Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231

“Oh my, I haven’t introduced the two of you but the flirting has already begun . ” A voice suddenly interrupted the two .

Fan Miaozhen came out of nowhere and teased the two, acting as if they were hiding something from the rest .

Qin Shaoyao wasn’t as bold as the crafty Miaozhen so her face blushed like the red river and pouted: “Senior Sister, you’re picking on me again . ”

Miaozhen laughed and told Li Qiye: “Shaoyao is our Hundred-flowers’ youngest sister, loved by people and flowers alike . Don’t bully her, First Brother, we simply won’t allow it . ”

Li Qiye couldn’t do much against this eccentric girl and only shook his head .

“But Shaoyao’s alchemy skill is peerless in Longevity Valley, you need to spend more time with her, First Brother . ” Miaozhen looked at the two of them with a strange expression .

Shaoyao was the youngest in Hundred-flowers, but she displayed amazing talents for alchemy . She was in charge of plant cultivation and medicinal formulas at the valley right now .

“You’re doing it again, Senior Sister . Who doesn’t know that you’re actually the most talented here with your pill-making skills . ” The young girl turned red and quietly said .

This was the truth as well . Because of her strange act, some forgot about her incredible talents .

“I’m feeling quite good to hear such praises . We, the Three Ladies, are incredible geniuses in Myriad Lineage, maybe our master really knows how to teach . ” Miaozhen cheerfully joked and was received quite well by the other two .

“I’m talking about me and Little Sister Shaoyao, so you have met two of the Three Ladies . I can introduce you to the last one if you are interested . ” She continued on .

So it turned out that Longevity Sage had three direct disciples . Miaozhen was the oldest and Shaoyao was the youngest . The second one was named Mu Yalan .

“Why not?” He smiled .

“Then let’s go . ” Miaozhen smiled: “I want your opinion on which of us three is the prettiest . ”

“I need to take care of the plant, the two of you can go ahead, Senior Brother and Senior Sister . ” Shaoyao said, a bit afraid of her First Sister’s constant teasing . This was the case for everyone in Hundred-flowers .

“Alright, I’ll let you off this time . ” Miaozhen smiled and started pulling Li Qiye away .

She had no qualm about touching a male before marriage, just like a little girl . The two of them ran out of Hundred-flowers .

When serious, she was a graceful lady . When acting crazy, she could cause a lot of headaches .

There were plenty of buildings and houses outside of the valley, some temporary tents as well .

This was a branch of the sect - Medicinal Hall . It took in all patients from around the world .

The moment they got here, the scent of medicine was quite strong . This place was lively with cultivators and mortals needing help . Longevity Valley was unique in this sense . Normally, mortals were no different from ants . Cultivators wouldn’t give a damn about them .

Medicinal Hall didn’t see it that way . They welcomed both cultivators and mortals . Plus, the price was very fair or even free for mortals . This added to the sect’s good reputation .

Moreover, some mortals chose to stay here to learn medicine as well . Doctors from this branch eventually spread out all over the places .

Plenty of patients were waiting - wounded cultivators and mortals on the verge of death .

Luckily, the place had enough doctors from both the valley itself and the students .

She pulled him into a courtyard all the way inside to find a woman sitting down and reading a patient’s case history .

The woman wore a plain dress with her hair tied up high . Her brows were lightly drawn like the smoke over yonder the mountain . Her eyes were bright and animated . When she focused, they emitted a frightening glow and an imposing aura .

She wasn’t old but her demeanor was the opposite of this . She was a lotus at first sight - noble and unreachable . However, upon closer inspection, a winter apricot flower was the more apt description, cold and keeping everyone away .

This was one of the Three Ladies of Longevity Valley - the Second Sister, Mu Yalan .

All three were experts at different things . The oldest was good at pill making; the youngest good at alchemy; the one in the middle was good at medicine, capable of bringing people back from the brink of death .

“Yalan, Yalan, let me introduce you to a handsome fella . ” Miaozhen dragged Li Qiye inside while shouting, not giving a damn about her image .

Yalan helplessly looked up and frowned: “Is there something, Senior Sister?”

She resembled the First Sister more than Miaozhen . Miaozhen tapped Li Qiye’s shoulder and said: “What do you think about him, Yalan? A good match for you?”

With that, she elbowed Li Qiye as if she just did him a favor, that they were the closest friends . Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry after seeing this .

Yalan gave him a quick glance and said: “Sister, I have many patients waiting . ”

She then went back to reading her chart .

“Just messing with you . ” Miaozhen coughed and said seriously: “This is our First Brother, a direct disciple under Master . I’m taking him here for an introduction, don’t be arrogant now . ”

When she wanted to be serious, she was imposing enough, worthy of her seniority .

Yalan looked at him again and nodded for a greeting: “First Brother, your fame precedes you . ”

Of course, this was only a polite speech . She had no idea who the hell he was beforehand . After the greeting, she went back to reading . She remained cold and distant to him as well .

“First Brother is good at alchemy and pill-making, oh, medicine too, a master at everything and had inherited Master’s legacies . ” Miaozhen began boasting: “You should be asking him to learn more about the mysteries of medicines . ”

“I will surely ask First Brother for help when I have time . ” Yalan casually answered without looking up .

Her response was actually out of respect for Miaozhen . A First Brother appearing out of nowhere wasn’t worthy of respect .

“Well, why not today?” Miaozhen elbowed him again and blinked, seemingly wanting to play the role of a matchmaker .

Li Qiye smiled and felt that the cold girl wasn’t as interesting to him as Miaozhen .

“Sister, I actually have a lot of patients recently . Would another day be alright?” There was no doubt that Yalan wanted the guests to leave and had no intention of talking to Li Qiye .

At this time, a disciple came in and reported: “Hall Master, the Poison King is here . ”

Having heard that, Yalan stood up right away: “Invite him in right away, I’ll be right out . ”

She then told Miaozhen: “Sister, I have a patient requiring the help of Poison King . I need to go see him, please excuse me . ” 

She also nodded at Li Qiye, a polite goodbye of sorts, before leaving .