghua Zi also struck out his ultimate technique. Only now did he realize how great the potential threat was. The evil art that Shen Ao cultivated had enhanced his combat strength to a terrifying extent. Just as Jiang Chen had said in the crystal ball, if Shen Ao's pill experiment succeeded, his evil cultivation would also be completed; it also meant the date of death of Fenghua Zi and the end of Fengluo Sect.

*Hong Long……*

The two ultimate attacks connected. Even though the battlefield had already been sealed, the collision had still shaken the entire Fengluo Sect tremendously. The mountain peaks below shattered. Numerous buildings collapsed.


Fenghua Zi received a strong rebounding force and retreated a dozen steps, his facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant.

"Shen Ao, I had never expected that your evil art has already reached such a terrifying extent." 

Fenghua Zi spoke mockingly to himself. Being the dignified Sect Master, how could he not notice such immense threat hidden beside him? It was such a shame that he needed an unknown outsider to discover the potential threat in his sect.

"Fenghua Zi, today, I will take Jiang Chen away with me. From then on, I, Shen Ao, won't have anything to do with Fengluo Sect anymore." Shen Ao's emotions had become unstable. Killing Jiang Chen was the only thought lingering in his mind right now.

"Don't even think about it. Also, I can't let you leave." In reply, a dazzling combat sword materialized in Fengluo Zi's hand.

"Haha! Fenghua Zi, you are no match for me. If you insist in stopping me, don't blame me for starting a massacre."

Shen Ao laughed loudly. Shen Yifei's death was a huge blow to him; it had turned him into a madman. Extending out his arm, he lunged at Jiang Chen once more. The size of his giant hand was terrifying. It could be seen that his target this time wasn't just Jiang Chen, but also everyone around Jiang Chen. If the attack successfully made contact with the target, at least several hundred of disciples would die. There was no doubt about it.

"Son of a b*tch!"

Fenghua Zi's expression changed again. He was afraid that not even him could stop this madman from killing the innocent. If an intermediate Immortal Venerable who practiced evil art really started a massacre here, no one could tell how much losses Fengluo Sect would suffer.

Fenghua Zi thrust his sword but was blocked by Shen Ao's immortal weapon.

On the other side, the disciples' expression changed completely at the sight of Shen Ao's attack. They could already smell the scent of death. That was a tremendous threat to their lives that they couldn't possibly bear. Under the pressure of the giant palm, they had lost control of their bodies. After all, the gap between them and Shen Ao was just too great.

"Dammit! This insane man is going to kill all of us."

"We are finished!"

Everyone in the range of the attack was in despair. Fenghua Zi had been stopped and there wasn't sufficient time for the other Immortal Venerables to save them. Shen Ao's movement was too fast. 

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