Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2168

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Chapter 575: I don't want to marry again, and you don't want to marry again

Compared to Feng Tuantuan's cute crying, Linnuo's little friend was much more ruthless.

"Feng Xinglang, quickly let my mommy and I leave! Otherwise, I will have my foster father bring people to destroy you! "

With regards to his father, Feng Xinglang's, abandonment, the little guy couldn't possibly not take it to heart. The good impression that father and son had for each other disappeared completely the moment Feng Xinglang chose Feng Tuantuan.

"You have to call me daddy!?" Kids have to be polite. Though I don't really care if you call me by my name. "

Feng Xinglang naturally knew why his son Linnuo would speak ill of him. His son's heart was truly hurt by the decision he had been forced to make by the Hetun.

"From now on, you are a bastard, and no longer my father! I don't have a father like you! I am no longer your son! You are my foster father's enemy, which means you are my enemy! "

In the past, when the little guy became angry, he would call Feng Xinglang a bastard, but this time, he used "enemy".

This was sufficient to show that the little fellow's choice on the cruise ship had already been deeply ingrained in damage.

Feng Xinglang bent over, did his best to squat down so that his son could see him as he slowly said in an equal manner:

"Nuonuo, you are a smart child … Can't you see that your foster father planned this? Let me show you something. "

Feng Xinglang said as he played a video in his phone for his son Linnuo to see.

"This video of you jumping into the sea was sent to me by Xing Shi'er. Of course, Xing Shi'er must have been instructed by your foster father. The purpose of this video was to tell me that you are safe.

After a slight pause, Feng Xinglang took a deep breath, "I had to change my mind to catch your sister Feng Tuantuan after she appeared in the Ocean Sphere Pond. She is also a life! "

Feng Xinglang explained to his son Linnuo in an extremely patient manner.

He was sincere.

Because Feng Xinglang really cared about his own son. That little appearance that resembled himself, as long as he frowned and shouted harshly at, Feng Xinglang would feel his heart ache.

"Feng Xinglang, stop finding excuses for you to abandon your wife and children! Five years ago, you made excuses; five years later, you're still making excuses …. I am completely disappointed in you! "

The little guy angrily shouted, causing Feng Xinglang to be stunned into silence.

His son Linnuo was right: Five years ago, after five years, he, Feng Xinglang, was only finding an excuse for his actions of abandoning them!

She didn't try to help them think about it: How painful would it be to be abandoned by her husband, the father of the child, over and over again?

"And you are not to speak ill of my godfather!"

The little guy added in a ruthless tone, "If it wasn't for my foster father modifying the Sea Globe Lake, you would have definitely watched me fall to my death in front of you."

Although the little guy was only 5 years old, he already had his own way of knowing the good and bad, the evil and the good in this world.

He still wanted to refute his own actions, but at this moment, when Feng Xinglang confronted his son who was full of anger, he fell silent.

Maybe his son Linnuo had said something right: He was looking for an excuse for his own actions!

No matter how many reasons and excuses he had, the harm done to his mother and his son was truly evident.

Gazing at the woman's pale-white, haggard face, which had just given birth to a child, Feng Xinglang swallowed all of his words that wanted to comfort her and her son.

"Feng Xinglang, let me leave with Nuonuo. The wrong beginning must end in the right and rational way. "

Xueluo took a deep breath, "Feng Xinglang, I don't hate you anymore. Nuonuo won't hate you either. Let's correct this mistake together! "

"Wrong what? "In this lifetime, I don't want to marry again, and you better forget about marrying again. We'll just have to make do and live our lives!"

Feng Xinglang said coldly, interrupting Xueluo.

"But I don't want to make it! And I don't want my kids to do it either! The kids and I will have our own new lives. Feng Xinglang, since you can't give us mother and son happiness, then let go! "

The words that Xueluo said were unreasonable, and filled the basket, but Feng Xinglang was still as stubborn as before. If they wanted to leave him, they wouldn't even be able to!

The nourishing soup that the family servant had sent over was thrown to the side by Xueluo. It was as if she wanted to use this method to fight Feng Xinglang.

"Madam, you haven't had anything to eat for a day. Your body is so weak, how can you withstand it? "

had specially recruited the golden month sister-in-law from the Centre for Home Economics to serve Xueluo who had a small child.

Xueluo did not say anything, hence he did not drink anymore.

"Lin Xueluo, are you torturing yourself, causing me to feel pain in my heart?" Feng Xinglang picked up the bowl of nourishing soup.

"You will feel heartache? How ridiculous! "

Xueluo coldly snorted.

"Do you want me to personally feed you?"

Feng Xinglang brought half a spoonful of the soup to Xueluo's lips; but it was actually knocked over along with the bowl and spoonful of soup by Xueluo.

Feng Xinglang suppressed his anger and called Yue Bing over to clean the remaining water on the ground.


Half an hour later, Feng Xinglang was locked outside his room by his wife and children.

Since he was unable to leave his freedom and really didn't want to face Feng Xinglang's' fake 'face, Xueluo locked the mother and son in his room.

"Mommy, don't be angry anymore … When Nuonuo went out to check on the enemy later, he brought Mommy to leave the place. Go back and find your foster father. "

Seeing his son's sensible little face, Xueluo's eyes became misty.

"Nuonuo, you're hungry, right? You go out and eat something first. "

"If your mother doesn't want to eat, Nuonuo won't either!"

"Nonsense! Mommy doesn't have an appetite. Nuonuo was obedient and went out to ask the auntie for some food. After Nuonuo had eaten his fill, he would then have the strength to bring Mommy away from here. "

Xueluo suddenly felt that he had made a very serious mistake in front of his son: mistreatment of himself. He wouldn't hurt that man at all, but he would make his child suffer as well.

Outside, Feng Xinglang's gentle knocking sounds came over.

"Nuonuo, quickly come and open the door for your father. I've brought food for you and Mommy. "

The room was silent.

"Nuonuo, it's fine if you don't want to eat it, but your mother is a girl. "Besides, you lost too much blood from kissing Mommy. The doctor said that if you don't eat anything, you will be in danger of losing your life …"

The door opened from the inside with a "huff" sound.

A small figure tiptoed and took the food tray from Feng Xinglang's hands.

"Where's the tray?" Your father shall carry it. "

Just as Feng Xinglang was about to get close to him, with a loud 'bang', the little guy used his own small leg to kick the door shut.

He was too lazy to even talk to his father.


The only thing he could say was that Feng Xinglang had asked for it!