Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2205

“My Lastingness Kingdom also accept this remediation.” A different ancestor spoke.

“Same with me.” The other ancestors chimed in.

However, Myriad-armed King scowled: “Even if we accept this truce, our several thousand disciples can’t die in vain.”

“So, our disciples who have died to your alliance can?” Li Qiye smiled and countered.

“You need to at least give us and our systems a reasonable answer if we’re going back like this.” Myriad-armed King didn’t wish to give up and was ready to lose his head over it.

This particular sentiment struck a chord. Though they have conceded and agreed to a truce, Insane Court still needed to give an official response. Otherwise, they would have nothing to say after coming back.

“Perhaps it’s possible to send an official note to all your sects.” Light Ancestor hesitated for a moment before requesting.

“Want more communication? That’s fine, I’ll take a trip to your systems then, might be a good stroll.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Forefather, we can’t bother you with that.” Li Qian was scared out of his mind: “Let me go for something so trivial instead of wasting your time.”

He wasn’t worried about Li Qiye’s safety but rather the other systems since no one could stop Li Qiye. What if he went there and start a massacre? Blood would run like rivers.

“It’s fine, I have nothing else to do anyway. Don’t worry, I’ll give you all a good response, is that showing enough sincerity?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Li Qian became even more horrified but he didn’t dare to oppose the will of the forefather.

The ancestors of the alliance glanced at each other, feeling a bit unsure. They could see that Li Qiye had control of Insane Court, a very important man since he could control the dao source. It meant that he was untouchable in this region.

No one else would want to go to a different playground. Not only would he lose his home court, but the other systems would be able to use their dao source to suppress him.

It was fine for Li Qian, the leader of the protectors, to go instead. This was enough to give the other systems a good answer for their dead combatants. He was prestigious enough to take on this role.

But now, Li Qiye offered to go himself? This illogical action perplexed the ancestors and made them quite skeptical.

“I’ll be a guarantor then.” Bright Ancestor stepped up again and clapped his chest.

“If necessary, I’ll be one too.” The Pill King voiced his support.

What else could be said right now? Li Qiye’s trip seemed to be set in stone.

“I have no objection then.” Myriad-armed King acquiesced since he wasn’t in a position to make demands. Nevertheless, if this guy were to leave Insane Court, they would have more options in the future.

“What guarantee will you all give me then?” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The alliance didn’t know how to respond while Light Ancestor didn’t wish to speak on their behalf.

After a while, Yang Radiance Buddha made up his mind and spoke solemnly: “We can guarantee that there will not be any future conflict, such as a sudden attack like today, and the old agreement will continue. If you don’t believe me, I’m willing to be a hostage. However, you must let everyone else go.”

He was a tough man, willing to take responsibility after leading this charge.

“No, leave me behind, let me be the hostage.” The Pill King jumped up and said: “I’m willing to stay in Insane Court.”

People were speechless. He sounded as if it was so nice being a hostage. Of course, they were aware that he was completely mesmerized by Li Qiye’s alchemy.

“Nice try, staying behind to steal my alchemy? Scram back to your home.” Li Qiye laughed after seeing the excited guy.

“Let me.” The old ancestor from Vermillion Martial Court spoke: “Yang Radiance Buddha is the leader and pillar of this alliance. It’s not suitable for him to be the hostage. Let me stay behind. If another alliance attacks later on, cut off my head then.”

He was both logical and heroic. Rendering a leader down to a hostage didn’t look good at all.

No other ancestors stepped up because being a hostage was quite humiliating. Plus, if their systems were to launch another attack, the hostage would be the first to die.

“No, let me!” The female ambusher earlier said: “I’m willing to be the hostage instead of my ancestor.”

He immediately refused: “No, you’re still young, go back!”

“Ancestor, you’re grievously wounded and need to recuperate or there will be future trouble.” The girl said.

Many ancestors agreed with this after suffering the heavy blow. If they didn’t come back to recover, these wounds could become permanent and greatly affect them later on.

“No, it is not your turn to represent Vermillion, go back.” The ancestor refused.

“Let her then.” Li Qiye smiled and said while pointing at the girl: “She’ll be the hostage.”

“...” The ancestor became uneasy after a girl was picked to be the hostage.

“Don’t worry, what am I going to do to her? I’ll take her back when I visit your system.” Li Qiye said: “Of course, I also welcome another attack but unfortunately for her, she’ll be the sacrifice to the battle rite. It would be sad for so many systems to let down a cute junior like this.”

“And I’m sure Insane Court won’t bully the young lady.” Bright Ancestor told the rest: “Let’s go with this then.”

He wanted to settle the issue so Li Qiye wouldn’t have the chance to change his mind. Otherwise, all of their efforts so far would have been in vain.

“Alright.” The ancestor from Vermillion gave up.

“Li Qian, see our guests off.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand and the primordial laws uncoiled, freeing the ancestors.

Despite being freed, none dared to do anything to Li Qiye. This match has been decided the moment Li Qiye controlled the dao source. It would be suicidal to even try.

“Hehehe, senior, I still want to be a hostage. It’ll be better for Insane Court to have multiple ace cards.” The Pill King offered himself again.

“Scram already.” Li Qiye laughed: “Insane Court won’t feed anyone for free.”

“Everyone, follow me.” Li Qian heaved a sigh of relief. This storm was finally over.

The ancestors were happy to see Li Qiye not doing anything else to them and quickly followed Li Qian. Only the Pill King left unwillingly, wanting to see Li Qiye’s alchemy again to learn.