Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2243

Chapter 2243

A pine tree with sword-like leaves and a trunk the shape of a dragon . Its size wasn’t impressive but possessed a sky-splitting momentum .

It easily stopped the gigantic sword from the tutor despite the slash’s earth-splitting power .  

“The ancestral tree answers!” Miaozhen was shocked to see this .

Not just her but everyone in Longevity Valley became stunned .

“It really is the ancestral tree . ” Some were in disbelief and eventually confirmed it after a closer inspection . This was indeed their sword pine .

According to the legends, Alchemy Immortal planted three trees back then . They grew along with the sect and after so many years, they have become quite old, definitely the most ancient existences here .

No one has seen these trees in action before, so they were no different from other old pine trees outside of their age . Some ancestors have claimed that they all had incredible powers, capable of killing True Gods and contending against True Emperors . One thing was for certain, earning their approval was necessary before using their power . This task has never been done before in the long history of the valley, until today .  

Though Li Qiye was the First Disciple, he got it by chance and it hasn’t been that long . However, the sword pine had approved of him, this was quite astonishing .

So many ancestors have tried before and failed . This newly-joined junior, on the other hand, had earned this honor .

“Amazing, the valley lord has such incredible insight . ” One ancestor watching from inside noticed this . He took a deep breath at this unprecedented miracle done by such a young man .

Xiao Hongjian’s eyes bulged in disbelief . He knew about these legends as well, not expecting for it to happen against him .

“Break!” Multiple divine swords appeared behind him, turning him into the lord of the swords . They rushed to the sky like a peacock spreading its tail .

The sound of the sword hymn alone could pierce the nine firmaments . All of the swords decided to slash at the same time . Even the sky was split apart with terrifying scars .

“Nine Reincarnation Slash!” He roared the name of technique while his aura erupted in an endless manner, able to drown the entire area .

The swords slashed downward and continued to do so in an endless cycle until the death of the enemy .

Such a fierce sword dao horrified the crowd . The sword dao itself was impeccable . This fused with the power of a True Sword resulted in a technique capable of wiping out a sect .

Li Qiye was just as nonchalant as ever: “Go now . ”

He raised his hand and the sword pine’s leaves immediately dropped downward . These branches and leaves became a barrier for Longevity Valley . This was a bulwark of swords, completely untouchable .

The collision resulted in earthquakes and fiery sparks, a near-apocalyptic sequence .

This was his proudest and most powerful slash . Alas, it couldn’t break through the barrier so the valley remained unharmed .

The tutor’s expression changed, realizing the might of this pine tree . Meanwhile, the crowd also understood the valley’s true ace cards . This was the reason why it could maintain its reign over the system for so long .

The unsuccessful attack made him decide to ride a sword away, leaving a circular trail behind . He knew he was no match for the tree so out of the thirty-six stratagems, running was the best . Reputation, honor, prestige; all were meaningless before death . First, he needed to stay alive before worrying about anything else .

In this blink of an eye, the sword pine became resplendent . Massive swords thrust out of the ground as if they were born from the tree - each was shiny like crystal . They became a crystallized wall stopping the tutor’s escape route .

“Break!” He didn’t stop and channeled his own swords towards the wall .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” His swords collapsed after the initial impact .

“Up!” He had no choice but to flew upward even more in order to avoid the wall .

“Whoosh!” One of the branches from the tree slightly moved . Just this little action alone allowed it to cross through the void with lightning speed .

“Not good!” He could sense the danger and retaliated with another slash to sever everything behind him .

This mighty slash didn’t accomplish anything . The branch pierced through the slash then the tutor’s chest .

“Boom!” Space crumbled with numerous silvery specks of dust like the breaking of glass . The branch had crucified him in the air .

Blood began to flow down the branch with its beautiful yet shiver-inducing shade .

His eyes opened wide to look at the branch . An Ascender has been defeated so easily .

People’s mouth was agape enough to fit a boiled egg inside . They couldn’t close it for a long time .

Li Qiye stepped into the sky and appeared before the tutor . He smiled and said: “Killing a god isn’t too hard . Taking down a True Emperor would be more satisfying . ”

The crowd became speechless . Miaozhen smiled wryly - no words could describe his domineering attitude .

The ones outside didn’t dare to say anything . It didn’t matter whether the guy was personally strong or not . Being recognized by this ancestral tree was his power, enough to brag for an entire lifetime . Plus, he had just used it to kill an Ascender . It was fine for him to make another bold statement .

Li Qiye didn’t have any trouble using this ancestral tree because he had the old tree plus the primordial tree . These heaven-defying entities allowed him to have control over the sword tree .

The tutor had fear in his eyes . After all, few were truly unafraid of death .  

“What, what do you want?!” He bellowed and tried to struggle . Alas, the tree prevented him from everything, even the worst case scenario of blowing himself off in order to escape with his true fate . Being trapped here meant that he was a fish on the chopping board, waiting for Li Qiye to do whatever he wanted .