Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2155

Chapter 1343 Modalities of dissemination

"Michael and Lucifer, please."

Qin Chao thought for a moment, "As far as I know, these two brothers are the strongest, and that Michael is the most detestable one. He always wants to take action against my woman's best friend …"

"Actually, it is to take action against your woman."

Han Bing added.

"No, she's my woman's friend, not mine."

Qin Chao emphasized repeatedly.

"If it wasn't for your woman, would you be in such a hurry?"

"Why wouldn't it be? The people of the world are worried about this world."

"Besides, it's the business of beautiful women."

Han Bing could always find flaws in Qin Chao's words.

"You, I am speechless with your thoughts,"

Qin Chao immediately retorted, "How can your thoughts be so impure? Could it be that a man's mind can only be filled with women? He can still worry about a lot of other things.

"Yes, you're right."

Han Bing nodded, then said, "In your head, it's not all women, it's all beautiful."

"Eh, this …"

Qin Chao was depressed, all of the female Demon s were eloquent, the kung fu in their mouths, he really could not fight with them.

"But that woman is really not mine …"

"You must be a beauty..."

Han Bing was not discouraged and continued to ask.


"Alright, let's talk about this with your future woman."

Han Bing's tone changed, he was talking about Qin Chao's desire to die.

This girl's mouth is too strong. I wonder how …

Qin Chao's mind was a little evil, and he unnaturally thought of blowing the horn.

Her kiss was rather comfortable … Then, if he were to blow the trumpet …

"Uncle, your eyes tell me that you are thinking about something evil."

Han Bing looked at Qin Chao, his eyebrows slightly raised.

"Cough cough, definitely not. I'm thinking about the relationship between super angel and Sariel. You're not done yet."

Qin Chao immediately covered up the evil in his heart.

"I feel that I should be more frank with my Contract Demon."

Han Bing said.

"You are not my contract demon, you just have a cooperative relationship with me."

Qin Chao corrected Han Bing, "There can only be one contract demon, and that is Luo Xi."

"Aiya, aiya, look at you, you're always so stubborn."

Han Bing looked at Qin Chao with dissatisfaction, "I am not worse than Luo Xi. Although she is the daughter of the Lord of Inferno, I am also one of the Seven Rulers of Hell, with such a lofty status.

"Sang Xin your sister, can you talk business now?"

Qin Chao glared at Han Bing. This girl always liked to kick her nose at others.

"Alright, alright. Then don't interrupt, I'm going to continue talking."

Han Bing chuckled, and then continued.

"This Sariel is actually the strongest one out of the eighteen Archangels. Legends say that his strength is close to the level of God and that God used him to kill humans and other Angels. Therefore, his name is called Slaughter Angel and the punishment that Sariel has for him are those humans who have risen to the ranks of Angels.

Han Bing shrugged his shoulders and continued, "Humans are not angels in the first place, after they entered heaven, they obtained the power of heaven, which is the super angel. But unfortunately, the super angel's power was very special, and gradually became a kind of group, which disobeyed the orthodox Angels' rule. They actually joined together to form the super angel's army, attempting to overthrow the upper echelons of the angels in heaven.

"Humans naturally worship freedom …"

Qin Chao said, "Furthermore, I believe that it was definitely those Angels who had no emotions and caused the super angel to rebel."

"I was also one of the original fallen angle. At that time, I knew more about the situation than you did."

Han Bing shrugged his shoulders, "Let's not talk about the reason at that time, in short, when Slaughter Angel Sariel went on a killing spree, nearly all of the super angel s were massacred. In the end, God created a rule that no humans who came to heaven were allowed to share the power of an Angel, and the term super angel did not exist anymore. At the same time, God also somewhat dreaded the power of Slaughter Angel, and sealed him.

"That's why Shang Luo became the so-called super angel …"

Qin Chao frowned, it turned out that those despicable Angels turned Shang Luo into that state to release him … Slaughter Angel.

It seemed that Michael could not beat him, and had to release the big guy.

It's about the same level as God.

What kind of rank could God be? If he was really strong, he wouldn't have sealed Lucifer and Michael, these two Golden Immortal Stage's fellows, and fall asleep from exhaustion.

In the Eastern Immortal Realm, there were plenty of experts who could seal the Golden Immortal Stage.

"Therefore, those angels are here for a big one..."

Qin Chao frowned, "Han Bing, can I trouble you with something?"


