Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2210

Emperor Nong’s alchemy scripture made others think that the three emperors were real, not just fabricated tales.

If this was the case, then it would to another question - immortals. Many believed they were actually immortals because the legends said so. They have become True Immortals, but such beings couldn’t be found in any other place in this world. If immortals existed, then they were certainly at this level.

Of course, a few believed that Alchemy Immortal simply used the story of the scripture to propel his own fame. All in all, Alchemy Immortal was definitely excellent in crafting Longevity Pills.

When he was in this world, so many people asked him for pills, including progenitors.

In terms of fighting potential, Alchemy Immortal was no match against many other progenitors. However, his status was great among his peers due to these Longevity Pills.

They also propelled the system into the spotlight in Myriad Lineage. It was certainly weaker than sects such as Yang Radiance or Vermillion, but the overall status was similar.

His first destination was actually the fire source, not the valley itself. He smiled and told her after entering the new territory: “You are free now after leaving Insane Court and may return to Vermillion.”

“Why should I?” She was a bit dissatisfied because she didn’t want to go back to Vermillion and he knew this too.

“I won’t force you, but you need to let your ancestors know or they’ll think that Insane Court had mistreated a hostage later.”

She pondered for a bit, knowing that the ancestors would certainly want her back after finding this out. It wasn’t that Vermillion didn’t treat her well. In fact, the ancestors doted on her and had high hopes. Nevertheless, a successor of Vermillion had a heavy responsibility.

“Certain things are inevitable. Face it instead of running away.” Li Qiye played with her soft hair and said: “Plus, you’re my follower right now, and I can bare the sky falling down, what do you have to be afraid of? I, Li Qiye, do not allow for anyone to hurt my followers, or death to them!”

Bingning appreciated the sentiment and support from this seemingly ordinary man. He was her biggest backing now and would shoulder the falling sky for her sake.

“I will let the ancestors know.” She gently nodded, feeling even more determined than previously. She found everything to be much brighter and simpler.

“But I want to see the fire source first.” She looked at him and coquettishly asked.

He chuckled and said before leading the way: “Very well, just taking a look is fine.”

The location of the fire source was very important in this system. It related to many secrets. Some believed Alchemy Immortal picked this location for his system precisely for this area.

Rumor has it that it was already around before the inception of the system, just floating around in a different dimension. Later on, Alchemy Immortal refined the boundaries and dao foundation then dragged the fire source location to this place, adding it to his system.

Perhaps this land of fire had something to do with the fire tribe. Some even believed that even Alchemy Immortal who was from this tribe didn’t understand this fire source completely.

Strangely enough, despite the importance of this area, Longevity Valley wasn’t built here and didn’t guard it at all. Any visitor was allowed to enter.

Thus, many cultivators in the system and even those outside would come to see the land of the fire source.

The cultivators and alchemists from the fire tribe loved it. They could find the best fire seeds here, most suitable for pill refinement.

The fire tribe was a major race in Three Immortals. There were plenty of races and tribes, but not many were considered major. Fire tribe, humans, Heavenly Buddhas, eight-armed tribe… these were the major races.

Another common belief was that the fire tribe was the descendant of Emperor Sui. Thus, they considered themselves to be a main branch in Three Immortals.

Some cultivators came here to strengthen themselves by refining their physiques and power. Members of the fire tribe were born in flame, so this place was certainly the best for them to temper their physical constitution.

One could feel the high temperature while standing at the border. It felt like an ocean of fire with endless heat waves. This was unbearable, especially for mortals. It was as if they would be rendered to ashes after taking a step inside.

There were mountains as far as the eyes can see, all gathering together to form the shape of a dragon resting. This was the land of the fire source, not completely barren. On the contrary, vegetation and foliage were growing quite well here, even lusher than other places.

Old trees grew in the massive forests. However, they were different. Instead of a green shade, they had a red color. The leaves here looked like red gemstones.

Some places were covered in surging flame. A few valleys were filled with lava. The heat here was ready to burn all intruders, but not the beasts, birds, and fish already living here.

Fire hawks were soaring in the sky while ember leopards roamed below. Here was a place with many scenes unavailable in the outside world.

“Whoosh!” The winds were ripped by a beast galloping towards a deep, narrow valley. 

It looked like a water buffalo, only that it was made from lava, still melting and flowing around.  One wouldn’t be surprised to see it living in a volcano.

“Let’s go! We can’t let it hide into the lava or we’ll never see it again!” An old man shouted and led a group of disciples over to pursue the beast.

Li Qiye and Bingning moved on and climbed up a peak. They saw a young cultivator standing below a tree on the next peak over. This red tree had a piece of bark removed, revealing that it consisted of fiery crystals inside, similar to a clam holding a pearl.

The youth instantly tried to take the crystals out but a fiery spark came from the tree. It coiled around him like a chain of fire.

“Ah!” He screamed and got turned to ashes in the next second.

The chain then put the crystals back into the trunk and the cracked bark closed once more.