Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2228

Chapter 2228

The perpetual spring season here filled the place with life . Foliage, plants, willow trees; all inviting people to come .

One could open their eyes anywhere and see a variety of beauties . A man would definitely forget his way back home .

A cold and prideful lady like the winter apricot was watering a flower pot; a smiling girl was chasing after a deer; a gentle woman was picking some medicines… The climate was perfect but the population even better .  

His appearance here attracted many gazes . Some bashfully smiled at him while the colder ladies only glared . A few were friendly enough to nod their head cheerfully as a greeting…

This was an assault on one’s vision . Any other man would abandon his lover in this new scenery, but Li Qiye leisurely strolled and perused the landscapes instead .

A man in Hundred-flowers was a curious matter, but not just any man, he was a chief disciple .

After this news was known, more female disciples came to take a look . The majority kept a distance with an expression of surprise and shyness on their face . After all, few male disciples could even visit this place .

The curious ones continued to steal glances while the bolder ladies pointed at him while quietly discussing with their best friends . He was a monkey in a cage, on full display for all the ladies .

Of course, he didn’t mind at all and maintained a natural expression . This nonchalant style of his attracted even more attention .

This was indeed a special case . More importantly, this chief disciple was ignoring them .  

Normally, a chief disciple was a successor, the future leader of Longevity Valley and the system in the future . The problem was that Longevity Sage was still young on top of being quite powerful . It wasn’t the right time to appoint a successor . Because of this, the position of chief disciple has been left alone until now .

If it wasn’t for the letter from the sect master, everyone would certainly think that he was a fake . However, the seal couldn’t be faked, so this chief disciple was the real thing .

He looked more like a new groom visiting the bride’s family . The ladies were watching and smiling at him .

His skin was thick enough to ignore all of this while feasting with his eyes .

“What a brazen man . ” One disciple didn’t approve of his blatant gaze towards the girls .

She was right . His eyes showed no restraint, whether it be the beautiful sceneries or the pretty ladies . He would stop and took his time appreciating their charm .

The girls here didn’t have the same shamelessness . No one could withstand his invasive gaze; they felt naked and began to realize something about this new male disciple while quietly muttering one word, “pervert” .

Most didn’t know his name so “pervert” became his moniker .

Nevertheless, complaints and coquettish protest were still very pleasant to the ears . Of course, one would need to be shameless enough to handle being called a pervert so many times . Li Qiye was such a guy, evident by the natural smile on his face .

The girls became increasingly vexed while his smile became increasingly brighter . The cute cries and murmurs from the girls actually livened up the place .

Because he was the only male disciple, he couldn’t stay at the same place with the rest of the female disciples . They prepared a courtyard in a remote location . He was satisfied with this arrangement .

He didn’t go outside and meditated about the grand dao instead . This place full of life was incredible for cultivation . A session would be filled with this refreshing affinity .

Someone came to visit him right away, a great beauty at that .

Shapely brows, big and round eyes spirited enough to tell a tale . They also flashed with a crafty glint just like a little fox .

Her complexion resembled the peach blossom, skin tender and white . More importantly, her bright smile was irresistible, causing others to feel close to her right away .

She wore a light-pink dress with a skirt draping down to the ground . It accentuated her beauty even more . Though her face and figure weren’t on the same level as Wu Bingning or Longevity Sage, she was still very attractive in a more approachable manner .

“This Little Sister’s name is Fan Miaozhen, nice to meet you, First Brother . ” She didn’t act like a stranger and bowed to greet him, a perfect first impression .

So this was the First Sister of Hundred-flowers, a genius at alchemy .

Li Qiye assessed her carefully as if wanting to see everything .

She was much bolder compared to the other girls . She stood before him and waited until he was almost done before smiling: “No wonder why the sisters are saying that First Brother is a pervert . No girl can handle such a blatant stare . ”

“But you can . ” Li Qiye remained seated, nonchalant yet imposing .

“Because I’m the First Sister . If I act shy, then no one in Hundred-flowers will come and take care of you . Gotta grow some thick skin to come here . ” She winked with her wavy eyes .

He chuckled: “Who knows? Maybe I have a special taste, preferring blushing girls over a bolder one that will scare me away . ”

Any other girl would become quite embarrassed after hearing this comment .

“One that can scare you away must be quite bold, I’m afraid I can’t do it . ” She smiled .

He continued staring at her without any reservation . It was both out-of-line yet so natural .

“I’ll be uncomfortable if you keep staring, First Brother . ” She finally pouted .

“As the adage goes, like master, like disciple . Longevity Sage’s disciple is quite extraordinary . ” He praised with a smile .

“No, First Brother, your comment is about the wrong person . It should be aimed at you, not me . Only a visionary like Master would pick a disciple like you . We sisters will surely need to keep our eyes wide open for the future . I myself will require your guidance later on . ” She said with delight .

She finally squatted down but still managed to keep a graceful appearance .

“You’re here to test me?” He asked, amused .

“Of course not, I’m simply telling the truth . ” A playful glint flashed in her eyes: “Plus, we sisters would never dare to test you, First Brother, given your great abilities . ”

“Testing me indeed . Don’t bring your sisters into this, it’s just you wanting to figure me out . ” He shook his head in response .