Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2204

Li Qiye didn’t quite express a stance after hearing Light Ancestor so Li Qian had no choice but to chime in awkwardly: “Forefather, well... should we ease the tension?”

He naturally wanted for this storm to end with peace. Insane Court needed a friendly relationship with the rest of Myriad Lineage for their future. They would need to break the isolation policy eventually or revitalization would only be a fool’s dream.

Outside of being strong enough, they still needed to rebuild relationships with the other sects, not quite allies, but definitely not enemies with everyone.

The continuous infamy of being a heretical sect went against this goal. Because of this, Li Qian wanted to fix this problem.

Li Qiye had won the battle on top of massacring the majority of the alliance. It showed the power of Insane Court. Thus, they had more room to negotiate via intimidation, to an extent.

Therefore, sparing these remaining ancestors was an incredible chance for the sect.

Li Qiye chuckled and said leisurely: “I personally don’t care about being enemy with everyone, no big deal.”

Li Qian smiled wryly back, only the forefather would say something like that.

“Forefather, you are unbeatable in this world, not afraid of anyone and is on the same level as the progenitor...” He hurriedly added.

“Alright, Li Qian, there is a limit to flattery before it becomes insincerity. You’re not good at it, too stiff.” Li Qiye smiled and interrupted the guy.

Li Qian didn’t feel right saying this either so he stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do with his hands.

Li Qiye then turned his gaze towards the ancestors of the alliance and revealed a devious smile: “I normally do not accept peace offering, but since some people are requesting it, you all will have to show your sincerity.”

“Gentlemen, since Insane Court is willing to sit down and talk, why can’t we do the same?” Light Ancestor hastily persuaded: “If the three wretches that have inflicted pain on our sect are dead, then we should eliminate this misunderstanding too.”

The Pill King jumped in: “He’s right, he’s right. This senior is peerless, a true master, and isn’t someone who would spare the three Insane Blood Gods. If that’s the case, we’re all smart and successful people, no need to continue on this path.”

Resting Bull Light Ancestor had a good reputation in Myriad Lineage on top of being good friends with many ancestors, hence his success in dealing with the previous agreement.

The Pill King was influential as well because of his Longevity Pills, perhaps the best in this realm. So many ancestors, including Eternals, would need his service eventually.

Because of this, the ancestors here were certainly more tempted. Of course, the most important reason was their captivity and utter defeat.

Not accepting a truce would result in their head rolling on the ground. The two choices were rather easy.

“Hmph, how can we talk when you are chaining us like this?” Myriad-armed King still put on a proud act.

Li Qiye laughed and clapped his hand: “Giving you some face and you want to push your luck? Killing all of you right now is as easy as lifting a finger. As losing combatants, I’m already being nice by not forcing you all to kneel and talk.”

Everyone’s expression soured; some glared angrily at him.

“Death before disgrace. Come and kill us, you think we’re afraid of your syst…” An ancestor shouted.

“Pluff!” His head went flying before he could finish speaking. Not even in his dream would he expect Li Qiye to kill him over one retort.

The scene became silent; everyone felt their scalp tingling.

“Appreciate your current situation.” Li Qiye said: “You’re not afraid of my system? I’m not afraid of you all either, a bunch of prisoners. Must I personally go trample your systems before the world realizes my invincibility?!”

No one wanted to die meaninglessly, so most of them were thinking about the truce.

“Even if your progenitors come out, I will still kill all of you just the same. Just Myriad Lineage, Three Immortals can go at me and I still wouldn’t give a damn!” Li Qiye continued on with his carefree attitude: “I’m taking care of Insane Court for sentimental reasons, so I’m giving you juniors some face, do not take this truce for granted or think that I’m afraid of the combined might of Myriad Lineage.”

He had made his tough stance clear, not giving a damn about the lives of these ancestors. Just one wrong word and he could decapitate them all like he did the alliance earlier.

“Slow down, let’s not be too hasty.” Light Ancestor quickly intervened: “I believe the ancestors bear no ill-wills but the tongue can be out of control at times.”

At this moment, both Yang Radiance Buddha and Myriad-armed King, the two strongest ancestors, didn’t say anything. No one was truly fearless in face of death. Plus, the feud wasn’t at an irreconcilable level, not to mention that their lives were in Li Qiye’s hands. They had no advantage and leverage to speak of. There was no choice but to acquiesce.

“I’m sure everyone here won’t fight to the death over a misunderstanding caused by the Three Insane Blood Gods. This hasn’t escalated to the point of no return.” He continued: “Insane Court has killed the remnants of the past, so the matter of the heretical blood art is over. Why the need to keep on fighting and killing each other?”

“I agree with Light.” The Pill King chimed in: “Now that we know what’s going on, let’s not throw our lives away. Anger is the issue here, right? Take one step back and bask in the immensity of the heaven and earth. Being alive is the best.”

The alliance exchanged glances. The Buddha eventually spoke with a serious tone: “I’m the leader of the alliance this time, so I’m responsible for bringing everyone back. If the heretic dregs are dead, I trust in Light Ancestor’s guarantee and agree to a truce. What about all of you?”

There was no doubt the buddha and the king were the strongest and most prestigious in the group. Plus, the former came from Yang Radiance, one of the strongest sects in Myriad Lineage. If he had accepted his defeat, then others could do so without losing too much face.

He also felt responsible for bringing as many people back as possible, so this was a necessary move in his mind. The problem here was that these ancestors were big shots who cared too much about their reputation and pride. If the strongest one had conceded for a true, then they could also accept it as well.

Ultimately, as long as the circumstances allowed, being alive was still the best course of action.

“I have no objection. My Vermillion Martial Court agrees to a truce with Insane Court.” An extremely powerful ancestor with great status from this sect also spoke.

This was also another top-three power in Myriad Lineage, not necessarily weaker than Yang Radiance.