Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2169

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Chapter 678: A wife's meal is just fragrant!

In the morning, there weren't many Uncle or Auntie at the Dance Training Center.

Xueluo could stand by the side and watch their movements, as well as the movements that the aunts and uncles could ignore the most. This way, after the dance instructor took a rest, she would be able to better tutor the students and correct their movements.

Xueluo was in the last row, near the back door of the training room.

She only felt a shadow flash past behind her, and when she turned around, her waist was already tightly hugged.

Xueluo instinctively wanted to scream and struggle, but the music covered her panicked voice and in that instant, she felt that the man who had suddenly attacked her was Feng Xinglang.

"Feng Xinglang? What are you doing? You want to humiliate me like this in front of so many people? "

Xueluo said angrily. She thought Feng Xinglang was going to flirt with her again, regardless of the occasion. He would never respect or cherish her. He thought that she, Lin Xueluo, was something that he, Feng Xinglang, would play with.

No location, no place.

"Good girl, don't move …" Let me hold him for a moment. Just hold her for a moment! "

Feng Xinglang's voice was hoarse and came from the depths of his throat. He did not frighten Xueluo further, but instead, tightly embraced her from behind, felt her aura, and calmed his own heart.

Xueluo could feel that the man today was different from the flirtatious and frivolous one he used to.

The old grannies should have seen Feng Xinglang, who was carrying Xueluo, and knew that Feng Xinglang was Xueluo's ex-husband …

Seeing that Xueluo did not struggle, and Feng Xinglang did not do anything bad, the old aunties continued with their dance lessons. They were experienced people, young people's affairs, blindly joining in would only bring about the opposite effect.

"Feng Xinglang, what happened?"

Xueluo asked as he ripped off Feng Xinglang's arm that was wrapped around her waist, and asked: "Didn't I ask you to go to the hospital for treatment? Why are you back? "

"Xueluo... Marry me! "

The man's voice was low. But it was incomparably clear. In the magnetic voice, there was a trace of a man's charm.

Xueluo's entire body froze for a moment.

She messily pushed Feng Xinglang, who was hugging her, and embarrassedly glanced at the dancing uncle and aunt. Luckily they had their backs to her and Feng Xinglang. However, in the mirror in front of him …

"Feng Xinglang, what are you doing … I don't like arrogant men who don't know how to respect women! "

"Then what do you like?"

"What kind of man do I like, has it got anything to do with you?"

"Of course! I am the Adam God created for you, Lin Xueluo! "

"What a pity!" I only like mature, steady, loving, loving and loving my child's man! "

"It's still me!"

"Feng Xinglang, you are shameless!"

"I won't be able to get you back if I want to!" What do I want it for? "


Half an hour later, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Feng Xinglang was lying on a bench behind the dance hall, with blood flowing from his arm.

Xueluo insisted that Feng Xinglang go to the hospital, but Feng Xinglang insisted that they not leave her place.

Basically, Xueluo wanted to take advantage of lunch time to go to Nuonuo's kindergarten to check on his son's studies. Thinking about it, with Feng Xinglang here, the little thing shouldn't be able to go out. Furthermore, she had already confiscated the phone that her son had hidden in his schoolbag.

Yuan Duoduo, this best friend of hers, was indescribably good.

She, who was already three months old, worked hard and practically brought Xueluo food at noon every single day.

Actually, it was too boring for Yuan Duoduo to be alone in the small hut. She wanted to get some fresh air. It just so happened that he could talk to Xueluo.

"Dearest Snowy, your son, his godmother, has arrived at dinner …"

Yuan Duoduo walked in happily with small steps. She did not know that Feng Xinglang would be at the training center in the afternoon.

After a moment of panic, she subconsciously covered her stomach with her cardigan. Actually, he couldn't even tell that Yuan Duoduo was being too guilty.

"Yuan Duoduo, I haven't seen you for a few months, how did you become so fat?"

Feng Xinglang ridiculed.

Yuan Duoduo had indeed gained a lot of weight in the past two months. She had a physique of an athlete, so it was hard for her to relax. Furthermore, Yuan Duoduo was a girl with an extremely good appetite in the first place.

But it was not like what Feng Xinglang had said: fat into a ball!

Actually, the thing that Yuan Duoduo was most afraid of was the words that he had just heard: Your child, its mother!

However, she had completely forgotten about the man's harsh words. Feng Xinglang had called her "Your child" and "its mother", but Yuan Duoduo had called her himself. He thought that 'child' was his son Feng Linnuo.

"You actually said I'm fat like a ball? You don't have to eat lunch! "

Seeing that Feng Xinglang did not continue on about the 'child's godmother', Yuan Duoduo immediately changed the topic.

"Don't. If you are hungry, my Xueluo will feel heartache. "

Feng Xinglang's electrified eyes shot towards Xueluo, who was at the side, and even gave him a charming flying kiss.

"... Even if I starve him to death, my heart would not ache for him! " Xueluo bellowed.

"One meal, ten thousand dollars …"


For Yuan Duoduo, who was extremely short of money, this was a beautiful thing to do.

"Duo Duo!" "Do you have to be so rich, light friends?" Xueluo slightly rebuked.

"You two are flirting with me, aren't you? I'm not such a kawaii! "Give me your credit card. This meal is yours, I won't be a light bulb anymore!"

Yuan Duoduo took Feng Xinglang's credit card and immediately left.

"Feed me."

As soon as Yuan Duoduo left, Feng Xinglang activated his playing with his wife.

Xueluo rolled his eyes fiercely at the man. He began to eat.

If you can do it, then don't say it. Feng Xinglang pulled Xueluo's wrist and placed a piece of Red Braised Meat from her chopsticks into his mouth.

"A wife's food is just fragrant!"

Feng Xinglang said with a magnetic voice, purposely eating his soul.

"... Feng Xinglang, do you still have any face? " Xueluo was speechless.

"Then kiss me nervously. See if my face is still there..."

Feng Xinglang immediately brought his handsome face forward.

Xueluo: "..."

In the evening, when Feng Xinglang went to pick his son up from school, an aunt walked over.

"Xueluo, why is your ex-husband still pestering you?"

"... His skin is too thick. " Xueluo had no answer.

"Since you are both divorced, you should be more thorough. It was hard to get along with a person's personality. Auntie will introduce you to someone. "

"He's an engineer, with a monthly salary of more than ten thousand. He's thirty-five years old, and he's an unmarried man."

"Auntie, thank you for your good will …" "I, I don't want to recently …"

"We can't let this go unnoticed, and we have to think about it as soon as possible! Even though you're still young, you're already a second marriage, and you even brought a boy with you. It's very difficult to get married. "

"Auntie, I …"

"I know you're embarrassed. I've already made an appointment for you. He'll be here in half an hour. Meet him first and take a look at his fate. "