Without waiting for Qin Chao to say anything, Han Bing rejected him straightforwardly.

Why was this girl so hard to deal with now?

"I know what Uncle is thinking. He wants me to help you investigate the current situation of the Angels."

Han Bing, this girl, was really smart.

"Although it is not very troublesome, I am still a demon after all. Demons are afraid of angels. If you want me to do such a terrifying thing for you without any benefit, I will not do it."

"What else do you want?" Qin Chao was especially helpless.

"Think about it, I'm a demon. Demons are especially greedy creatures. So, Uncle, I still want a lot of them …"

"What else can I give you?"

Qin Chao frowned, "Money, real estate, I think, you are not interested in these."

"Of course, I have quite a few of these. What Uncle has, I have too."

Han Bing smiled and said, "What I want … "But it's a very precious thing."

"In any case, Yours Truly's virginity has long since been released."

Qin Chao spread out his hands and said shamelessly.

"Aiyo, I'm not interested in Uncle's virginity."

Han Bing's figure suddenly flashed, and in the blink of an eye, he suddenly sat beside Qin Chao.

With one hand, she touched Qin Chao's chest, while walking up and down.

"I... It was the power of divinity for him... "I'm a little interested …"


Qin Chao was immediately shocked and pushed away Han Bing's body before glaring at her, "How do you know about the power of divinity?"

"Aiyo, Uncle, don't be so nervous …" "Look, everyone is looking at you."

Han Bing pointed to his surroundings.

Sure enough, the customers drinking coffee at the side all stared at them. Their eyes contained a little contempt, as if they despised Qin Chao for bullying the girls.

F * * k, these people really don't understand the situation.

"How do you know about the power of divinity? Speak!"

Qin Chao grabbed Han Bing's wrist, lowered his voice, and asked coldly.

"Uncle, you're hurting my hand …"

Han Bing's expression was a little pained.

"Say …"

Qin Chao did not know if this girl was faking it or if it was really painful, so he could only loosen his grip on her wrist.

"Uncle, don't worry. Only I know that you have the power of god …" Don't forget, back then when you were making a ruckus in hell, I was the one who sent people to bring you back … "I was frightened by the scene of your tyrannical abuse of Satan..."

"You saw it all!"

"Yes, even Satan doesn't know, in the depths of his soul, there are seeds planted by me, so, I have also seen what you have done to him. It's a pity, these guys, they don't understand too much about the Eastern World, it's a good thing, I'm in Matal Realm, so I can obtain more information on things like the power of divinity, although it's pretty subtle, but I still know a little about things like that …"

"What do you want to do?"

Qin Chao didn't know what the Seven Rulers of Hell were thinking in their minds.

"Uncle, don't be so agitated …" "I'm just more interested in the power of divinity."

Han Bing said, "This is the power that created the universe back then... "Compared to us, the power of the Demons is many times stronger. Satan, Michael and the others are all staying within their own power realms, feeling complacent and pleased with themselves. This is too laughable.

"The Power of God isn't something that can be given to me just because you want to give it to me."

Qin Chao shook his head, "The way it's spreading is very special …"

"Regardless of which method it is, I would like to give it a try..."

"Are you sure …"

Qin Chao looked at the Demon girl with a smile that was not really a smile.

"Sure, sure."

Han Bing nodded his head, "Such a good thing, even if I have to sacrifice half of my life, I still want it."

"I do not need to risk my life, but I need to sacrifice something else."

Qin Chao's lips curled up into a smile, seeing Han Bing's cold body made him feel that there was nothing good going on.

Hell, I'm a demon.

What was there to be afraid of?

What's more, I'm not an ordinary demon. I'm one of the Seven Rulers of Hell.

One of the few who could run from hell to the surface.

Other than me, only Lucifer that guy can do it.

But why, the uncle's smile, let me have the feeling of fear and trepidation...

Seriously... What the hell...

"What exactly is the method? Uncle, do you want to let me know?"

"Really …"

"I really need to know."

"Alright then …" The truth was that spreading the power of divinity was very simple. It didn't require a soul, nor did it require blood … "Maybe …"

"Then... "What kind of method is this …?"

"It means that he has passed... Woosh! "To spread the word,"


Han Bing was stunned for a moment. The Black Pine Sand in his hand also fell onto the table with a thud, spraying out the liquid inside.

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