Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2245

Chapter 2245

A brief lull passed by and Miaozhen stared at Li Qiye with a sincere look: “What if, and just what if something happens to the master, you won’t just sit there and watch, right?”

She sounded quite hesitant when asking this . Though she desired for the master to be fine, she needed to prepare for the worst . Someone needed to take over the position and in seniority, the next successor would be the First Disciple, or Li Qiye .

“Don’t worry, she’ll be just fine . ” He consoled with a smile .

“I’m just hypothetically asking . ” She took a deep breath and spoke earnestly . She was different than her two sisters in this regard, needing to think a lot more for the sect .

“Well, even hypothetically speaking, it won’t be my turn . ” Li Qiye didn’t yearn after this position .

“But what if you can?” She stared at him without blinking .

“Little girl, your idea isn’t necessarily a good thing . I won’t be staying at your sect for long so don’t place your hope in me . You might just find yourself giving the sect to a devil, letting it fall into damnation . ” He pinched her nose and said .

“Everything is possible, but I trust in Master’s vision, and you . I’m sure of it . ” She calmly said .

He smiled at her sincerity and responded: “Don’t worry, I guess I will participate because a massacre is always fun . ”

This was a type of promise to her .

“That’s good . ” She tensed up into an enchanting smile .

Despite his current role right now, something told her that he didn’t care at all . He was just a guest that could leave at any moment . But now, with his promise of his, everything became different . She could count on him at this point .

“In a few days will be the conference meant for ceremonial worship . This has always been our sect’s responsibility with Master in charge . However, she can’t preside over it right now so it’ll be up to us . We sisters will take care of the minor things, but you need to watch over the whole thing and make decisions . ” She happily said .

“So much time wasted just to get me to be the cannon fodder . ” He slapped her buttocks and said: “Try this again with me and it won’t end as well as this time . ”

“Pervert!” She leaped back, blushed, while giving him a mean glare .

“The ancestors can’t leave the valley right now . Normally, we and the elders can probably take care of this, but I don’t think Everlasting will take this sitting down, so that’s why we need you . ” She added .

“I understand . ” He leisurely said: “If we’re going to go all out, then we just need to be direct and destroy their nest . ”

He was speaking as if he was only going to take down an ant colony, not the strongest sect under a system .

Nevertheless, his fierce attitude gave her peace of mind and more confidence, no longer worrying about Everlasting causing trouble .

The day of the ceremony came quickly . The three sisters and Li Qiye embarked towards this place called Alchemy Hut .

Miaozhen carried a great burden since it was up to the young generation . Because of animosity and schemes from Everlasting, the remaining ancestors couldn’t leave for the conference since it would leave the valley vulnerable to attack .

It was too much of a coincidence for the sect master to be ambushed right before this particular event .

This event was of utmost importance in the system with the majority of sects and clans participating . Though it was meant to worship the ancestors, it was also a way for Longevity Valley to remind everyone else of their position and control . Thus, only the orthodox branch could preside over the ceremony, openly telling everyone else that they are still in charge .

Due to the ambush, one particular development could have been Everlasting interfering with the ceremony due to the absence of the valley lord .

If Longevity Valley failed to maintain control, Everlasting would take over and no one else would dare to oppose this due to their current power . At that point, they would be one step closer towards seizing the reign of the system . Replacing Longevity Valley would only be a matter of time . This was why Miaozhen thought that someone was behind all of this . The timing of the ambush was too much of a coincidence .


Alchemy Hut was a sacred ground of the system, a place of pilgrimage . In a sense, it didn’t belong to anyone alone, not even Longevity Valley .

Thus, some considered it their ancestral ground . Many cultivators and alchemists journeyed to reach this place .

Of course, it was no hut . The place consisted of numerous mountain ranges, verdant hills, and waterfalls . Of course, one couldn’t forget about the trees and flowers .

Deeper inside were magnificent mountains floating in the sky, hidden behind the clouds . They had stone steps leading to the sky .

The largest one was in the very center and pierced straight up above just like a heavenly pillar . The sun and moon floated around it . One could see it from a thousand miles away .

Some believed that these floating mountains, especially the largest one, were the core of Alchemy Hut .

There was a peculiar poem about this location - A young apprentice was asked, where does your teacher find his herbs? The boy answered, in this mountain, somewhere among the clouds .

The mountain mentioned here was the one in the center . Rumor has it that Alchemy Immortal had cultivated, found herbs, and refined pills here . Some True Emperors and progenitors descended from Immortal Lineage just to ask him for medicine .

Of course, inferior beings came in droves as well . More often than not, Alchemy Immortal would avoid them by telling his followers to use the excuse that he was away finding more herbs .  

Thus, this poem was famous during his generation . Everyone who wanted to ask for medicines thought about it .

As time passed by, the glory days didn’t return . Without Alchemy Immortal, the top beings no longer visited . Alchemy Hut became desolate unlike before .

Nevertheless, the cultivators in the system still considered this as their ancestral ground . Many alchemists would travel here at least once in their life . They all respected Alchemy Immortal, thinking that he had few peers in all of history .

The conference was about to begin and this added some life to the area . Many disciples from various powers have arrived early .

Longevity Valley prepared ahead of time . Their disciples were already here to greet people from all over the world .

When Miaozhen’s group showed up, many tasks have been carried out . This wasn’t their first time taking charge of this event so they were quite good at it .