Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2196

Even time itself couldn’t erase the archaic runes all over the wall. They recorded many hidden tales. For example, eternal life, the ancient age, the origin of the end of the world…

Li Qiye memorized each tale with jubilation. They were actually parts of the missing puzzles for some speculations of his.

Since the start of the world were cycles of epochs. There were lucky survivors and those who fought time and time again…

All of this hid an ultimate secret of unspeakable darkness. It can even be said that in each epoch, there was always a pair of eyes peering at all existences, but they didn’t necessarily belong to the high heaven! That’s the most terrifying part.

However, few knew about this secret and the being behind it all. Those who were aware have either died on the battlefield, gone far away from his home, or hiding like cowards in the shadows…

“I’m here now so I will fight to the end, no matter how many times, until the dawn is truly back.” Li Qiye chuckled after memorizing the runes.

Meanwhile, the old tree didn’t try to escape. It wouldn’t have been easy because of the golden liquid from the yang gourd sealing the room. Taking down Li Qiye first was necessary. Therefore, it focused on understanding its foe.

Li Qiye eventually turned at the tree and asked: “You want to follow me willingly or what?”

The tree shook; it could understand but couldn’t speak.

“I’m a nice guy who doesn’t want to force others, but when it comes to push or shove, I’m quite merciless.” Li Qiye smiled: “In that case, I might just refine you into a pot of longevity paste. What do you think about that? It might be a waste but I’m more than willing to do it.”

The tree still shook in refusal despite the threat. It didn’t want to follow him.

He went on: “There’s no logic behind giving up an immortal item. I have no choice but to use force then.” Having said that, he pulled up his sleeves and warmed up, seemingly ready to give a brutal beat down.

“Buzz.” The tree became bright with immortal rays. These rays then turned into weapons - hammers, swords, hatchets… Each possessed an apocalyptic power.

Even a True God would tremble before them. This old tree definitely had enough strength to protect itself.

There was no doubt that it would die fighting if Li Qiye were to use force. It didn’t want to leave this place with him.

“Quite strong.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “It’s a shame that you’re only living a borrowed life right now, an incomplete form. If you were whole, then you could absolutely run away from me and no one could ever catch you. Too bad that isn’t the case.”

The tree’s radiance intensified with rays capable of piercing through all things. It didn’t need words to express itself.

Li Qiye shook his head after seeing its battle-ready appearance: “Just messing with you, I know you will follow me.”

He took out a wooden box with a sweet fragrance. It was polished with love via tender caress so many times to give it a luster - indicative of its value.

He opened the box and an immortal light pulsed instantly. He looked inside and commented: “This old man, really dug a pit for me to jump in, and I have no choice but to do it despite knowing that it’s a trap. A move that can’t be solved.”

This was the gift given to him by the old man back in Arrogance. After obtaining it, he took some time to ponder what it was. He realized that the old man had his own schemes but he couldn’t help taking the bait.

This item was worth the risk of researching. He showed the box to the old tree and smiled: “I know you recognize this thing.”

The tree was startled, clearly glaring its eyes in disbelief despite not having a pair. Not even in its dream did it expect to see it so it couldn’t calm down.

“Take it for a better look lest you think I’m tricking you with a fake.” Li Qiye handed the box over.

The tree hesitated for a moment before using its small branches like two hands to pick up the box. It looked inside in a meticulous fashion.

As time passed, it became certain that the thing was definitely real. Plus, who could actually create an imitation of this level? It then returned the box to Li Qiye. 

“Everyone will want to jump into this pit but who can actually climb out? Maybe we’ll all be buried in there.” Li Qiye took it and smiled while shaking his head.

Li Qiye was someone who could casually give primordial treasures away. Thus, the old man was quite crafty to give him something tempting enough.

“Are you willing to follow me now?” He asked with a smirk.

The tree tilted the top portion, seemingly deep in thoughts. It eventually nodded and agreed to follow him, falling into the same pit as him.

“Good choice.” Li Qiye said: “Trust me, follow me and you’ll have plenty to eat and shall be whole once more.”

The tree nodded excitedly this time around as if it wanted nothing more than to heal these injuries. As for their origin? That’s a story for another day.

He spread out his palm and the tree jumped up without any hesitation. He then put it away.

“Rumble!” He actually took the whole room with him. Though there wasn’t any treasure inside, the room will be useful later on.

He returned back in his throne back on the surface. The disciples were still lost; Li Qian, Wang Han, and Chu Qingling all stared at him.

“Little girl, come here.” He gestured at Chu Qingling.

She came over and bowed respectfully: “What is your command, Young Noble?”

Her prideful self seemed quite obedient right now.

“This blood ginseng is yours. Remember, stewing this is foolish. Keep it by your side for more benefits in the future but it is up to you whether you can earn its trust or not.” He took out the ten-million-year-old ginseng.

“A ten-million-year-old ginseng, a king among ginseng kings.” Li Qian was surprised to see the sealed root.

They finally understood his sudden departure - so it was to catch for ginseng.

Qingling was astonished to see the root in her hands. She spent a lot of effort but couldn’t catch it. Here it was now. 

Like Li Qian said, one this old was a king among kings.

“Thank you, Young Noble. I will tread through the fire for you.” She emotionally exclaimed.

“Go now.” He only nodded and said flatly.